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In our Strange Days in English section, we have published 4 anthologies of the winning stories of Eyelands International Short Story Contest, two novels and a quirky travel guide to the Greek islands. Upcoming publications include the anthology of the extremely popular 1 st International Flash Fiction Contest by Eyelands as well as the grand prize-winner of the unpublished books section of Eyelands Book Awards.

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For the past 4 years we have been co-organizing, Sand Festival , the only literature festival on the Greek islands, where every summer an open group of writers, poets, musicians, performers, photographers, artists of all sorts get together to create a DIY festival on the beach of a Greek island, with poetry and fiction readings, storytelling, writing workshops, exhibitions, concerts and theatre performances.

See below for all the books we have published in English so far.

It combines two stories; the romantic adventure of the innocent Marcella and the thriller of a desperate Greek fortune-hunter who is forced to write a book, under the instructions of his lover, the famous writer Magdalena Love. The story of Marcella begins as a romantic pursuit of the perfect mate then becomes a chic lit and ends up becoming an adventure with international gangs of illicit dealers in antiquities. Also, it passes through historical writing while you will also find a slight touch of magic.

The story of the Greek fortune hunter acquires an emotional tone as well when, he initially falls in love with his female character, Marcella, and later on, with a woman that looks very much like her. However, he ends up being a prisoner of the Dionysiac and ruthless Magdalena Love as well as Freddo, her brutal bodyguard.

The story is not lacking in certain features of the social crisis Greece has been going through, as its main part takes place one summer on various Greek islands.


I liken this process to getting to know a friend, or perhaps even falling in love. At last: a no-spoilers guidebook. Despite his seedy charm, he lives a lonely life, longing for his ex-girlfriend and singer Faith Juliette Lewis , constantly replaying SQUIDs of their past relationship. In his dealings, he receives a "blackjack" or snuff disc portraying the rape and murder of Iris Brigette Bako , a prostitute and former close friend of Faith whom he knew and met within hours of her death.

With the help of his friends Mace Angela Bassett , a bodyguard who loves him, and Max Tom Sizemore , another ex-cop and now private investigator, they look to find out why Iris was murdered, and hopefully save Faith from a similar fate. James Cameron, who helped produce the film and write its screenplay, assigned this picture's direction to Bigelow his ex-wife. He must have known that the similarities in their methods, as well as her filmmaking gifts, would keep his vision intact. There aren't the massive scale action sequences that one is accustomed to in Cameron picture.

The action here is less technical and more personal another trait in Bigelow's work. But despite these smaller-sized scenes, she maintains a disciplined mood and pace of anticipation and energy, in a style that can be easily mistaken as her husband's. The film's opening 3 minute shot alone is a fantastic achievement, looking like what Scorcese would have done with a De Palma long take. Another similarity here is the presence of very strong female characters, in either emotion or physicality. In the past 30 years where women in action films have been mostly tripping over themselves just to hold a gun properly let alone fire it, or be the partner nagging the male to be there for his family, these liabilities are failings you cannot accuse Kathryn Bigelow nor James Cameron of.

FILM FESTIVAL REVIEW;New, Improved Virtual Reality, 1999

Here, Angela Bassett is a powerful maternal figure as well as a stone cold fox. She plays the sexiest butt-kicking single-mother since Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor. For the life of me, I cannot believe that she has been the most underused acting resource in Hollywood ever since. Speaking of Mace, Bigelow does something interesting with her character.

She switches it with that of the male lead, turning Mace into the powerful action hero rescuing Lenny in the most dire of situations. There is one shot showing Mace cocking a glock in her holster between her two thighs, concealing it under her party dress.

It is probably the single most masculine scene I have ever seen a heroine do outdoing Linda Hamilton's pull-ups in " Terminator 2: Judgment Day ". This surprising role reversal is perhaps a big factor why the movie tanked at the box office. These are some scenes that many don't expect a woman to follow through on, among others. The film shows first-person perspectives of sex and assault that in the hands of a man would be criticized as sexist and misogynistic, but with Bigelow, they're never solely gratuitous.

She utilizes them for us to empathize with the seductiveness of such contraband, the excitement of its possibilities, and the danger and ruthlessness of the film's villain.

Roger Ebert is spot on when he says the film's Point-of-view POV shots "force" us to inhabit the film's realities, which is really what a good movie is supposed to do. And its this willingness by Kathryn Bigelow to plunge headlong into this cyberpunk world that underlines her fearlessness, despite the sexual politics involved.

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It's not only Bigelow's stylings that are interesting, but also her character development. As mentioned, her protagonists don't easily fit into categories. Lenny and Mace at no point in the entire film, become cliches.

Strange Days (film)

Lenny's snakelike salesmanship masks an emptiness that few film heroes are willing to show. When Bigelow shows how Lenny looks when he is viewing his SQUIDS, he looks pained and uninhibited, but he is meant to look so as to add pathetic and disturbing dimensions to his character, and show how deplorable his trade is. Mace on the other hand, isn't simply a musclebound amazon.

Bigelow somehow manages to showcase her with genuine femininity, and an almost maternal concern for Lenny. When she yells "Right here!