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RF filter banks in both the transmitter and receiver front-end enhances selectivity. Users can rapidly prototype and deploy designs for mobile and embedded applications with tight size, weight, and power requirements. To perform the spectral monitoring, Balint wrote a set of open source Python scripts that captures spectrum data using a USRP device given certain configuration data such as sample rate and frequency range of interest. The repository in which these scripts are stored is posted below:. Balint also mounted a Logitech webcam on the drone which he uses for a separate demo where he uses the E to broadcast a live video feed over QPSK.

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According to Dr. Ruchi Saxena, Director of India Flying Labs , part of WeRobotics , in the tribal villages of the Dahanu-Palghar belt in Maharashtra farmers are being educated in applying advanced and sustainable technologies to their farmlands.

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Villagers have learnt about crop rotation, aquaponics and hydroponics, fish farming, bio-waste management, organic farming and bio-based crop protection using drones. Apart from this, these farmers are using drone-based technologies on their farms and orchards.

The Disappointing Future of Drone Technology at CES 2019

The high-resolution multi-spectral images from drones, coupled with artificial intelligence and machine-learning, help to gain insight into plant health, soil conditions and can help to predict crop yield, Dr. Saxena added. Explaining further how the drone technology will bring changes to farmers, Dr. Saxena said that each individual plant can be located separately and analysed by using precision agriculture that can help in identifying stressed plants.

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That way, farmers can take action early and prevent diseases spreading to other crops. The data collected by drones is combined with satellite-based remote sensing data.

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Soil-based sensor data can provide actionable insights to take timely action to prevent losses from crop disease, optimise irrigation and reduce the impact of climate change and unpredictable seasonal variations. Drones can help farmers calculate exact land sizes, classify types of crops, perform soil mapping along with pest management and also plan their harvesting.

A new eye in the sky

In India, there are over 35 drone start-ups that are working to raise the technological standards and reduce the prices of agriculture drones. However, the cost of drones is a challenge. It is extremely expensive to hire an urban drone team to conduct a survey for a small field in a remote location. According to Dr Saxena small farmers should be equipped with the right skills in order for them to become entrepreneurs, so that they can form a group and own the drones.

At this moment, small and medium-scale farmers are hesitant to use drones because of the costs involved, an official from Mumbai-based drone startup Pigeon Innovative said.