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In the book s concluding chapters, Perito calls for the creation of a civilian U. Stability Force composed of constabulary, police, and judicial teams of lawyers, judges, and corrections officers.

Hi-Ho Silver: Ten People Who Could Play 'The Lone Ranger' Opposite Johnny Depp's Tonto

Such a force, he argues, could provide an effective postconflict partner for U. It could also ensure the likely success of political reconciliation and economic reconstruction by establishing the rule of law quickly and effectively. Police in Peacekeeping.

Creating Postconflict Security in Bosnia. Yet when one takes a step back, the truth is unmistakable: although this story has offered a pleasant resolution, history offers little such solace. In the big scheme of things, it makes little difference that a few imaginary bad guys went tumbling into the river, as satisfying as it may have been to watch it happen, set to the strains of the William Tell Overture.

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None of this makes a difference, really. The world is shrinking. The blank edges of the map filled in. Jack must find his place in the new world or perish. Some take more optimistic approaches to the subject: the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy ends with the forces of the East India Company routed by the pirates they sought to destroy.

The Lone Ranger , however, even with its rousing climax, offers up more than a bit of resignation to go with it. Progress in The Lone Ranger is not an ideal to be worshipped, but a sad reality used as justification for heinous deeds, associated almost solely with greed.

Where is the Lone Ranger When We Need Him? America’s Role for a Post-conflict Stability Force

Greed also leads to an instance of callous violence against Chinese workers. The film essentially plays like a bitter anti-Capitalism crash course. In the second act, as they wander through the desert in search of the outlaws who have kidnapped Rebecca and Danny, Tonto and the Lone Ranger come across train tracks in the desert. In most blockbusters, the heroes would come across such information in time to thwart the evil plot, but not here; the tracks are already in place.

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There is no changing it. This revelation confuses even Narrator Tonto, shaking him out of his fantasy and back to reality. He then proceeds to fix the watch — an action that coincides with reality beginning to catch up to the story. We are already ghosts. Monument Valley lives up to its name in The Lone Ranger. Although the film is ostensibly set in Colby, Texas, Verbinski draws attention to his use of the location in Utah. Only in this mythic version of the past can he find solace.

The film washes away the tragedy of genocide with a big train set piece, the equivalent of a child playing with his toys — all sociopolitical concerns washed away by pure, joyous entertainment. Yet in the end, both Tonto and the Lone Ranger are swept away by progress.

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Tonto, having discarded his silver pocket watch, gets a gold one from the railroaders. The Lone Ranger names his horse Silver, after the element that caused so much tragedy. Their victory, however fleetingly delightful it may be, is undercut at every turn. As the two ride off, Verbinski frames a rabbit in the foreground, eating a scorpion — a symbol, from earlier, of a natural order that is out of balance.

The Lone Ranger - "Story and Characters" Featurette

All the Lone Ranger can do is walk away. But a comforting lie can only do so much. The western may not be true, but it may be the only way to numb the pain of the past. And when you understand what this image means, here at the end of this crazy, angry roller coaster of a film, it makes you want to weep. This essay is just beautiful. It certainly brings a new light on how tragic the revelations this movie represents and especially that line about walking away from the unbalanced nature. Your email address will not be published.

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Institute of Peace Press, pp. More: Security U. The U. Afshon Ostovar.