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I have to figure out what life is all about. It's a dark place, Luv, a difficult place to survive. I don't think it can happen. We've recorded our reports about our trip to Earth.

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Give it to me straight, soul to soul. No funny business. Something needed was missing, something my fatherly-like love couldn't give her.

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Varok's auroral light flooded the pool loft and brushed Shawne's hair with gold, as we sat dangling our brown and green legs in the water. It was good to be home again--listening to the pleasant murmur of Tandra's voice downstairs at the hearth, feeling the warmth of Orram's latest soup concoction settle in our bellies--good to be home with my life companions, my family. We were more than a school. Shawne--the lovely young woman we had raised here on Varok--knew nothing about wild schooling ellls.

Those of us ellls who made Varok our home were more or less civilized. My daughter deserved the closest thing to a soul dump I could manage. I didn't want to go back to Ellason and face--what? Law of gravity, newtons observation of the apple. How come none thought about it before? Nicola Tesla was also called a master of imagination, created the machines in his imagination and adjusted it there before he actually created it.

Having followed this "history" series, it's hard to deny that the majority of their conclusions are suspect. However, there is little doubt in my mind that Earth has been visited by alien life forms. There are just too many reports of unexplained technology from reliable witnesses, such as the Phoenix overflight that occurred in Plus, statistically, it's much more certain alien life exists than it is that dinosaurs once existed.

The universe is just too large. Earth is a latecomer compared to the universe's age; pointing to a multitude of other, far older, lifeforms. Whether they are responsible for pyamids etc is another story though.

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