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This song is called "Shalom Chaverim".

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Shalom is a Hebrew greeting meaning "peace". It can be used to say both "hello" and "goodbye".

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Shalom dear friends, shalom dear friends, Shalom, shalom Good bye, good bye, Shalom, shalom. Our books feature songs in the original languages, with translations into English. Many include beautiful illustrations, commentary by ordinary people, and links to recordings, videos, and sheet music.

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Visit our store. Please contribute a traditional song or rhyme from your country. Whoever the children are in your life - your kids, your grandkids, your students, even yourself in your heart - Kid Songs Around The World is a wonderful way to help them experience other languages and cultures. We've gathered of our favorite songs and rhymes from all the continents of the globe.

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Over pages! Each song includes the full text in the original language, with an English translation, and most include sheet music.

Variations on Shalom Chaverim

All include links to web pages where you can listen to recordings, hear the tune or watch a video performance. Each includes a beautiful illustration. Many have commentary sent to us by our correspondents who write about the history of the songs and what they've meant in their lives. We hope this book will help foster a love of international children's songs! Easter This year Easter is celebrated on Sunday, April 1. You can read about Easter traditions and recipes from around the World here.

Here are some Easter songs from around the world. Hamantashen are eaten for the Jewish holiday of Purim. Purim is a holiday that celebrates the [ She moved to Israel when she was 15 and and lived there for 23 years.

Shalom Chaverim - Farewell, my good friend

Now she lives in the US and is involved in music and story programs for children including one called, [ Joanie Calem sent us this article about the Arbor Day holiday and music in Israel. Now she lives in the US and is involved in music and story programs for children including [ The word itself is very old. According to wikipedia, its earliest reference is in a book from the 3rd century a.

Singing the round will provide a nice challenge for your singers. The two parts are just one measure apart, which makes for some wonderful harmonies. The recorded accompaniment features a rhythm section, clarinets, solo viola, and strings. You also have the opportunity to do a totally "live" performance, using perhaps guitar and piano.

And if you have a decent viola or violin player and a clarinet player at your disposal, even better. You could also have some of your singers playing hand drums and tambourines during the interludes. There are several other ways to sing this round. You could add another group each being a measure apart , or you could even have four groups, each starting two measures apart.

Of course, these options would require live accompaniment. If you are interested in this, be sure to read the article that Paul Jennings wrote for Music K-8 magazine Volume 4, Number 2.

CGA Shalom Chaverim We Go Now in Peace

There you will find more information on this round and several other opportunities for including an element of "peace" in your concerts. By the way, our singers did a wonderful job singing in Hebrew, but if you need further guidance, we have an excellent spoken pronunciation guide for you available on our web site. See below.