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Virtually every aspect of worship—praise, thanksgiving, penitence, intercession—is covered in the Psalter.

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One modern commentator, Bp. Demetri , in his foreword to Christ in the Psalms , has described the Psalter as a "golden thread [which runs] through the beautiful garment of Orthodox worship. The Psalter is so prevalent in Orthodox worship that St. John Chrysostom said that wherever one looks in the Church, he finds the Psalter "first, last, and central.

The Psalter

In addition to substantive, textual differences, the LXX and MT versions of the Psalter differ most obviously in their chapter divisions. This can cause confusion to readers who do not understand the differences between the two versions. This st Psalm is not numbered with the other and is not included in the Psalter proper.

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The Psalter is divided into 20 kathismata. Each kathisma is further divided into three stases. Each stasis contains between one and three chapters. On the outer margin of this page, and on several later pages of this Psalter, illuminated letters have been pasted in as ornaments, cut out of a Bible of the mid-thirteenth century.

This peculiar action may have been undertaken by or for William Clarkson of London, a later owner of the book who added a full-page portrait of himself in the fifteenth century. This small Psalter was written in East Anglia, probably around Unfortunately all of the large initials at the major divisions of the Psalms have been removed by a previous owner, but the pages that remain include some grotesque figures in the margins and line-fillers of particularly fine execution.

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This page includes a fish with two heads and a dog dressed as a bishop. Other creatures are shown below:.

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This early-fifteenth-century Psalter is unusual in combining the Psalms not only with a liturgical calendar, but also with two sets of versified prayers. The rubric records that contemplation of these images will buy the reader days of remittance from Purgatory. These poems were particularly popular in the north of England, and this manuscript was almost certainly produced in York.

Liturgical Instruction: Chanting 1928 Book of Common Prayer

This Psalter was written in England in the fifteenth century, but has so far proved difficult to localise. The final page of the Calendar is shown here, alongside the first Psalm, with a grandly illuminated border and a rather aged depiction of King David in a scarlet robe lined with ermine. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Walters Ms. W.110, Psalter

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