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Alia Rachmanova the pen name of Galina Dzhuragina, born in 1 in Ural, died in in Switzerland was expelled from the Soviet Union in after marrying an Austrian prisoner of war in Her autobiographical trilogy, translated into German by her husband and published first in and then into many other languages, made her famous and turned her into one of the most popular Russian writers of her day although she is not mentioned in most contemporary dictionaries. Her novel The Factory of New Men Die Fabrik der neuen Menschen, Salzburg- Leipzig, , published in French translation by Plon in received the prize of the French Academy for social education and mutual aid for "the best novel written, in any language, on the dangers of Bolshevism".

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The novel describes, through several lives, the devastation of the "new morality" reduced to the sexuality of the "glass of water", and the resistance of two young heroines to it. We shall compare this informed novel to other novels of the twenties on the "sexual question" P. Romanov, S. Malashkin and also to anti-utopias on the resistance to the "reforging" of the human being E. Zamjatin's We, M. Bulgakov's Heart of a Dog. Vinrent ensuite Mariage dans la tourmente Ehen im roten Sturm - trad.

Le formatage de l'homme nouveau.

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Dans Mariage dans la tourmente, la narratrice disait :. Rachmanova donne des exemples en faveur de chacune de ces conceptions.

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Goumilevski, et d'autres. Vladimirov lui propose le mariage, elle refuse et ne peut plus l'aimer p.

Tania attend un enfant p. Vladimirov va consulter la voyante Nastia p.

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Il lui demande le pardon p. Tania accepte le mariage ; elle aurait voulu un mariage religieux, mais compte sur le soutien de Dieu :. Il la trompe avec une communiste fanatique, Mironova p.