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Is it better to shower in the morning or at night? - INSIDER

Of course, for many people the biggest draw back to showering in the morning is that extra spent getting ready means less time sleeping. On the flip side, others prefer morning showers because they start off each work day looking fresh, new and fully prepared. Morning showering can result in easier to style hair that looks great, even if it takes extra time.

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For many, the greatest advantage of night time showers is the time it saves getting ready in the mornings. If you have a family with small children, night time showers also present a small way to get a short break from the chaos in your home. However, this same article also raises an excellent point in favor of showering at night: going to bed without showering can soil your sheets faster, and may lead to excessive body oils and odor in your sheets and on your body.

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One more thing you never considered: this informative article from WTOP in Washington points out that showering in the morning rinses away toxins that your body produces and releases at night while you sleep—meaning showering in the morning can make you look and feel even more refreshed than you might realize. If you have excessive body oils or odors, showering in the morning may actually exacerbate the issue.

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People who like to shower at night often have jobs that require them to wake very early in the morning. For an extra boost, studies show that turning the water temperature to cold for the last few minutes of your shower in the morning can help you stay more alert throughout the day. You work out in the early morning.

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You tend to cut yourself while shaving. Maybe you get a little impatient when using the razor, or maybe you just can be a little clumsy sometimes, but if you tend to knick yourself often, a morning shower is the way to go. Good to know. You have a hard time getting to sleep.

Is It Better to Shower at Night or in the Morning? We Asked Experts

You suffer from dry skin. If your skin tends to get flaky and dry, relegate your showers to post-work. You keep your sheets clean. Your day-to-day living makes you come into contact with not-so-clean stuff. For those who struggle with insomnia, Dr. Showering is also a good way to unwind and release muscle tension, she said, which aids sleep.

Is It Ever Ok to Wee in the Shower? - This Morning

Those long, steamy showers spent unpacking the day and draining the water heater could damage your skin. Gary Goldenberg , a dermatologist in New York and a professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, recommends a maximum of 5- to minute showers in lukewarm water for most people. Sad, I know.

Dickinson said. Goldenberg said. Not to mention, he added, that a lot of people are intimate at night.

Morning or night? The best time to shower is...

A gentle, fragrance-free cleanser is best, he said. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, or are concerned about the quality of your water, you may want to have it tested, said Phil Kraus, of Fred Smith Plumbing in New York. Caroline Bottger, a content marketing manager from New York, says that while she usually showers in the morning, she will sometimes shower twice, a decision influenced by her father, who grew up in the tropics and had that habit.