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What content will be available at launch? Apple invited a host of A-list Hollywood celebrities to unveil their projects on stage on Monday. Kumail Nanjiani also showed. Apple is also working with additional talent beyond the celebrities that appeared on stage, like Ben Stiller, Brie Larson, Rashida Jones, and Aaron Paul. We have yet to see an announcement about what those projects will entail. Will we get to see full trailers for any of these shows before launch? Will Apple make an entire series available at once or will episodes be released weekly?

Customers booking travel on La Compagnie can prepare to enjoy the new Airbus Aneo experience starting in June. With the arrival of the first Aneo, La Compagnie will grow its fleet to three aircraft, allowing the airline to increase its service offerings between New York and Paris in addition to the launch of its Nice route which will operate five times weekly, Wednesday through Sunday. A third daily flight between New York and Paris will be added to the schedule at peak periods with up to three daily flights during the months of June, September and October.

The seasonal flight between New York and Nice will launch on May 5, with direct service to the French Riviera between the months of May and October. But 20 years later, Toyota still dominates the market. A retro version of the Microbus with batteries is coming. Tesla Motors has had similar advantages with its succession of battery vehicles, beginning with the first iteration of the Roadster in , and now including the Model S sedan, the smaller and more affordable Model Three, and the Model X SUV.

A second generation of the Roadster is coming. No other company has introduced vehicles with the combination of charisma, speed, and range that is inherent in the Tesla DNA. Chinese auto makers are also eyeing the U. Byton has opened a North American headquarters and plans a launch. A host of auto makers, both established makes and start-ups, are rolling out electric Tesla competitors—though almost all of them are loath to see their offerings that way. Among the mainstream companies, the Volkswagen Group is moving aggressively to define its future as electric.

Audi had 10, orders worldwide for its e-tron SUV by last September, and its Super Bowl ad emphasized that a third of all new Audi models will be electrified by The car will arrive in the second quarter of this year. Volkswagen is initially aiming for the page But it may be the start-ups that are taking the most direct aim at Tesla and even pioneering markets that the California-based auto maker has targeted but not yet entered.

Rivian, which will build cars in a former Mitsubishi plant in Normal, Ill. The truck seats five, and has up to miles of range via three available battery packs—, , and kilowatt-hours. Spokesman Michael McHale says the company is projecting total sales of 20, to 40, in the first two years, with deliveries. According to Rawlinson, the Lucid Air will start with launch-edition cars next year. The first regular-production cars late in will have the standard kilowatt-hour battery pack, with more than mile range.

But in the pipeline is a version with kilowatt-hours—and mile range. The Lucid Air offers impressive styling, quality materials, and fit, and intuitive controls and speaker infotainment. A Lucid crossover SUV on the same platform is planned. Taylor is referring to Kaitiakitanga, a sense of duty and guardianship toward the land, cultural heritage, and legacy. Tohu Wines celebrated its 20th anniversary last fall, but the company believes it is on a much longer journey.

Thus far, it has only scratched the surface of what it hopes to achieve. Their heritage land lies within. That translates to a wine making approach that begins where it always should — with the land itself. Its approach has been successful by any metric. After starting as a brand in , Tohu purchased its first vineyard in and its wine making facility in Tohu wines are distributed in 47 states in the U.

In New Zealand, a tiny country of approximately 4.

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Crisp with green and sour apples and tropical fruits. This is a strong introduction, with tangy red berries and cherries balanced by a moderate earthy spiciness and more body than you might expect. Refreshing with mineral notes, citrus, stone fruits, and Creamsicle. Tiki Estate Sauvignon Blanc. A traditional Marlborough mix of tropical fruits, melons, and citrus to handle your New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc fix.

Another interpretation would be to purify or clarify.

Digging in deep with discernment will eventually lead to the unavoidable existential questions: what do we want out of life? What is, in fact, our purpose? These questions, though important, are too vague. When we start asking in-depth questions and use the power of discernment through self-realization, we will make important discoveries that lead us to true enlightenment: knowing thyself.

For many, the answer to what is most important in life is quite simple: love. Rather, they are extremely complex and always unique. The importance of being present for family and friends can never be understated; however, it can also be an act of self-generosity to admit when a relationship taxes us too much. Satisfying our own needs and desires, while also lending our precious time and strengths to help others with their journeys, can leave us feeling drained.

When we are out of alignment, we lose our ability to express ourselves and feel joy freely in a relationship. This is when we must use the process of discernment and ask ourselves probing questions that will produce clarity and resonance in our head and our heart. Some stress at work is expected, but too much of it will linger and breed feelings of misery that we bring home with us.

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If our job is negatively impacting our personality and the quality of our life, then we must use the process of discernment: enlightenment, clarity, purification, knowing thyself. To make decisions that are not impul-. It is often said that there are two types of work here on Earth to accomplish: the work we do with the world at large, and the work with our Self. Said another way, our actions impact our own lives — Work with our Self — but these same actions also announce our reputation and integrity — to the World at Large. Here is one process you can harness to use the power of discernment.

Take on one decision at a time with this process and first choose whatever will bring the most relief to a stressful situation. Do not wait for a better time — live in the present moment and tackle the thing preventing you from true joy. If you are deciding whether to stay or leave a relationship, be generous; not righteous. When we cease blaming others, we actually empower ourselves.

Being impulsive can be exciting but the consequences of abruptly leaving a relationship can be severe. If the situation allows, give yourself more than just the options of staying or leaving - consider a compromise of simply giving each other time and space to sort things out. Consider creative solutions for your next professional move, such as going into a different field or starting your own company.

Have a pen and piece of paper nearby as you begin this next process. Allow the chatter to begin in your mind — pay attention and write it down. In the beginning, your inner critic might alarm you about all the things you fear, and how everything could go incredibly and irreversibly wrong. Change has the potential to ignite fear through this critic. Take a deep breath now and walk away from everything you just wrote.

For a couple of hours, simply be free from your thoughts. Take a long walk in nature if possible and instead of replaying your thoughts, pay close at-. Before you go back to discerning, meditate or pray for guidance. If you are considering a big decision, go down the notes and see how your body reacts.

Do you flinch, clench your jaw or curl your fists? Do you feel a tightening in your gut? When you go down the list of the positive aspects, do you feel your heart soar, open, or elevate? When do you suddenly feel free… letting out a big sigh of relief? Listen as your head is not involved at this moment, but your heart is talking to you through your body. Know you can trust yourself completely. What is your heart saying? Treat the feelings being revealed like a friend trying to give you valuable advice. Identify the. Consider all of the options that you have and judge each by one simple rule: does it support your highest values?

Make choices based on what resonates most strongly in your heart with the least resistance from your mind.

The solution might not be perfect, but life rarely is. Shake all regrets and doubts and make the decision with determination and boldness - it should be easier because it will feel obvious. This is a serious process, but there are no wrong answers. The modular and versatile Cerf-Volant Sofa seems to have wings: the side and back panels are covered with quilted fabric, leather, or wood. It is upholstered in the exclusive fabrics of the collection and accented by cushions with patterns from the fresco. This gracious residence is a combination of impeccable style and supreme quality. In the same family since , this magnificent home was designed and built around by renowned architect Roy Binney who created homes valued for their distinctive qualities and luxury.

An extensive addition was built in adding a modern dimension. The time is finally right to pass this estate to the next generation to create new traditions and memories and lift to a new perfection, while preserving the cherished history. From the circular drive with flag pole, the home is well known and admired and on sq m of near flat land, and elevated on the Northern slopes of Remuera the harbour views from this ridge are spectacular. From the grand entry hall that leads to both the Binney wing and the more modern wing, the home unfolds to a garden and lawn where you are afforded the privacy you seek for a family home.

With five bedrooms His and Her. Masters , there are separate wings to ensure any family size, or extended family, and accommodate the nanny with ease. The entertainment areas include formal dining, formal lounge, home theatre complete with bar, games room and beautiful character lounge, plus extensive decks and stunning day porch for private relaxation.

The house contains most of the features. More than 1, sq m of luxurious comfort with an additional sq m of formed outdoor living. This palatial, resort-like home is designed by Hillary Priest Architects and is set in the magical Mahurangi Peninsula.

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Sitting high on a promontory surrounded by beaches, with the widest imaginable views over Martins Bay and over the Gulf to a host of islands. This incredible bespoke residence is immersed in private, groomed grounds, featuring a bountiful organic orchard and exotic gardens. An architectural statement in design and functionality constructed from concrete, cedar and South Island schist with expansive indoor-outdoor living and four impressive bedroom suites.

All are individually designed with generous walk-in robes opening to decks. We can cater for most medical and allergy dietary requirements with prior notice. Please note our insurance restricts us from supplying or selling alcohol so please bring along your own pre-purchased alcohol if required. A deposit is required to be paid on booking. The balance is payable 60 days prior to departure.

I will pay by direct deposit into Trek Tours Australia bank account.


Payments are in Australian Dollars. A secure online payment link will be provided by email once your booking is confirmed. AMEX : 1. Details for cheque payment will be provided by email once your booking is confirmed. Banking details will be provided by email once your booking is confirmed. Due to the physical activity involved with our treks, all guests 69 years of age or over at the time of the trek will require a medical clearance from a health professional. If medical clearance is not obtained by your doctor your deposit is fully refundable. Any cancellation after a successful medical clearance is subject to our standard cancellation policy.

Further information will be provided via email when your booking form is received. I acknowledge this booking is tentative until my booking is confirmed by email and that my deposit is non-refundable. In view of the heavy penalties applied to cancelled reservations, we strongly recommend suitable travel insurance be purchased at the time the deposit is paid.

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All persons listed above have read, understood and accept the Booking Terms and Conditions as detailed below. It is a requirement of Trek Tours Australia as a responsible and accredited tour operator to have a set of booking conditions that form a contract between you our customer and us as the tour operator.

Please read carefully and accept the conditions where indicated. We have tried to keep it short and to the point. Please talk to us with any concerns you may have. To book your trip. Simply fill in the booking form and follow the payment details.

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We require a non refundable deposit to confirm your place on the tour. Your booking deposit is used towards pre-tour operational and administration costs for your trek. Payment to be made as per the booking form guidelines, or as directed by Trek Tours Australia staff. Payment to be made in Australian Dollars. Cancellations must be received in writing.

Cancellations take effect subject to the following: - If cancellation takes place more than 60 days before your departure date, your full deposit will be forfeited. In view of the heavy penalties applied to cancelled reservations, Trek Tours Australia strongly recommends suitable travel insurance be purchased at the time the deposit is paid. We recommend insurance cover that covers any loss which may be suffered due to cancellation.

Lucky's cousin 'Blade' is a main member of the opposing crime family and well known for his extreme violence. Lucky himself is not a bad person, he's just surrounded by them. He really wants to get out of this life and make a fresh start, but everyway he turns it follows him. The fast life is in his DNA, he hates the violence but loves the money, the question is how do you separate the two?

And how do you escape death when violence is your kin?