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I bought a new wreath as a Christmas decoration, however it did not have any lights. The used the lights I purchased at Canadian Tire to string around the wreath - it was really simple. I hung the wreath above the garage and it when I turned it on at night it looked like a Christmas beacon.

The brightness of the lights was perfect.

Stockings SWEET DREAMS for Neiman Marcus Ornate Tassel Cord Damask Christmas Stocking

We were so happy withe the lights that we use them all year to create ambiance through out our home. Very satisfied.

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The light is beautiful. Bought this for my christmas tree and now i use it a as a decoration.


The lights, like all Christmas tree lights are hard to set up and put away. They need to make a light with just one cord Lights work great with clean white colour. I use clear mini lights all year long in my home. I place them on the branches of my indoor plants that are large enough to hold the wires and often use them instead of lamps to give my room a cozy feeling; I put them inside large glass urns with glass pebbles for a soft glow in my guest bathroom.

These mini lights are not just for Christmas in my house!

What makes a song sound like Christmas?

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C7 Magnetic Lighting Cord - 25 Sockets | 25Ft

Add Sale Alert. It looks like the problem is that your extension cord is polarized, but your Christmas lights aren't. The best solution is to replace the electrical receptacle at the end of the first set of lights with a polarized one. They sell replacement receptacles for Christmas lights. You could use a ground plug adapter to do this, but you would need to trim the polarized neutral plug to fit in a non-polarized hole which is a bad idea.

It will be fine for this season, but once you take your lights down for the season you'll forget that you have a modified adapter that could be reused for something else and hurt somebody. Can you plug the extension cord in near the first bush, using a splitter or three-way tap if needed, and run it from there to the second bush? That would avoid the need to modify anything.

Do you have an old string of Christmas lights you can sacrifice?

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If so, you can convert it into a non-polarized extension cord. The basic technique is shown in this video. If you search online, you'll easily find other sources for the same information. One problem I have with the video is that he splices the wires by twisting them together and wrapping them with electrical tape.

That can work, but I'm not happy with it from a safety standpoint. I recommend using solder and heat shrink tubing. For outdoor use, get the type of heat shrink tubing with adhesive in it to keep the water out. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Extension cord can't plug into christmas light string? Ask Question. Thanks This is the extension cord prong end: This is the LED string light end: The packaging of the extension cord says it is polarized.

Can you post photos of the socket on the end of the light string and the plug on the extension cord? See polarized vs non-polarized plugs. Dec 20 '17 at ThreePhaseEel added a photo. Dotes Dotes 3, 5 5 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges.

Yeah the extension cord packaging says it is "polarized". This is the obvious solution, but it creates the risk that the extension cord will provide reversed polarity current to devices which are sensitive to it.