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Use Publishing feature of Statusbrew to efficiently manage campaigns, and schedule the posts ahead of time. Posting this kind of content will encourage active participation from your audience with your brand. You can extensively experiment with lots of types of content and see what works for your audience. The content should always aim to invoke emotion and response from your audience. You can ask for feedback from your customers and maybe even convert angry customers to happy ones.

You can push out content related to your product, discount offers and much more. Just like talking to your friends on your cell phone, Twitter lets you have an open conversation with your prospects and leads. This is one of the most significant benefits of using Twitter for your business. Instead of exchanging emails with your customers over weeks, Twitter allows you to talk to your customers in real time and interact with them, there and then. In context to customer support, this can be a massive plus in terms of solving issues for your customers.

This definitely will help you in improving customer satisfaction as you will be able to solve problems within minutes as opposed to taking days in sending emails back and forth.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Twitter for Business Success in

I wrote a blog about how to improve your customer service on Social Media. This should help you in understanding the best practices while doing customer support over Twitter. Another way your business can use Twitter is to contribute to conversations that are meaningful for your business. It's an excellent opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader.

Since the conversations are happening as you are watching them, you can contribute to these conversations and connect with like-minded people. Twitter chats are a great example of this. If you still think about why you should use Twitter for your business, this point will give you more clarity!

You have everything at the ready, interests of people, their websites, their profile bios. It helps you develop context before approaching or even targeting your customers. If you have a persona that you are targeting, you can search for almost any information about your customer that your persona actually has on Twitter. Twitter ads allow you to choose from a different objective and provide you with a variety of demographic data to target your customers and make your ads based on the persona that you are targeting.

Related: Find more social media statistics in this blog. Apart from the links that you will put in your bio, you can continuously share links to your blogs not spamming which will drive people to go to your website. If you keep on sharing new and engaging content, you will position yourself as a credible source of information which will get you loyal readers for your blog. To share your content or curated content, you can always rely on Social Media Management tools like:.

If you want to find which topics to write on or which type of content to share, you can always trust Buzzsumo for finding you the best and shareable content. What do you do when your best friend needs your help?

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You call them with the same cell phone that you purchased because that's the fastest way you can get in touch with them and solve their problem. Because everything on Twitter happens in real time, having your presence, there is an excellent asset in terms of handling customer support. Unlike other platforms where you have to open different chat windows to talk to different customers, on Twitter, you have a constant feed dedicated to just your customer's queries. This allows your customer support team to be very efficient in prioritizing which queries to reply first and develop context before you actually reply to them.

By using Statusbrew's Social Inbox , you can considerably cut down your response time for your customers who are facing any issues.

Twitter Marketing: The Complete Guide for Business

Twitter has an abundance of data about customers which your marketing team can easily access and capitalize on that. It can be a great asset in making targeted ads for different objectives like increasing downloads, increasing website visits, etc. Twitter has everything that marketers wanted in a Social Network.

Because of its openness, you can strike up a conversation with anyone and view their profile and see if they fit into your persona of an ideal customer. The Small Business Guide to Twitter With over million users, and , new users signing up every day, Twitter can be a great place to connect with your target audience. Click on the links in each box for more information. An overview of Twitter Twitter for business 2 Do you know what Twitter is good for? How to pick a username 4 Have you set up an account?

A 5 Step Guide to Using Twitter for Business

How to set up an account 5 Have you customised your Twitter profile? How to customise your Twitter profile 6 Have you set your objectives? Twitter goals and objectives for businesses 7 Do you have a social media policy? How to draft a social media policy 8 Have you decided who will run your Twitter account? Sunshine Sweets could continue to flesh out more information about Sally her hobbies, favorite stores, social media preferences—the details are endless which would give them a clear idea of who they are targeting with their Twitter content.

For more resources on determining who your customers are, check out these articles:. Creating a business Twitter profile is very straightforward. To start, simply log onto Twitter, and sign up. Try to get a Twitter handle as close as possible to the name of your business; for Sunshine Sweets, SunshineSweets would be the ideal choice. You want your customers to be able to find you easily and connect your Twitter presence with your business. Your profile image should represent your business, whether that be a picture of your product, your storefront, or a professional headshot.

Your header image offers a little more flexibility and is a great place to showcase your offerings in more detail. Who you follow on Twitter will depend, to an extent, on your industry. For example, Sunshine Sweets could follow other local businesses, key influencers in the city they are located in, influential bakery accounts and other tastemakers in the food industry, and their own customers. For more information on setting up your Twitter profile, look to these resources:.

The next step is making it easier for people to find your Twitter account. You can do this by adding Twitter buttons to your website or blog, and adding links to your Twitter profile or simply your Twitter handle to any other social media accounts you already have. You can also add your Twitter handle, a link to your account, or a Twitter button to your email signature.

To learn more about adding Twitter buttons to your website and email, check out these articles:. Do this by sharing information about your new Twitter profile on your existing social sites, sending out an email newsletter to your customers, and even creating in-store signage to let customers know in person. Follow us SunshineSweets! You could even use this as a chance to develop an early-stage promotion strategy, and encourage your customers to follow you on Twitter by offering some kind of incentive.

For Sunshine Sweets, this might look like asking customers to follow them and retweet a specific tweet in order to get 20 percent off their next purchase. To learn more about growing your Twitter following, these articles will be helpful:.

How to Use Twitter for Your Online Business

Twitter, like Facebook, is a platform where multiple types of content are encouraged. A varied content strategy is ideal and will help keep your Twitter presence interesting and engaging. Here are a few of the types of content you could post, using the example of Sunshine Sweets to illustrate what each one could look like. Obviously, Twitter serves as a great platform for updating your customers about any goings-on within your business.

Another important aspect of marketing your business on Twitter is positioning yourself as an authority in your industry. This involves sharing information relevant to your industry, by retweeting articles, news stories, or other content from thought leaders. If filled cupcakes are the new bakery trend, Sunshine Sweets could retweet an article that highlights this trend, perhaps with a mention that they also carry this kind of cupcake! Twitter is a great place to highlight your product or service visually, and having a mix of both visual and written content is a good way to make your Twitter profile more interesting to follow.

If you have a visually appealing product, posting pictures of the product itself is a natural move. You could also highlight your product as used by your customers, post pictures of any new inventory, and share pictures of your business and staff.