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Getting What You Want Without "Playing Dirty"

Right now, not caring is a privilege you happen to have. Not caring is a privileged act, the same way having white skin, being a cis male , or living within a certain tax bracket is privileged.

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Because of who you are, you get the choice to care or not care. You are not threatened.

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It may even benefit you. So you stay quiet. And that puts you in a privileged group. Because the policies enacted by this administration are affecting a hell of a lot — if not all — marginalized people in America.

How to Get Into Politics

Other people have to care. They have to care because the Trump administration somehow threatens them, their livelihood, or people they care about.

What It's ACTUALLY Like To Work In Politics

I could have chosen not to care because the ability to homeschool puts me in a privileged group of people. We can live on an income and a half my job is flexible , and I have an advanced degree that gives me the skills to educate my children. We have an internet connection. My partner is engaged and hands-on with our kids. We have access to a stellar library, and the extra cash to buy needed books.

Francis Fukuyama: Identity politics

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