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Anne T. Ox and Other Stories , Boston: Osgood, trans. Towle ; also published as Dr. Towle - reprint: edited by I. Evans as Dr. Peter Costello, London: Phoenix, From the Clouds to the Mountains Boston: Gill, trans. Abby L. A Fantasy of Dr. Ox , London: Hesperus, trans.

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Andrew Brown. James Magazine , trans.? Horne, ; Amsterdam: Fredonia, White - reprint: Philadelphia, Warburton, Lowell Bair [sic]. Sidney Kravitz. The Mysterious Island , Modern Library, trans. Jordan Stump. Horne, abridged ; abridged and edited by I. The crews of these vessels, badly fed, ill-paid, and harrassed with fatigue during the six months occupied by their passage from Spain, had been secretly plotting a mutiny.

A Drama in Mexico in Dr.

Arthur B. Evans

The crews of these vissels, badly fed, ill-paid, and harrassed with fatigue during their six months voyage for [sic] Spain, had been secretly plotting a mutiny. Hector Servadac - [ HS ]. Hector Servadac , New York: Munro, trans.? Hector Servadac , London: Sampson Low, trans. To the Sun? Les Indes noires - [ IO ]. If Mr. James Starr will present himself to-morrow at the Aberfoyle Coalmines, Dochart Pit, Yarow [sic] Well, he will receive a communication of an interesting nature.

James Starr will come to-morrow to the Aberfoyle coal-mines, Dochart pit, Yarrow shaft, a communication of an interesting nature will be made to him. Un Capitaine de quinze ans - [ CQ ].

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This vessel, of four hundred tons, fitted out at San Francisco for whale-fishing in the southern seas, belonged to James W. Weldon, a rich Californian ship-owner, who had for several years entrusted the command of it to Captain Hull.

Virginia Champlin [Grace Virginia Lord]. Frewer - reprint: abridged and edited by I. James Cotterell. Agnes D. Kingston - reprint: New York: Vincent Parke vol. These proud words may justly be applied to the Himalayan chain, whose heights no man can measure with any mathematical precision. La Jangada - [ JA ].

The person who held in his hand the document, of which this medley of letters composed the last paragraph, remained for some moments in a thoughtful attitude after contemplating it attentively. Gordon - reprint: New York: Vincent Parke vol.

  • Keith Maillard.
  • The Green Cushion.
  • Sorption natürlicher Östrogene im Batchexperiment (German Edition).
  • Wogans Ireland: A Tour Around the Country that Made the Man.
  • More Books by Louise-Michelle Sauriol.
  • A Continental Plate Boundary: Tectonics at South Island, New Zealand: 175 (Geophysical Monograph Series);

The man who held in his hand the document of which this strange assemblage of letters formed the concluding paragraph, remained some moments lost in thought. Such were the appellations that were heard successively in the magnificent hall of Helensburgh. Mary de Hautville - reprints: abridged and edited by I. One after another these names re-echoed through the hall of Helensburgh; it was the way the brothers Sam and Sib had of summoning their housekeeper.

Evans, see listing below. Horne, abridged and Chicago: Sequoyah Books, ; abridged and edited by I.

Ma demande vous semble surprendre. My request seems to surprise you, but you will excuse me if I say that I am at a loss to understand why it should appear extraordinary. I am twenty-six years old, my name is Cyprien Mere. I am a mining engineer, having graduated from the Polytechnic School, second in my class; my family is honorable, and respected, if they are not rich. My request seems to surprise you. Perhaps you will forgive me if I have some difficulty understanding why it appears so strange. I am twenty-six years old; my name is Victor Cyprien; I am a mining engineer, and left the Polytechnic as second on the list.

My family is honest and respected, if it is not rich. Stephen Gray. My request seems to have taken you by surprise. I am twenty-six. I am a mining engineer and I left the Polytechnic second in my year. Mathias Sandorf - [ MS ]. Mathias Sandorf , New York:: Munro, trans. Hanna - reprint: London, Sampson Low, Robur the Conqueror , New York: Munro, trans.?

Chicago: M. Donohue, n. Amsterdam: Fredonia, The sound of two pistol shots was heard. A cow crossing a field fifty paces distant received a bullet in the spine. The cow was an innocent victim. Like spectators at a riot she had fared worse than the combatants. New York: Vincent Parke vol. The pistol-shots were almost simultaneous. A cow peacefully grazing fifty yards away received one of the bullets in her back. She had nothing to do with the quarrel all the same.

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Ticket No. Laura E. This shrieking squall bends down the trees of the Volsinian coast, and hurries on, flinging itself against the sides of the mountains of Crimma. The roaring gale bends the trees of the Volsinian coast and smashes against the slopes of the mountains of Crimma. Evans - reprinted in Yesterday and Tomorrow , see below. Its roaring force is bending the trees on the adjacent hills and driving on to break against the slopes of the mountains of Crimma.

Potter], trans. Alberto Manguel. The wind is blowing. The rain is pouring down. The roaring storm bends the trees on the Volsinian shore and crashes against the flanks of the Crimma Mountains. Flight to France , London: Sampson Low, trans.? Evans - reprint in Yesterday and Tomorrow , see below. There were seven or eight hundred of them at least. Of medium height, but strong, supple, framed to make prodigious bounds, they gamboled in the last rays of the sun, now setting over the mountains which formed serried ridges westward of the roadstead.

Nord contre Sud - [ NS ]. NOTE: although Part I of this edition is a different translation, Part II appears to be identical—except for occasional spellings and a few differences in punctuation—to the Sampson Low translation. Deux ans de vacances - [ DV ]. Adrift in the Pacific , London: Sampson Low, trans.? Olga Marx. Sans dessus dessous - [ SD ]. Topsy-Turvy , New York: Ogilvie, trans.? New York: Ace, Famille-sans-nom - [ FS ]. Caesar Cascabel , New York: Cassell, trans.

Estoclet - reprint: Amsterdam: Fredonia, And she drew out of her pocket a square-cut piece of greenish paper, all crumpled and greasy. Cesar Cascabel , London: Sampson Low, trans.? Mistress Branican - [ MB ]. Mistress Branican , New York: Cassell, trans. Mistress Branican , London: Sampson Low, trans.? Claudius Bombarnac - [ CB ]. Book; , London: Sampson Low, trans.? Such is the address of the telegram I found on the 13th of May when I arrived at Tiflis. There he will take the train by the direct Grand Transasiatic between the European frontier and the capital of the Celestial Empire.

Foundling Mick , London: Sampson Low, trans.? Captain Antifer , London: Sampson Low, trans.? Face au drapeau - [ FD ]. Facing the Flag , New York: Neely, trans.? For the Flag , London: Sampson Low, trans. Cashel Hoey - reprint: abridged and edited by I. Clovis Dardentor - [ CD ]. Clovis Dardentor , London: Sampson Low, trans.?

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Cette drle d'quipe fera un voyage plein de pripties de l'Alaska Dawson. Sur terre ou en plein fleuve, les aventures de Margot et de sa famille captiveront le lecteur lanc avec eux dans la foule des chercheurs d'or et de leurs rves de fortune. For immediate download. Check your local Dymocks store for stock. Enter your postcode: Please enter a valid postcode.

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