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The sort of person you just might let into the house if she doorstepped you. Interestingly, for all the hand-wringing certain people like to indulge when it comes to tabloids and their audiences, the tabs can be surprisingly friendly to women.


They have the wits to also know that you have to put women in the paper. Tabloids want to have people with a wide range of experiences. A pretty generous interpretation given that even I think she's much more a 'real' journalist than I ever will be. Is the real journalist an endangered species? And growth may be the very thing the public are looking to come out of print media right now. If we looked closer at Parliament instead of the press the ratio would likely be a lot higher. Boniface is a true believer in the essential goodness of print media and the people in it.

Fleet Street Fox explains…

And you know, sitting across the table from the hunter who is now the hunted, I can start to believe it. Hopeful words, of a sort, when discussing an industry that has had a severe dressing down in the past year and perhaps needs some serious rehabilitation.

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Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Saturday 29 June Fleet Street Fox: anonymity was crucial to my freedom The popular blogger and tweeter, Fleet Street Fox, has outed herself as tabloid newspaper reporter Susie Boniface. Here in an interview with Dr Brooke Magnanti, a fellow former anonymous writer, she explains her decision to adopt a pen name. Susie Boniface, aka Fleet Street Fox. Related Articles. Why adopt a pen name?

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