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Renato Sellani Trio, Grand Piano. Artistry Jazz Group and Friends, Tribute! Banjax, Osa, W. Joe Blessett, Changing Everything Rating: 4. I adore this story. It was a little predictable, but very sweet, fun and intriguing. Homophobes can shove it, by the way. A lot has happened while she was away — her best friend is now married and pregnant. What, or rather whom, she really came home for though, was Wes. Rating: 3 stars. It was over too quickly, pretty uneventful. The last half was pretty good. Love in an Elevator by Carrie Ryan MacKenzie is soaking wet from rain and the soda that just spilled all over her clothes.

The idiots standing in the elevator she was trying to catch laughs while the doors slide shut. Enters knight in shining armor. They take the elevator up together, and surprise, surprise it shudders to a stop. Lightening has struck the building, and they are possibly going to be stuck for hours.

MacKenzie is freezing from her soaking her clothes, and the knight offers her his shirt off his back. Rating: 2. This was a bit too unrealistic for me. It was undoubtedly steamy, though. Barret has been fantasizing about Allan since freshman year. Allan looked like a jock — just his type. Except it was pretty quickly revealed that Allan flirted with just about anybody.

Surprisingly uneventful. But what I liked was how the main character was exploring, and dauntlessly trying something new. For the anthology itself, I have to say that I miss tables of content with a short description of the different stories. Melissa Landers says: "I thought it would be a fun challenge to write about a "first time" in an arranged marriage, specifically if the couple were total strangers going into the relationship.

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But now on her own for the first time in New York City, she's about to learn that the guy who's perfect on paper isn't always the one that makes your heart beat faster. Lauren Layne says: "My personal take was to write about a college freshman who's never had a serious boyfriend, and is really, really ready to take that step and all of the things that come with it. And she's found just the right guy. As they remember each and every first they ever shared together, the two are left hoping they didn't just share their last. Field Emotions by Melissa West Melissa's short within this amazing anthology tells the story of two best friends--one a star athlete, the other an honor's student--and their decision to take their friendship to the next level.

This is what Julie Cross says about the book: "Despite the implications from the description, Fifty First Times is not a book about sex. View 2 comments. Feb 26, Amber rated it really liked it. It's hard to review a book as a whole when it's made up of a bunch of short stories. Some of which I really loved, most of which I liked, and some I didn't like at all. This will probably be a long one. Let's start with the ones I really loved.

These would be my 5 stars. The first story I loved in this book about a girl who was wounded pretty bad in the mili It's hard to review a book as a whole when it's made up of a bunch of short stories. The first story I loved in this book about a girl who was wounded pretty bad in the military and a guy who wouldn't give up on her. I loved that Rene thought her life was pretty much over when she got so scarred and lost her eye, but Rick was able to show her over time that those things don't really matter.

I loved his patience and understanding and his desire to show her how much she really meant to him, despite what she saw as horrible. I wanted more of their story. Once Bitten by Cole Gibsen was great. Aside from the fact that they never really explained why Tanner had to leave with ZERO explanation four years earlier the fact that it was never really fully explained well enough bothered me I loved it.

There was a lot of plot in there for such a short story. I loved the search and rescue aspect of this book and I found myself completely invested in wanting them to find little Olivia safe and unharmed. I wish it was a book so I could read more. She did so much world building in such a short amount of time. I felt total sympathy and heart ache for Lyra, having to leave her family to find peace with their once rivals and an arranged marriage with someone she had never met.

Their story was sweet and I loved Kai, and the way he treated her. How to Be a Heartbreaker by Lauren Layne was probably one of the longest stories in this book, but another favorite. In such a short period of time she managed to weave a completely believable love triangle that she pulled off successfully. I was more than happy with the outcome. Field Emotions by Melissa West was my last favorite. Something about a football player and a small town girl always seems to pull me to stories probably because I'm from a small town but I really loved Blake and Summer.

I loved their relationship from page one, how they both came from nothing and had such a binding relationship from the way they grew up and how Summer was so afraid of losing Blake now that he was making the big time. Their story was sweet and endearing. I couldn't get enough of it.

Now to the stories I really liked my 4 stars The only thing that kept me from totally loving this one was that even though the two reconnected after heading off to their separate schools, there was still an air of uncertainty about their future. There was a line where they said something about "well we still have two weeks together" and that was good, but I didn't love it. I wanted a more solid future for them. Still really GOOD, but not love. I also really liked Crash by Sophie Jordan. I loved Hunter from Foreplay if you haven't read that, you should His story with Brooke was endearing and I love that he stood up for her in true Hunter fashion.

I was also glad they didn't do anything but some heavy kissing. I don't love the stories where people hook up super quickly. For me there needs to be some history there, which is why I liked the next story, Love in an Elevator by Carrie Ryan, but didn't love it. I really liked the stuck in an elevator scenario and how it all played out, but it was a little too fast for me. Lynn was one of the reasons I originally bought this book.

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I love Jennifer Armentrout and this story was no exception. Ollie and Brit were great. Ben wanting Liza to see him as more than a baseball player players are off limits for her. Going for Broke by Lyla Payne was another great one.

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  • It was longer than most of the other stories which made it great for story building. I found myself totally invested in Tressa trying to let Noel know her feelings for him before he gets married in a few days. At one point I honestly had no idea how it would turn out. The ending felt a little rushed, probably because it had to be short story, but I really liked the outcome. The first of my 3 star reads would be Daylight by Julie Cross. I just couldn't totally get into this story. What was his job? Why did it have to take him away to something that potentially would leave her a widow?

    Why couldn't he at least call her or write to her every now and again? It was too open ended for me and I couldn't love it like I wanted to. It bothers me when people don't talk about their problems and try to push others away because of it. It was good, but not great. I understood where she was going with the story, but I just couldn't feel super emotionally attached, much like the main character. I liked the message, but the story was just ok.

    Grind by Tracy Wolff was good. I liked Gage and Dyani a lot. I understood their struggle for their relationship and wanted there to be a way for them to overcome it, which it seems they came up with a pretty good solution in the end. Now to the 2 stars No offense, but I'm a traditional girl when it comes to my reading. It's just not something I like to read about.

    How you can help, if you want to —

    Two in the Morning was definitely more interesting than Bunga Bunga. Two in the morning I could feel his struggle being attracted to his long time and best friend who also happens to be his roommate, and what happens when he finds out. In Bunga Bunga, I actually read some of it and then skipped the rest. Two guys going to an orgy party? No thanks. Nothing to connect to, nothing to really read.

    I was excited about reading a story between a deaf couple but it was literally like 2 pages tops? I was disappointed. A guy who goes to Argentina and meets a girl who doesn't speak English but he's so attracted to her he ends up sleeping with her eventually. Not romatic to me at all. They can't even communicate except through kissing. I just couldn't connect to it. Ok, well if you made it through that I'd be surprised!

    Questions, Comments, and Observations on the English Language

    I just had to write it down so I could remember my favorites. A good book with lots of fun stories. Some great, some good, some meh, but I'd definitely recommend the good ones. Dec 30, C. I am so happy that Britt and Ollie got a story. I like that there wasn't really any drama in the story. It really was a short sweet drama free story. I just wish it was a little bit longer. I was happy that it was told from Ollie's pov because I was expecting it to be in Britt's pov.

    The story is featured in the Anthology Fifty First Times. There are some other good stories in the anthology as well. Ollie and Britts story Believe in Me was worth the wait. I was really happy that the story was in Ollie's pov because I didn't think he'd get a pov. I really liked it and thought it was sweet. It was nice to see a different side to Ollie. I hope that he gets Britt that tortoise. The story takes place during Be with Me. I also read the story Under the Seryn Moon and really liked that one as well.

    This story was about an arranged marriage. These two groups of people had been at war for years. They lived on some foreign colony. Finally after years of bloodshed, they agreed to make a peace treaty. Apart of the peace treaty was that they had to join their bloodlines. The daughter Lyra of the one leader had to marry the son Kai of the Seryn leader. Lyra felt very out of place in this foreign land where she was surrounded by these people who were enemies to her people not that long ago.

    I liked the main characters. I thought Kai was a really nice guy and he tried to make the situation easier for Lyra and never pressured her into doing anything that she didn't want to do. I like that he asked her permission first before her first time. Daylight is the story of this newlywed couple Audrey and Jack. Their wedding night is their last night together before he heads off on a secret mission.

    Jack never directly says what his job is but I assume that it has something to do with the military. The story also shows a little bit of their courtship. They make a lovely couple. Their wedding night is their first time together but it could very well be the last. I thought the story was romantic and old fashioned. It was innocent yet sensual.

    It was sweet yet tinged with some sadness. I was so happy that Jack did make it back. It had a happy ending with Jack and Audrey getting plenty of tomorrows. Oct 04, Melissa rated it really liked it. I did NOT finish this book. I read the first two stories completely, but didn't liked them If I would have to rate them, I'd give them both less than 3 stars I wrote a mini review about Believe Me: I may read the other ones in the future, but not right now.

    I recently found out about this short story. I've always been curious about Ollie's background story. I liked him a lot in Wait For You. He's super funny and ugh. I just love him. Argh, it was so good!

    Fifty First Times

    He's the most sweetest guy ever! And seriously, this book is waaaaaaaay too short!! I want a full book about him, like ASAP! Here are some quotes I just loved: "Maybe I needed to buy her a turtle. That seems to have worked for Cam. Then again, she'd probably throw the turtle in my face and that wouldn't be fun, but she'd look hot doing it. What's the point in it? But with you, I could fucking kiss you all night long. And throughout tomorrow, too. I finally got what it meant and why.

    It makes me grin from ear to ear!! Interesting story, good plot, great characters, good banters, funny, cute, and sweet all at the same time. All LL books that are released in really lack of the awesome LL style. I miss the old LL writing!! I wish How to Be a Heart Breaker was a full length novel, instead of a 5 chapters story that included in an anthology!! Read only J. Lynn's story and two more Britanny and Ollie were nice. You really can't say something more for such a short story. I was actually happy that they didn't get a full length book. I was never all that interested in Brit. I'm way more intrigued by Calla.

    The other two stories I don't even remember their names. Nough said Feb 25, Laurycardona rated it it was amazing. I wish I could have more of Ollie and Brit! Oct 05, Danielle Love at First Page rated it liked it Shelves: read-in , novellas-short-stories-prequels , crush-worthy-boys , brain-candy , genre-new-adult , contemporary , swoon , own-kindle-book. Writing romantic short stories is a tricky business. More often than not, the lack of pages means a bad case of insta-love or so little character background and development that we don't form any attachment to the relationship.

    However, if authors somehow find that sweet spot, they can become some of my favorite stories. Now the lack of pages means less drama and angst and a more hefty percentage devoted to swoon. It's pure fangirl service. You know those scenes in books that you read over and o Writing romantic short stories is a tricky business. You know those scenes in books that you read over and over again? They're typically of the feel good variety, right? The short stories in this anthology that get it right are exactly like that - an extended scene that puts a smile on my face and butterflies in my stomach.

    Five of the nineteen short stories stood out to me: 1. Set in the future on a desolate colony planet, it's about a girl who's forced to marry her enemy's son after her people lose the war. I don't know how so much sweetness was packed into so few pages, but Melissa Landers somehow does it. If anything, this story has convinced me that she's at her best when she's writing for more mature audiences.

    Because it's not only sweet, but sexy, too. Very, very crush-worthy guy. The banter between our couple is super adorable. Bonus: football, which I love. It's probably better if you know the context by having read Wait for You , but there's JLA's typical humor and standout characters. I like that it was written in his point-of-view. As a whole, Fifty First Times is pretty up and down. There are some good stories, some okay-ish stories, and some downright ugly stories. But I'm glad I found at least a few gems along the way.

    This review can also be found at Love at First Page. Nov 21, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: stand-alone-book , favourites , anthologies , new-adult. I read this story because it was part of the Fifty First Times" anthology. I was totally ok. I like it and I kind of want to read more about this couple. Merged review: Overall: 4. They were sweet, hot and passionate, and I wish to read more about them but my wish will not be real. Thats why they are short stories. I recommend the whole book, not just some stories.

    Please read it all. Jul 05, Nancy The book junkie rated it really liked it Shelves: anthology , ebooks-i-own , ebooks-i-own-to-read. Loved it!! I shouldn't be surprised since i'm still waiting to find a book from J. Lynn i didn't liked but this short story about Ollie and Britt was really sweet.

    It was nice to see what's going on behind all that playful banter Jan 30, Rachel Reads Ravenously rated it liked it Shelves: ebooks. I honestly only read Ollie and Britt's story. It was cute and sweet and a little too short. Hence, three stars. Maybe I'll go back someday and read all of it, but not today. Apr 16, Sanzida Islam rated it it was amazing. I read only Ollie and Brittany's story. I loved Ollie! Feb 08, Erika Leighton rated it really liked it. I don't usually rate anthologies for the simple reason being: it's all from different authors making it all different writing types.

    But this.. Completely beautiful, heartwarming, and emotional. I definitely shed a couple of happy tears while reading these stories. It became so consuming and a guilty pleasure. Reading each individual story put me in the characters shoes and that in its self is why I loved this anthology so damn much.

    Some of my favorite a 4 - 4. Some of my favorite authors wrote short stories in this and made me an extremely happy girl! My absolute favorites in this: "Daylight" by Julie Cross, oh mi god, such a lovely heartbreaking story about a couples first and last night together husband and wife. I smiled, I cried, I laughed, and I hugged my tablet. I don't know how Julie Cross made this story so sad, yet so happy and loving.

    Definitely in my top three favorites. Reading reviews from book one made Rick sound like an asshole, which was so not him in this short story! He was loveable and such a good guy. This was realistic and heartwarming, such a good read. This showed Hunter from "Foreplay" one of my favorite books ever!

    Boy meets stripper. Stripper meets boy. Stripper is innocent and hates her job. Boy and stripper meet. The fall in love over night. I rooted for a Pepper and Reece short story, but this was just as great! Love, love, love this series! More, please. My heart was rooting for these two. I thought of this one the most after I was finished. It was fun and sad and amazing all in one bunch. The ending was just It took me only minutes to read, I was so absorbed and wanted more when it was over.