Manual La parentalité : une affaire dEtat ? (Logiques sociales) (French Edition)

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La politique familiale de : des objectifs familialistes et natalistes. Pour eux, la politique familiale a des objectifs familialistes et natalistes 5. Cette vision est remise en cause par les travaux du. Cambridge Group, groupe de recherche britannique sous la houlette de Peter Laslett Roussel et de A. Frossard et B. Braun, H. Dhorlac et L. Arber S. Attias-Donfut C. Barry C. Bertaux D. Bonvallet C. Bungener, M. Cathala L. Chauvel L. Chauvet J. Choquet L. Debordeaux D. Delors J. Dhorlac de Borne H. Dufour A. Durkheim E.

Physiques des moeoeurs et du droit, Paris, PUF. Finch J. Frossard M. Gokalp C. Hatchuel G. Kaufmann J. Familles et services, Presses universitaires de Rennes. Knibiehler Y. Worp ; zusammengestellt von F. Hoogendijk ; under Mitarbeit von M. Bakker, J. Lane Fox.

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Bakker, Irene J. Kila, James A. Goodey, M.

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Lynn Rose. Burgersdijk and J. Mills and S. Douglas Olson.. Miller and A. Turner, James H. Mathisen and Danuta R. Hoogendijk, B. Muhs ; with indexes by M. Edwards, C. Gadd, N. History of the Middle East and the Aegean region : c. Hammond, E. History of the Middle East and the Aegean region c. Edwards C. Hammond E. Part 3. The expansion of the Greek world, eighth to six centuries B.

Persia, Greece and the Western Mediterranean c. The last age of the Roman Republic, B.

La famille, une affaire d'État

Crook Andrew Lintott the late Elizabeth Rawson. The fifth century B. Lewis John Boardman J. Davies [et al. The Fourth century B. Lewis John Boardman Simon Hornblower Walbank A. Astin M. Frederiksen [et al. The rise of Rome to B. Rome and the Mediterranean to B. Astin F. Walbank M. The Augustan Empire, 43 B.

Bowman Edward Champlin Andrew Lintott. The High Empire, A. Bowman Peter Garnsey Dominic Rathbone. The Crisis of Empire, A. BowmanPeter Garnsey Averil Cameron. The late empire, A. From the earliest times to c. Desmond Clark. From c. The Ch'in and Han empires, B. Sui and Tang China, Part one. Part two. Chaffee and Denis Twitchett. Shively and William H.

Volume I. Volume II. Volume IV. Volume V. Kedar and Merry E. Rosen and Ineke Sluiter.. Gordon, and H. Matthew Rice, Michael Spurr. Markham ; Translated by Edward Grimston. Spooner, T. Parker, J. Hurstfield, Garrett Mattingly et al. Morris, Richard Glover. Neva Little. Tome 1. Tome 2. Tome 3. Percy Smith. Holman Bentley. Haimson, Charles Tilly. Steckel, Jerome C. Late Ch'ing, The People's Republic. Fairbank and Kwang-Ching Liu. Volume Republican China, Fairbank and Albert Feuerwerker. Islamic Society and Civilization.

Holt Ann K. Lambton Bernard Lewis,.. From Independence to c. Latin America since : economy, society and politics. Bill Nasson.

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Volume 3. Tucker, editor ; Priscilla Roberts, editor, documents vol. Johnstone, J. Latham, R. Serjeant and G. Rex Smith. Beeston, T. Johnstone, R. Smith and Sadie Pickup. Papanghelis and Antonios Rengakos. Willink ; edited by W. Benjamin Henry.. Rosenmeyer, Evelien Bracke. Kim On Chong- Gossard.. Anne Mackay.. Harrison, Vayos Liapis.. Wayne Storey.. Lardinois, J. Blok, M. Ward Jr. Wilmeth, Christopher Bigsby. Easterling and B. Kenney ; advisory ed. McCallum, Mikko Tuhkanen.

Nisbet and Claude Rawson. The Nineteenth Century, c. Caserio and Clement Hawes. Bagnall, Bruce W. Frier, Foreword by Ansley J. Scheindlin, and Michael Sells. Cousland and James R. Bolhuis and Martin Everaert ; foreword by Robert C. Berwick and Noam Chomsky. Hardin, Luisa Maffi. Levinson, David P. Enfield, Tanya Stivers. Richard Page and Aaron D. Austin, Julia Sallabank. Enfield, Paul Kockelman, Jack Sidnell.

Abiola Irele and Simon Gikandi. Smith and Adam Ledgeway. Allan, Michel Buijs.. Stroik, Michael T. Arnold III. Caccioli ; with an introduction by William H. Harris, Brooke Holmes.. Mansfeld and D. Miller Jr. Volume 7. Bowen and Christian Wildberg.. Eysturlid, editors ; foreword by Dennis Showalter. Cleary and Gary M.

Cleary; Gary M. Gurtler, S. Lewis, Sarah M.

Les politiques de conciliation travail-famille : … – Politique et Sociétés – Érudit

Mitchell and Frances M. Young ; assistant editor, K. Scott Bowie. Constantine to c. Early medieval christianities, c. Noble and Julia M.

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  • Christianity in Western Europe, c. Po-chia Hsia. Brown and Timothy Tackett. World christianities c. World christianities, c. The central islamic lands from pre-islamic times to the first world war. Holt, Ann K. Lambton, Bernard Lewis. The central Islamic lands since Davies and Louis Finkelstein. William Horbury W. Davies John Sturdy. Wood, Songsuk Susan Hahn. Sweeney, Michele Renee Salzman. Charles B. Schmitt ; ed. Ackroyd and C. Ann Matter. Volume 4. Buswell Jr.

    And Donald S. Lopez Jr.. Commentary : sources for his life, writings, thought and influence. Commentary, volume 6. Fortenbaugh, with contributions on the Arabic material by Dimitri Gutas.. Crawford, Benjamin C. Ann Herring, Alan C. Gibson, Ruth Morello.. Young, J. Latham and R.

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    Osbeck, Nancy J. Nersessian, Kareen R. Malone, Wendy C. Bowler, John V. Porter, Dorothy Ross. Lindberg and Michael H. BakerLaurence B. Furstenberg, J. Brooks-Gunn, S. Philip Morgan. Kelley, John G. Holmes, Norbert L. Kerr [et al. Branscombe, Bertjan Doosje. Lewis, Isabela Granic. Baumeister, Kathleen D. Vohs, editors. Owens, Sheldon Stryker, Norman Goodman. Berry, Fons J. Stroebe, Wolfgang Stroebe, Robert O.

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