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It came back but I had to use Bushdoctor Sledge Hammer to get rid of the vinegar. Just brought my tropical hibiscus up from basement and put out doors and leaves are all turning white. Have had for 5 yrs. Now, those blooms do last considerably longer, but even those only last at most for a day and a half. Just the nature of these plants! The only thing you can do is just enjoy their transient and fleeting beauty, and take good photos!

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My hybiscus leaves are turning yellow and dropping leaves the ground around plant is damp. We have had some very hot days now weather is cooler. How can I help my plant and recommend a good plant food please. I have a hibiscus bush in my glass conservatory.

The Basics of Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Care

Will it still receive enough light to bloom now it is indoors. Also, it has white marks on a couple of leaves and others are all crinkled up. I purchased some ladybugs and they have done a good job of keeping the bugs down. Recently pruned many branches that were getting too long. I had been watering everyday, then we started getting more frequent rain so I stopped watering for a while. Now most of the leaves are turning yellow then they fall off. How do I check for soil deficiency?

Could it need some acid added to the soil? Thanks for your help; I want to save my tree. I use an organic called Neem Oil. It leaves the leaf shiny and lasts weeks. It is used in Hawaii tropical climate. You mix with water and spray on all the leaves. Plant needs full sun, hopefully without wind. It is expensive to pay for post but you can order it at Nelsonplantfood.

I use one capful dry, sprinkled around the base of the plant. I do pull the yellow leaves off as soon as I see them. I took a magnifying glass and that will tell you what pest you have. Just put outside from the winter, no buds yet. What do I do. My hibiscus tree lives indoors in a south window in Calgary, Alberta. It is constantly losing its lower leaves.

But before they turn yellow they seem to have tiny black dots on the underside. They are not spider mites on the leaves as I am very familiar with spider mites and how to spot them and their webs and the damage they do. I feel like removing it completely from its soil and giving it new soil. Thanks for your help! I have what looks like tiny white and black specks on the buds of my hibiscus plant.

I assume they are from some insect. When the flower blooms if it does the flowers are disfigured. Is there some special spray I can put on them to get rid of the insects. Please help me. All my plants, except the African violet, go out for the summer. There are no aphids or any other sign of insect infestation. I will keep a close eye ,water frequently and make sure it is draining properly. It must be the stress of going out of doors.

Thanks for all your information on line. Sincerely, Joan. I have sort of the same problem, but my leaves are a beautiful green. The whole plant is a nice green. Mine wasnt producing any buds for flowers for a long time. I finally seen a bud and was like okay now its back in bloom. Well its been a little while so i took a closer look at the bud and seen red ants and these black grains on the bud and a huge bud that the flower was showing but not opening.

My husband is a landscaper went to school for this. He recommended we spray the plant down with soapy water. I did today we will see what happens. Its a table spoon of dish soap to a quart of water very lightly stirred. This should kill off any mites or bugs. Keeping my fingers crossed it works cause the plant is beautiful just no flowers.

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My other one produces flowers but the leaves are yellow not a lot. Let me know of any other home remedies if you all have any. Hope this works. We have just bought a new property the hibiscus are old, but the flowering is profuse, there are no green leaves at all on the trees. The trees are about 2 metres talls. I would like to see some leaves on the trees, Hope you can help? I have a row of hibiscus that are against a wall and I live in Arizona so its hot, but this year one at a time, the plants leaves are turning yellow and dropping, all of them.

Not sure what to do any help would be appreciated. I see no replies. I have some of the same questions that I have read plus…. ALL of my leaves fell off at one time after transplanting. We had a talk, and she came out of it. I now have one bloom but the yellowing is coming back.

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My fairly new hibiscus plant bloomed everyday. I would water when it looked sorta wilting. What should I do. I live in Texas and have a hibiscus that appears to be dying. I was watering it everyday since its been over degrees, but the leaves are turning yellow and shriveling. The soil is not too moist or too dry. Could it be getting too much or too little sun? I have it on the corner of my patio so its gets morning sun for about hours.

Is this plant dead or will it green up at all? I live in NE Florida. I bought a hibiscus on sale at lowes. With the plant, I also bought the bugs and black spots on it, and didnt see them at the store. I bought neem oil, like the internet said and followed the instructions. That didnt get rid of the bugs completely. So someone told me to strip all the leaves off as it was getting very cold outside and bring it in for winter.

How to Keep a Fiddle Leaf Fig Alive and Happy

I know it didnt get enough sun cause I couldnt keep it near a window all the time. I was going to repot it, but the internet said dont until the bugs are gone or it could shock and die. Now the tops of all branches look dry and dead. The bark has become loose. I peeled some off of one branch and it was black, mushy, and gross. Under that it was brown. That branch was brittle and snapped off.

Some other branches are brown with a hint of green. Is there a way to save my poor hibiscus. I dont have any kids or pets, so this plant is my pet. Is there a way to tell if the plant is male or female? It was so pretty when it bloomed before winter. Its a double bloom, peachy, rosy, pink hibiscus. Please help my poor plant. Thank you. In my house I bought two hibiscus plants orange and pink colour colour, planted in Gumala which is kept it on Terrace. The diameter of Gumala is about 14 inches. What is the remedy to prevent yellowish leafs. Early winter last year I bought 4 hibiscus plants 3 large and one very small, I live in ohio so it was already getting too cold for them outside and I put them indoors, but it was at a house we were going to be moving to where there was room enough for the plants, the house was being worked on and it took longer then we planned to get the furnace working, all of the plants I had there lost their leaves and soft stemmed plants became mushy.

The soft stemmed plants seem completely dead, but two bouganvillia I had bought at the same time have re sprouted new leaves about a month ago and bulb plants are already sprouting too. I cut one of the hibiscus stalks to check if it was green and it was but very pale, the soil is very thin and fluffy it does not hold water, I gave them general plant fertilizer sticks thinking it may be early but seemed needed to help regrow leaves.

These are my first hibiscus any advice will be appreciated! They did continue to bloom up till the leaves dropping they did not turn yellow just dry and fell, that was in early december I think and have had no leaves still up to march. They are planted outside and were planted back in September and did well until just a month or two ago no one else has had this problem that I can find so can you help?

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I live in central Florida. I have 3 indoor hibiscus plants. All 3 are blooming except the branches below them are bare. The one on my windowsill has almost all the leaves yellow.

Grow / Care Curry Leaf Plant Tips by Bhavna

Any feedback? I think I need to re-pot them. I have a hibiscus plants… That I purchased three months ago. I have noticed the leaves turning yellow with green spots. Any ideas? The best combination is a well-draining soil that is watered regularly. Soil that is too dense may cause the roots to rot. In hot months, coleus grown in pots outdoors will need watering once or twice a day. If they are grown indoors, watering every two or three days is usually sufficient unless the indoor air is especially dry.

Like most plants with colorful foliage, coleus needs regular feeding. Then, feed it a diluted liquid fertilizer every week or two as the season progresses. Because container plants need frequent watering, nutrients are quickly washed away. Any potted plant will require more feeding than the same plant in a garden bed. The more often you water, the more feeding your plant requires.

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  8. In the hottest months of summer, outdoor potted coleus plants that are watered once or twice a day may require weekly feeding. Without regular pruning, coleus plants can get "leggy" and unattractive. Cut off any blooms that appear so the plant will put its energy into the foliage. Plants that get too tall can simply be "beheaded" at the top.

    This will prompt bushy outward growth and denser foliage. Excessive legginess is usually caused by a plant that gets too little sunlight, so if this is a continuing problem, move the container to a spot that receives a little more sunlight. There are two ways to keep your outdoor coleus alive through the winter. Coleus that are already growing in pots outdoors can simply be brought indoors and placed in a relatively warm and bright spot in your home.

    Place each cutting into a clear glass vase or jar filled with water. Make sure to pluck off any leaves that are below the water level. Place the vases in a bright, warm area, and allow the cuttings to root themselves. Roots generally appear within a few days, and over a period of a month or two will develop into a thick mass of roots. Make sure to keep the vases filled with water as it evaporates and is consumed by the plant roots. The cuttings can be left to continue developing roots right up until planting time in the spring, or, you can plant them in potting soil in mid- to late winter to give them a headstart on spring.

    As soon as the roots have formed a tangled mass, they can safely be planted in potting soil. During the winter months, small potted coleus will need plenty of light, either from a south-facing window or from auxiliary lighting. Note : Some varieties of coleus root more readily than others. Coleus Make a Great Container Plant. Continue to 2 of 7 below. Choose the Right Pot.