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Next, sort by highest Attack Speed. Because the Thicket Bow has the highest base damage of the three, we would prefer a Thicket Bow over the other two choices. Alternatively, we could look at the second fastest bow. An Imperial Bow, with only 0. Item Levels determine what tier of an affix is able to appear on an item. A bow with item level 2, for example, can have tier 9 physical damage to attacks.

A bow with item level of at least 77, on the other hand, can have tier 1 physical damage to attacks. In this way, we need to ensure that our base item has a high enough item level to include not only the affixes that we want, but also the highest tier of those affixes. Item Levels can also be used to block affixes from appearing. If we ensure the item level of our bow is only as high as it needs to be for our affixes to appear, we can block unneeded affixes from appearing at all. Shaper and Elder items, denoted by a special background and crosses on the sides of the title of the item, have additional affixes that can appear.

If you do not want any Shaper or Elder affixes on your item, then maybe a normal item will be sufficient. The bow should be as fast as possible, but we have determined that losing a little attack speed in favor of an elemental damage implicit yields higher damage. Throughout the following crafting methods, one advanced topic will remain important: prefixes and suffixes. Rolling an item with Chaos Orbs signifies using multiple Chaos Orbs on an item to find a desired affix or set of affixes.

Crafting Bench

Rolling an item with Alteration Orbs signifies repeatedly using Alteration Orbs on a magic item to find one or two good affixes. A well-rolled item is item with good affixes, high-tier affixes, or high values within a tier. This method involves trying to find two good affixes on a magic item, and then regaling it. It is recommended to try to find the rare mods first, via Alterations and Augmentations. This is also a good crafting method when one of the affixes is immensely more important than the other stats.

The end product of this method of crafting is a two- or three-affix rare item. This is a great crafting method for jewels, as jewels have a maximum of 4 affixes instead of 6. For flasks, which can have a maximum of two crafted affixes one prefix, one suffix , this is the crafting method of choice. Because we want a specific Delve affix, we cannot use this method.

Economically, these three methods can be appropriate at different times during a league. Later in a league, when Chaos hold relatively low value compared to Exalts, it can be more economically viable to roll items in this way.

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For the affixes that we are looking for on our bow, we would need to get extremely lucky. Essence Crafting involves rolling an item with Essences, the same way you might roll an item with an Alteration or a Chaos. The key difference is that an Essence guarantees one mod, and randomizes the next. The most notable use of Essences is for Corrupt Essence affixes. Rolling an item with Essences is a fairly controlled method of crafting. The deterministic nature of Essences mean that this approach is great both for new leagues and leveling, and late league crafting.

Using Essences in a combination with Master Crafting, which we will discuss in Section 8, is a great tool. Because we are looking for a Delve-specific mod on our bow, we cannot use this approach. Beastcrafting was introduced in Bestiary League 3. As of Betrayal League 3. For a complete list of the available crafts and the required beasts, please reference the Community Wiki Page for Beastcrafting. To craft an aspect onto any piece of gear, all that is required is an open Suffix on that item. Referencing the Community Wiki Page, find the corresponding beast that is needed for your craft.

This craft requires two things: First, that the item have a open affix where the Suffix can be added; Second, that the item have a Random Prefix to remove. This crafting technique can be useful if in various gambling scenarios, where one outcome is very desirable, but the other outcome ruins the item, so proceed with care. For example, if an item has 2 Suffixes, you can then craft a Prefix onto that item via your Crafting Bench.

At times, you will be using hundreds of Alteration Orbs on an item, and you will come across the perfect combination of two desirable mods:. This acts very similar to an Eternal Orb, which are no longer available in the game. That should hint to you at how powerful this crafting option is. You are now free to Regal your Magic Item.

Step 4: If you hit a desirable mod with your Regal, congratulations! Doing so will revert the Rare to its original state, effectively turning back time.

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This regal is not very good. Using the Imprint on the Ring will restore the ring to its original state as a Magic Item with only one affix. The Imprint recipe, when used in conjunction with other crafting methods, can be complicated but very rewarding. This is an extremely powerful crafting method not only because of what it can split, but also because of what it does NOT split. If you split a 6-linked item, the outcome will be two 6-linked items.

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So what does get split? The explicit attributes of the item. If you have an item with undesirable affixes, splitting represents one method of removing those bad affixes. Take this ring for example:. When we split this item, the result is two separate rings, one with half of the affixes, and another with the other half:. Now that we have isolated the one affix that we want, we are free to regal that item and work forward from there. New to Path of Exile as of 3.

Online tools like POEDB have mod filters to help players sort through fossils, mod groups, and specific mods. Other than using basic orbs like Chaos and Exalts, Fossil Crafting represents the only other way to craft Jewels and Abyss Jewels in the game, currently. In general, this crafting process is less deterministic than Essence Crafting, but more powerful overall. The fact that a single fossil can remove an entire set of mods from the possible outcome means that, for example, a crafter can remove the possibility of rolling Elemental Resistances on a weapon, if desired.

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By using multiple fossils to remove unwanted mods and introduce new desirable mods, crafters exert a large amount of control over the outcome of the crafting session. In Delve League, fossils and resonators were relatively affordable, so this crafting approach was extremely useful. Whatever crafting method we select, we need our crafting materials.

I have two recommendations for acquiring these materials, rather that simply searching poe.

When it comes to purchasing materials like Essences and Fossils, buying in bulk is a great quality of life. At times, you may pay a higher price for this convenience, but time is money. In poe. At pathofexile.

Crafting an Item – POELab

Because we are fossil crafting, we want to purchase resonators and fossils in bulk. After our crafting method yields a good result, we need to decide how to finish the item. In general, this means that we want to keep good affixes, remove bad affixes, and use exalts to get 5 or 6 affixes on the item. So far, we have been crafting an i75 Shaper Imperial Bow. This section alone merits a formal guide, or hours of video content.

Because exalts tend to represent a large investment in currency, I highly recommend that you consult an experienced player before you use exalts in this way. This cannot add a mod to an item if that mod is already on the item. This crafting method is relatively inexpensive, and can be a simple way to finish a crafting session. Exalts add one additional affix to a rare item. However, an item with 6 affixes is MUCH harder to craft than an item with 5 affixes, and involves gambling with an Orb of Annulment.

In general, if an item already has 3 or 4 very good affixes, it is worth using an Exalt on. Economically, you can look up an item in poe. By investigating the market value of those items, you can determine whether it might just be better to buy an item instead of exalting your own item. Whenever an item has 6 affixes, any crafting on that item needs to begin with Orb of Annulment. Annulments are the opposite of an Exalted Orb: just as random, and just as powerful.

An item with 4 or 5 good affixes and 1 bad affix is the perfect candidate for an Orb of Annulment. This method is valuable when one of the mods on an item is extremely valuable and very rare. So the new league mechanics in Path of Exile 3. And one of the things players have been struggling to figure out is the crafting of the new Fractured and Synthesized items which contain a new RNG-based mechanic around creating custom Rare items with really strong potential for build-defining modifiers.

If you want a POE 3. If you really want the secret sauce to this recipe, I have a bit of bad news, it will take a serious amount of time invested to get the perfect set of item modifiers that you want. If you just want to experiment with potential mod rolls, mostly to plan out crafting sessions out-of-game, the player community has created a really great tool for calculating Synthesized item results. ISKMogul is a growing video game publication that got its start covering EVE Online, and has since expanded to cover a large number of topics and niches within the purview of gaming.

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