PDF NIST COMPUTER SECURITY Cell Phone Forensic Tools: An Overview and Analysis Update

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Reinventing Application Security. Course Library. Christopher Greany. Peter Chronis. Deven McGraw. Mike Daugherty. As digital technology evolves, the existing capabilities of these devices continue to improve rapidly. When cell phones or other cellular devices are involved in a crime or other incident, forensic examiners require tools that allow the proper retrieval and speedy examination of information present on the device.

This report provides an overview on current tools designed for acquisition, examination, and reporting of data discovered on cellular handheld devices, and an understanding of their capabilities and limitations. Supplemental Material: None available. Security and Privacy acquisition ;. Applications forensics. It would be good to see the new federal CISO and deputy CISO have an internal focus on making FY17 the first year in many where the government actually makes real improvement in basic security hygiene as a foundation for secure government services overall.

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Read more in: SC Magazine: Rep. Lieu's letter to Gen. DHS is offerings scans of Internet facing systems and access to cyber incident reporting centers. In a related story, the FBI has reported that more voter registration systems around the country have been experiencing intrusion attempts. At its peak, the attack on OVH was delivering traffic at 1.

The attacks started about 2 weeks ago using passwords that are typical for security camera DVRs.

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Sadly, these passwords are for the most part unmaintained by home users and small businesses, so there is little chance of getting cleaned up. Our honeypot, an actual DVR, usually lasts less then an hour before getting infected with a variant of this attack, and it is being attacked on a normal Comcast IP address at a rate that requires me to reboot it several times an hour because it's telnet daemon keeps crashing.

Some of these passwords are "hard coded" and cannot be changed by the user. If you have one of these devices, then it is probably already too late. This story, and the DDoS attack against Brian Krebs' website, are prime example of how bad security of one device, or company, can negatively impact the overall security of the Internet community.

The Lock Down Your Login campaign's website describes the different types of multi-factor authentication and how to use them. At least nine users in ten carry a mobile. When you are breached, the absence of this measure will be a contributing factor. Google will license you their code. We are all but begging you on bended knee. If, in the face of all evidence to the contrary, you still believe your users will not like it, at least offer them the option.

Whether you are in government or private industry, look first at FedRAMP authorized services, for both business and IT, and you will be ahead in the security game; 2 Two cloud-delivered security offerings are also approved Qualys and Skyhigh and 9 others are in process Centrify, Cloudlock, Cylance, Fireeye, MobileIron, Okta, Proofpoint, Trapwire not Tripwire! FedRAMP certification should be a strongly-weighted evaluation criterion when considering cloud-delivered security services. The Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder provides an assessment of an agency's security maturity level.

The document is open for public comment through December 15, NIST has also released a SP , Trustworthy Email, to address issues not covered by its basic email guidance document, SP , which was published nearly 10 years ago. He faces up to five years in prison. An alleged co-conspirator is still at large. This is why it is important to ensure a thorough threat tree analysis is carried out for any major systems development and that security is baked in from the beginning.