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A bungled murder

About a Boy not very nice. What was the biggest challenge of fitting this story into a narrative for television? Obviously, this was a highly complex story, and to condense it into three hours is quite an achievement. The main thing that was left out is the whole money thing; Thorpe was very dodgy on money. He was in charge of raising funds for the Liberal Party, and he used them either for himself or for putting a hit on people.


But if you talk to all of those Liberal politicians to this day, they say the thing that made them never want to have anything to do with Thorpe again was not being gay, was not trying to kill someone—it was the money. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Swimsuits That Flatter Every Body.

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Updated February 20, And within a very competitive field, the story of the downfall of former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe is right up there with the most bizarre tales to ever come out of Westminster. In , Jeremy Thorpe went on trial for conspiracy to murder, the most serious charges ever levelled against a member of the House of Commons. The story begins in s Britain, a time when Preston says the leaders of the main political parties were "dull plain-looking men without any kind of noticeable charisma". But Thorpe was also a risk taker. While a sitting MP, he had a series of affairs with men — at a time when homosexual acts were still a crime and could lead to a jail sentence.

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Thorpe and Josiffe had an affair, but when the relationship broke off things spiralled out of control. He blamed many of his hardships on Thorpe and told police about their relationship, handing over copies of personal letters as evidence.

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By now he was leader of the Liberal Party and had ambitions of being the next prime minister of Britain — and he could not let those ambitions be destroyed by his past. The police turned up to the scene and Scott once more "poured out his story", blaming his misfortune on Thorpe's mistreatment of him. The shooting of Rinka the dog and the accusations against Thorpe were picked up by a small family-run newspaper in Somerset, which Preston estimates had a circulation of around 5, However, in the end, thanks to what Preston describes as a "brilliant barrister" and "raging snob" judge, Thorpe was found not guilty.

The author of A Very English Scandal doesn't believe there was ever any doubt that Thorpe was guilty. The TV series of A Very English Scandal will screen later this year, and introduce a new generation to a political tragedy that is still hard to fathom. Topics: law-crime-and-justice , government-and-politics , history , world-politics , offbeat , human-interest , england.