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The original term Termcat supported as the Catalan equivalent of 'banner ad' was 'cibertira'. On the basis that I can't bear it - Aix s superior a mi 2. T'ho demano per favor! However, in other countries such as Spain it can have negative connotations as it suggests a lack of political pluralism.

The term is widely used but a number of Catalan Internet users do not agree with this term and continue to use 'blog'. The term is widely used but a small number of Catalan Internet users do not agree with this term and use 'bloguista' instead. There is some disagreement amongst Catalan Dacco developers as to which word is the best equivalent of 'boozer'.

Some feel that 'borratxo' is too strong and equates more to 'drunkard'. Others suggest alternatives such as 'embriac' but this is not colloquial like 'boozer' , 'trinc' and 'beverri' and claim that these last two are colloquialisms which are no longer often used. The week's bound to go quickly. Trains bound for Barcelona. Ships bound for Africa. A group of pilgrims bound for Santiago de Compostela. I'm homeward bound.

The buck stops here.

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Jo en sc el responsable. No s culpa de ning ms. Warning: although 'pnting' is widely used, 'salt de pont' and 'salt elstic' are the terms recommended for use by Termcat. The hotel is very central i. Near the centre. Central government, central spending. Certainly not!

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John's children are noisy and dirty, I have two children. Un cop a taula, es flameja amb una mica de conyac calent. A less frequently used but more 'Catalan' alternative would be 'cara gruixuda'. I collect stamps, John enjoys collecting coins. Although Termcat give 'treballador pendular' as the official equivalent of 'commuter' it does not appear to be widely used in Catalan.

We have included it here as it is very widely used in Catalan but would advise caution in its use. We provide them here because imitador and copiador are of a higher register than copycat. John and Mary are not married but live together as a couple; at the iceskating contest, the winning couple were presented with medals and flowers.

5.88SamboriMiCe2018BKTINFPRIM. WIGETTA. Fundació Educativa ACI.

Some members of the Dacco team remember using 'Dacs' when they were at school. Their kids, on the other hand, refer to them as 'plastidecors'. They don't imply that animals are being killed to keep their numbers down. We are unable to find a close equivalent in Catalan. If you are aware of one, please let us know. Damascus noun m el Damasc damask noun m el doms dame noun ttol honorfic britnic atorgat a les dones damn exclamation [slang] merda! I didn't dare talk to my boss about it - No m'atrevia a parlar-ne amb el cap 2.

However, 'sistema de gesti The first of the two 'descriptions' we give above the role of the doctor or midwife is mainly to help Catalan speakers understand this meaning of 'deliver'. We would not recommend you use this as a translation of the English 'to deliver'.

If anybody knows of a good 'equivalent' in Catalan, please let us know. Where the dickens was he? In such cases, 'discrepant' might be a better choice. Earth Summit f la Cimera de la Terra expression what on earth is an x? If you can't make either day, give me a call - Si no podeu venir cap d'aquests dos dies, truqueume I haven't received either of the letters - No he rebut cap de les dues cartes 'Cap' is used in negative sentences.

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This simply means 'in negative sentences' for example: 'Isn't there anyone else? The more commonly used term is 'demacraci'. False Friend: the Catalan for 'embarrassed' is 'desconcertat'. However, it is a castellanisme and its use is not recommended. I'd like an estimate on replacing my water heater. The same word can also refer to an individual member of such a group at which point it can be either masculine or feminine depending on the gender of the individual.

People of Chinese extraction - Persones d'origen xins People of foreign extraction - Persones d'origen estranger.

Dacco: DACCO: The Open Source English-Catalan Dictionary

The adjective 'extravagant' does exist in Catalan but it means 'odd' or 'outlandish'. My grandmother had a fall last week or to have reduced in size, quantity, value etc. Will we all fit? If anyone has any better suggestions, please let us know. That follows - Aix s que t sentit. I'm freezing! French noun 1 m el francs 2 m pl.

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Peter works full time - En Peter treballa a jornada completa adjective a temps complet A full-time contract - Un contracte a temps complet. I'm not fussy - Qu vols fer?

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M's igual. G Gabon noun m el Gabon Gabonese adjective gabons noun m pl. Geneva noun f la Ginebra expression Geneva Convention f la Convenci de Ginebra genie noun m el geni genitals noun m pl. The building is made almost entirely of glass. We are afraid we're not sure at the moment whether there's an exact. If anybody knows of an equivalent, please let us know. Prison governor Br. Sialtereu o transformeu aquesta obra, o engenereu obres derivades, noms podeudistribuir l'obra generada amb una llicnciaidntica a aquesta.

Alguna d'aquestes condicions potno aplicar-se si obteniu el permsdel titular dels drets d'autor. Els drets derivats d'usos legtims o altres limitacionsreconegudes per llei no queden afectats per l'anterior. Sempre cal fixar-seen els sons inicials d'una paraula i no les lletresescrites p. Haliotis tuberculata. Amb el sentit de 'llastims' o 'profund', aquestadjectiu es refereix a coses negatives perexemple: 'abject poverty', 'abject failure'.

En angls, l'expressi 'to have an abortion' s msfreqent que el verb 'to abort', almenys en elparlar quotidi. Aquesta paraula tamb s'escriu 'abridgement'. Abreviatura de 'abdominal muscles'. En l'angls britnic la paraula 'accommodation's'utilitza en singular i pot significar o ballotjaments per a viatgers o turistes una cambrad'hotel o una pensi o b allotjaments mspermanents un pis o una casa.

Published on Jan View Download 1. Quan reutilitzeu o distribuul'obra, heu de deixar ben clar elstermes de la llicncia de l'obra. Els drets derivats d'usos legtims o altres limitacionsreconegudes per llei no queden afectats per l'anterior Aix s un resum fcilment llegible del text legal la llicnciacompleta. This PDF document was created using Prince.