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I am going to list a few things I would like for Christmas. I would like a pink moter skooter and a hide away pet cat more on other Christmas list. For my mom I would like for her a paper towns poster. I would like you to make sure every kid has a nice Christmas. Lets go on to the gifts. She decided to just stand guard outside. Tasia grinned as she heard the door shut. So the new weapons expert has some secret interest, she thought, looking over at Marika who was still frozen. She leaned over and kissed the Finnish agent on the cheek before getting up and walked over to Lucienne and did what Jelena had stopped herself from doing.

Six hours had passed since Lucienne and her main team had returned from the states. She had Team 3, who had been posted in Greece, now investigating the crime scene in LA. America was a bad place for Interpol to be in right now and she was glad she was not there. Her Team 3 leader was a blond Greek women her age named Sophie who was a great communicator so she was confident Sophie had the situation under control. Odie had counted that she had frozen and unfrozen over a hundred times since they left California. Looking at her watch, Lucienne realized that she had not frozen in over an hour.

The sedative might be wearing off. She hoped that Tasia and Marika were feeling the same too. Leaning back, the French agent took a deep breath. She was feeling very tired. She wished Hui was around. The Chinese agent would always manage to make her feel better in cases like this. Sitting up, she looked at her watch once more to make sure she had not frozen again.

She had not. The Type-7 must be finally out of her system. Opening up her email to check if she had gotten any new messages; when she had first gotten back she had emailed to Night Ninja asking for better leads. Her mailbox was empty. She sighed picked up her phone and called the lab. Marika picked up on the second ring. Maybe something good was about to come out of this. Ever since Ashley Tisdale, the creator of the Type-7 sedative had vanished, it had been harder and harder to find out anything about the drug.

Imagine if she had been driving while under the influences of this modified drug. Get some rest first. Tasia did get a little carried way when she started feeling Marika up. Lines had to be drawn. Tasia was giving in too much to temptations. She flipped it open and smiled at the new text she had gotten. Tasia was waiting for her out in the parking lot. Standing up and stretching out with a yawn, she had to give Tasia the talk and then maybe have some fun to unwind.

She was about to leave her office when the email chimed signalling that she had new mail. Sitting back down she opened her mailbox and to her surprise she had a new message from Night Ninja. She opened the message. I am unable to provide you with more detailed tips. I work very close to those in charge of everything so if I talk too much, others will know. So for the time being I only offer you limited information. If your team is as good you think these tips should be enough. I have also sent you a package. I do not know when it will reach you since I had sent it to various other locations first to cover its tracks.

This package when it arrives should help you greatly. That is all for now. Looks like her night was going to be a long one, Tasia was going to be upset. It took JB forever to pick up since he was asleep at his hotel. She had to get in touch with her Team 5 who were in Brazil at the moment. Lucienne was furious but had managed to calm her rage after being able to join Tasia in the mile high club while on their flight. To avoid suspicion of their indiscretion they'd waited until Colette, who had the window seat, had fallen asleep. JB, Jelena and Marika were on another part of the aircraft, the group had split up to avoid attention as they'd decided to travel incognito.

Lucienne was getting paranoid as Team 5 had just been found in Brazil and the news wasn't good, which was the reason for her anger. A highly experienced operative Palmira Tiago, a local agent that Lucienne had gone through training with, had been in charge of Team 5. The Brazilian woman, a beauty in her own right though Lucienne had never really been into her, had stationed themselves in Rio as it was soon determined that a local fashion expo was going to be the target.

In spite of having six agents stationed around the area Team 5 had still failed, with eight models vanishing into thin air, or so it seemed. Palmira herself was now also among the missing, as was the other female member of her team. The four remaining Interpol members, all men, had been found in Palmira's hotel room, all four frozen solid like statues, just like Hui and Miranda were. Palmira had done a good job planning, having two in the security office, one at the front door, one at the main back door, one outside at a watch point and herself near the models.

It was becoming clear to Lucienne that the Paradise Foundation, if it was indeed them behind everything, did have Erika Stone in their hands as only she could of pulled off the kidnappings and thefts that were occurring. Colette had done some investigating and all signs indicated Paradise was legit and had nothing to do with the Sierra Escorts incident. Erika Stone's current whereabouts were also still unknown, no one having seen the billionaire beauty since she escaped custody over a year ago. The news about Cassandra being alive and possibly working for their enemy just made things worse, and in the thick of it all Tasia and Lucienne were having problems.

Not only is this fraternization, but we're in a relationship, yes, it is one, that a lot of people still frown upon. I know you want to become a field leader some day, and I for one wouldn't mind taking over in Lyons at some point. Love is important, but you have to make sure it won't ruin our lives. Ever consider making this It has been a year. There's also Civil Unions, and I know that's legal in France. I just wanted to know if you'd thought about it. I love you and you know it.

Colette was fairly new, the senior French agent knew, and new people with Interpol tended to be by the book all the time. Marika may keep their secret, but Colette was a total wild card. As a matter of fact, and don't tell anyone else, but I had a girlfriend in high school. I really do envy you two, as I never even got to tell her how I feel. The last thing she wanted was Colette angry at them, even if she was now confirmed to be a lesbian. If Cassandra survived that car crash I bet Aisha did too, though they're probably both working for the enemy now, though I doubt by their choice.

Her efforts seemed to of succeeded, but then a blond flight attendant walked by and winked at her while blowing a kiss. Then to top it all off I accidentally saw her while she was changing. Before the incident in France I'd tried to tell her about a dozen times. Meanwhile towards the front of the plane, Marika, Jelena and JB were enjoying the in-flight meals they'd been offered, all of them having the chicken. Earlier when he'd ordered it Jelena had made fun of him for not ordering alcohol, calling him weak. JB had defended his choice however by pointing out that, being an Interpol agent, intoxication while on the job, even if it was a long flight, was a bad idea.

I'm sorry. If it was really bad you would have never said it at all, you don't slip up very much. With a sigh JB ran his hands through his hair and looked at the women seriously. Well, not just someone Lucienne, Cassandra and I go way back, we all joined Interpol at the same time. Lucienne I always considered a sister, really, though I did have some interest back in the day.

That Cassandra though It's like every time I see her I just want to be with her, but when I'm away from her I never thought about it much. It wasn't until the crash that I really regretted never having said anything, like asking her out. I haven't stopped thinking about her since I got the call from Lucienne.

Jelena was a tough as nails kind of woman and had more hidden muscles than JB could count but it had only taken three fairly small glasses of cheap airline wine to make her blatantly drunk, and Marika wasn't far off either. The French agent was glad he hadn't told the other two about the time he and Cassandra had posed as husband and wife and pretended to be about to have sex to fool a criminal they were observing, which had resulted in him seeing her naked and have to cover his manhood in poor ways so she wouldn't notice.

Just revealing his crush on Cassandra was enough for JB to feel embarrassed in front of his two teammates, he didn't want to reveal the rest of the story. The three mile long airstrip located on the outskirts of Mexico City was mainly used for delivering goods Paradise Foundation offices located in the city. Lear jets made runs from Vancouver to Mexico City at least three to four times a day transporting mostly supplies and aid resources.

The Foundation was one of the many organizations in Mexico fighting poverty. The multiple deliveries were perfect for the Black Department to stage their South American operations without any suspicions from outside parties. The Mexican Federal police also receive certain benefits from the Black Department as well in order to keep locals and even their own government officials from sticking their noses where it does not belong.

Scott was dressed like a CIA field agent, in khaki cargo pants and vest over a tan colored dress shirt. Even with his head covered by a navy baseball cap it was still obvious that he was the only Caucasian male in the area. He stood at the edge of the tarmac with his hands on his hips watching Paradise flight 06 being loaded. Caitlin, dressed in a tight fitting khaki outfit that was basically a pair of booty shorts and a short sleeved blouse, stood next to Scott with a messenger bag slug over her shoulder; her false crimson hair masked by a safari hat.

The cargo was a group of eight Brazilian models recently nabbed by Ryoshi at fashion show in Rio. She reported nabbing two Interpol agents as well but Scott only counted the eight stiffened models. Once the jet was loaded there was only space left for four more people. The three blonds, all of whom were former sorority girls dressed similar to Naoko, lined up in front of Scott once they were done loading. The three former co-eds stood rigid at attention awaiting their next orders.

Scott turned to Naoko, "Load your team up in this flight and head back to Paradise Manor. Scott watched the leather clad women load the plane and within minutes the flight 06 sped down the runway and was on its way back to Vancouver. He was going to get a mouth full from Mary when he returned, she was understaffed as it was and with this latest shipment of Brazilians and an earlier shipment of Mexicans, combined with shipments from Vancouver and Europe, she was going to be booked for the next couple of days. He turns and begins walking off the tarmac with Caitlin hot on his heels like a puppy.

Pulling out a PDA from her messenger bag and pressing some buttons, she had the details. Make a call to Dr. Hamilton and tell her to re-program some of the Vancouver hookers to be lab assistants. She has quite load coming in," he then ordered as they approached a uniformed local woman standing at attention near a Federal Police SUV. The Mexican police captain was of light complexion with long black hair that was tied back in a conservative bun under her military style cap.

She was a little older than Scott but was quite stunning nonetheless with a youthful face and dancer-like body. She was dressed in the gray fatigues of the Federal Police and bore a shiny leather belt around her waist with matching holster on her right hip. The uniform hid her shapely body but Scott had explored her thoroughly when he had met her some three months ago.

Type-7 was a wonderful drug. Izel kept her pose and vacant stare. Izel blinked and smiled, her body seemed to get more relaxed and looked more natural. Tenzo, captain? Dawson," Izel replied in a thick accent that was just clear enough to understand. Izel could barely speak English when he first met her. Dawson," Izel said, turning around and climbing into the SUV. Scott looked over his shoulder at Caitlin, "Wait here for that incoming flight and tell the pilot to wait for me," Caitlin smiled and nodded as Scott climbed into the passenger side of the SUV.

The trip to the far side bungalow only took them about two minutes by car. The single story structure stood by itself just off of to the side of a service road, which led to the runway. The bungalow looked more like a large tin shack than an actual living quarters.

There was a black Land Rover parked outside. Scott could see Aisha and Cassandra at attention beside the door of the tin building standing guard. Both former Interpol agents dressed safari-style dresses showing off a lot of leg and cleavage. Dawson," Both Interpol ladies greeted with a smile and in unison. The programmed greeting only brought a slight grin to his face.

Dawson," Both ladies replied in unison once again holding their wide smiles. As he walked between the ladies they parted for him letting him past. He looked them over once more as he knocked twice on the door before opening it. The bungalow only had one room with three windows letting air into the large space.

The room had thin gray carpeting over hardwood flooring, empty walls and was furnished by a couple of wicker cushioned chairs, a bamboo table and a king size bed. Erika sat completely naked on one of the wicker chairs while Veronica sat in the other one, also in the buff. Both women were posed with their legs wide open, arms resting over the side of the chair, and heads thrown back with their hair slicked back and hanging freely off the back of the chair.

Their bodies glistened with oil or water in the overhead lights of the bungalow. Scott could see that her left eye was slightly twitching as she held the pose. Scott let his eyes wander over the two motionless women; then lingered over Erika a bit longer. The blonde was a Goddess. The Japanese woman was clad in a silky black nightgown with lacy trim that left little to the imagination. Her black hair was tied back into a loose bun.

Scott preferred blonds over anyone else, but Ryoshi was his only exception; he wished their relationship could be more than as friends. His attention had only been on the two naked girls on the wicker chairs that he did not noticed the naked women that were posed on the bed. Both women were almost similar in skin dark tones and they had lush dark hair. Ryoshi nodded. Palmira was on the right while Makeda was on the left. Palmira was in her late twenties with a curvy voluptuous body with large round breasts with dark nipples and a clean-shaven mound.

She lay with her hands cupping her breasts and legs slightly parted. Her charge, Makeda, had a slimmer body and looked a couple of years younger than her superior. Her body was lean and athletic with perky round breasts a flat midriff and a landing strip shaven womanhood. Scott looked over the two women once more. Looking back over at Ryoshi, he commented, "Good job on the LA job by the way. Saw the ladies before a left. I love American actresses. Who was the ninth woman, though? I have to get ready for the next op.

As you can see, Erika and Veronica are a bit stiff," Ryoshi replied kneeling over her bag next to the bamboo table and pulling out some clothes. As Scott left the bungalow he looked back at Ryoshi, who was pulling off the nightgown, "Good luck and be careful. Ryoshi cursed under her breath as the alarms were blaring all around her. The mission had gone without a hitch up to this point. Erika had stopped time as planned and then followed Ryoshi and her other team members into the presidential mansion with Veronica standing by just beyond the property with the SUV. Ryoshi posted Erika on the ground floor as she and Aisha and Cassandra headed up stairs for the targets.

Ryoshi found the First Lady, Teresa Guzman, sitting in the study reading a book. The well aged woman was proof that beauty came with age and Ryoshi took some time to briefly fondle the suspended woman through her expensive business attire before injecting and chipping her. She was promptly injected and chipped as well.

Cassandra found Alejandro Guzman - the president - lounging in his office. Ryoshi and Aisha met each other as they made their way towards the door but Cassandra was nowhere in sight. She was still on the second floor when the alarms went off and time had restarted unexpectedly. This is what I get for being too cocky , Ryoshi thought, looking down at Erika, who had fainted, the chip failing to freeze her.

The billionaire was in a limp pile of limbs on the carpeted floor. For the mission Ryoshi had taken extra precautions, equipping her girls with Ruger dart guns that were loaded with Type-7 rounds, while she herself also carried a remote and the Time-Stopper. Needless to say with all of her additional equipment Ryoshi had trouble lifting up the unconscious Erika, finally managing to do so as Cassandra appeared with Alejandro chipped in a wheelchair, being pushed by the Brit.

Needing her hands free to fight, Ryoshi plopped Erika onto the frozen president's lap, leaving Cassandra to pick up his wife while Ryoshi quickly drew her sidearm and scanned the area. Aisha had a disadvantage, using a non-lethal weapon against men with very real pistols. Fortunately Veronica was also on hand, firing Type-7 gas canisters over the fence which landed in the mist of the guards, freezing them instantly before the gas quickly dissipated.

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Back inside Ryoshi fired a shot at a lone male guard coming up from behind and then scooped up Teresa on one shoulder. The gate guard, a sexy local woman in a short skirt suit with pantyhose, now stood immobilized with her hands raised in alarm, her mouth open and her eyes wide, a dart having hit her right above her cleavage.

The short-haired Mexican appealed to Ryoshi, and in spite of her mission quickly going down the drain she still thought of herself. More guards were constantly appearing now, usually two or three at a time, but Veronica was armed with a multi-shot grenade launcher full of Type-7 gas shells and had plenty of speed-loading replacement rounds if she needed them, plus Aisha had her own sidearm to help out with.

They were holding their ground, but only just. Back inside in the lobby, Cassandra had another surprise for Ryoshi. Standing in the doorway next to a tough-looking guard Ryoshi had tagged earlier was none other than Marika Heino, the tall and luscious blonde Interpol agent having been hit in the leg with her left hand hanging around her hip, her right behind the frame with a gun in its grip.

Like the Mexican guard from earlier, her eyes were held wide and her mouth was open, the two almost looking like twins in spite of the ethnic differences. Ryoshi was tempted to add her to the collection but they were going to be under siege soon and needed to leave, the guard only having been taken because she was right near the SUV. Ultimately Ryoshi just decided to ditch the blonde, justifying her decision by knowing that Devon Von Krieger, the real supermodel unlike their adventure a few months back, was already in their possession, having been nabbed shortly before the Bulgarian princesses.

The western hallway was now blocked by Marika and the one guard, but the north and south hallways were wide open. As Ryoshi had predicted, not long after Cassandra passed through the front doors a dark-haired woman who didn't appear to be a Mexican guard came running towards her from the north hallway, an unusual pistol in her hand that looked like a knock off of a Browning High-Power. The young woman wasn't dressed like a guard but like Interpol, so Ryoshi figured her to be a new agent.

Eager to give her a taste of the Foundation's superior weapon technology, Ryoshi dropped down to one knee and fired the projector's beam right at the agent, time-stopping her in her tracks as she leaned to the right while in mid-run, clearly attempting in vain to dodge. The raven-haired woman froze in place, her left foot barely touching the ground while her right was to the side and up in the air, her hips leaning that way with serious determination fixed on her face, her longer hair twisting in the hair behind her, her hands by her left hip while holding her gun.

It was quite the position to freeze the woman in. The Time-Stopper was set to only last a few hours currently, as otherwise successive shots would not be possible, at least not rapid ones. Ryoshi was glad she was prepared for such a situation as moments later Tasia Spiro appeared behind the new girl, the young redhead instinctively ducking behind the frozen dark-haired woman when she saw Ryoshi.

Were the Time-Stopper a conventional gun that may have worked, but instead it sealed her fate. Ryoshi's second blast washed over the hiding Tasia as well, who was back to back with the dark haired girl, her gun held near her waist while looking to the right, her face serious.

Now she would hold that expression and stance for some time. If not for the Time-Stopper's limited range Ryoshi could have theoretically hit herself with the blast as well, it circling the planet and hitting her from behind. The weapon's beam could ignore walls and other attempted cover, but its maximum effective range was only about one hundred meters at maximum yield. The charge light on the Time-Stopper was now flashing, which meant it needed a moment before it could fire again. Unfortunately from the south Lucienne Christophe made herself known, firing a bullet while Ryoshi was looking down and nearly hitting the black-clad Japanese woman in the head.

The dart missed unfortunately but so did Lucienne's return fire. Ryoshi braced herself against the wall next to the southern doorframe as Lucienne continued to advance with her pistol raised. Give up now and I won't kill you," Ryoshi didn't reply, instead ducking low. Lucienne smiled, thinking Ryoshi had given herself away, and fired three rounds at where the Japanese woman had been standing from through the wall. With her given chance Ryoshi popped out from her hiding spot and, being within a dozen feet of Lucienne, tackled her opponent, the USP clattering to the side as the French woman found Ryoshi and her ninja suit on top of her.

Lucienne remained on the ground with her arms at her sides, her lips frozen in a lock with her eyes open wide and a dart in her chest. By now Cassandra had made it outside so Ryoshi began to fall back. Outside she could see that Alejandro had just been loaded into the SUV and Erika was now being placed on top of him. Dozens of black-suited men and black-dressed women dotted the courtyard and surrounding area, Veronica having spent all her gas shells and now wielding a Walther rifle with Type-7 rounds, having just fired a round into another sexy guard who'd appeared by the gate with her gun trained on the vehicle.

Aisha was already in her seat and sticking her head out of one of the backseat windows with her Ruger in her hands. Cassandra closed the trunk as Ryoshi made a dash for the SUV and felt something slide from her belt but wasn't sure what it was, dismissing it as unimportant. Fortunately the blond was not one to shoot first thus Veronica had plenty of time to spin around and tag the woman with a dart in her shoulder, sending the nervous-looking curly haired woman to the ground with her body as stiff as a board.

With no more possible shooters, Ryoshi ran for the SUV's passenger side and flew into her seat. Veronica, following orders as always, did just that, the vehicle screaming away from the nearly botched mission with a great deal of speed. As she did another man who was dressed in a blue suit appeared in front of them with a USP but quickly rolled aside when he saw the oncoming SUV. A few weapons fired bullets at the vehicle as it sped away but Aisha's return fire silenced the last of those.

In front of the building's gates only two men, a Mexican and the Interpol man, remained moving, the two sultry women with long hair behind their ears immobilized on one side while a mix of sexy but strong women and muscular men covered the other. It seemed the president had picked strong guards but they lacked the accuracy needed to stop a fleeing SUV.

The two men who were left could have kept shooting but had run out of bullets. Eight blocks away Veronica tucked the SUV into an apartment building parking lot, the prearranged hiding place, while police and military representatives screamed towards the presidential estate. She then glanced in the back seat for the first time. For hanging out with Ryoshi had given them both personalities, but when on missions they were programmed to be serious and pretty much robots. Back at the residence, in the courtyard, Cassandra stood with her right hand reaching for the door, her left holding a Ruger at her side, her right knee bent.

A damaged remote was a short distance away. Erika had somehow lost control and fallen asleep and now Ryoshi had just lost one of her best slaves. Checking her equipment belt, Ryoshi discovered that her remote had been what had fallen from it earlier, which had no doubt accidentally triggered Cassandra to freeze which was why she'd never entered the SUV in spite of having enough time. The mission was complete but Interpol now had another dangerous agent back in their possession.

Ryoshi was afraid of what Scott was going to say when she told him the bad news. My team is collecting evidence now as we speak at the presidential estate. Rest assured that I have an American forensic expert so nothing will be overlooked. Your case has taken priority due to nature of the president being in involved," Cesar Francisco Mexican Section Chief of Interpol reported.

JB was surprised to find how young the chief was maybe two years older or younger than the French agent. He was also surprised to learn that the Mexican spoke French fluently and was American educated. Not exactly a look of a police officer or a section chief at that but he was a competent man and knew the job. We are more casual here in Mexico. Yes, I got your information, it arrived an hour ago and I looked it over and sent it to my number two who will brief my teams and the local police.

People frozen like that… just plain loco. JB simply nodded and looked out over the balcony. He was the only Interpol agent from the task force left; that simply put him in charge of task force as well as the main team, which was currently frozen right now. Cesar nodded, "We have them locked and under guard in our press room. You just watch over your team and rest here. Ebooks and Manuals

I set up an office for you to sleep in and conduct business. I suggest you get some rest. You look like shit," Cesar added patting JB on the back before leaving. JB stood out in the balcony for a little while longer after he was alone breathing in the cool Mexican air and collecting himself. He never considered himself much of a leader; he had originally joined Interpol just so he could travel and work part of a team. He had been a simple traffic cop with the Paris PD so the whole investigation part of Interpol was all new to him.

He picked it up fast though and his superiors were impressed he was soon lead agent within a year. Inside JB found the office that he was to be staying at it was on the same floor. There was a cot on the side of the room with a single pillow and blanket as well. JB took a seat behind the desk and did nothing for a while before he picked up the phone and called Germany to check on the home office and the other teams. Team 3, which had been sent to California, was missing their lead agent now; Sophie Katsopolis was following a lead in Malibu with another agent when she had gone missing.

The other agent a male agent who was a Frenchmen that JB knew was found later on the beach with no memory what had happened. Several other teams were reporting that their host nations were not cooperating with them due to their ineffectiveness. Not a good day for Interpol , JB thought hanging up the phone. He hoped that Tasia or Colette came out of their hard-frozen state before Lucienne; they could tell her the bad news.

He smiled at the thought it would be mean prank for Colette who had never experienced the wrath of Lucienne yet. Taking off his jacket and hanging it off the back the chair, JB loosened his tie and went over to the cot to lay down, still wearing his shoes and gun. He had only closed his eyes for a couple of minutes before he heard a knock at the door. He abruptly sat up and saw what looked like a local woman dressed in tight fitting t-shirt and equally tight dark denim jeans.

Her dyed brown hair was tied back into a pony tail. She had wire framed glasses over her brown eyes. The woman was tall and remained him of a Mexican version of Marika. Susana had a thick American southern accent. She was indeed an American. JB reminded himself of the diversity in America was unlike most countries. I was born and raised in San Antonio," Susana said walking past JB and putting her black bag on the desk.

Susana saw the puzzlement on his face and explained, "Back in America we have a cartoon…" she began then stopped. Being French he was a charmer and lover naturally, Susana grinned showing that she was charmed. Susana smiled back briefly before speaking, "Well I found numerous shell cases all around the scene. The rounds were mostly Interpol standard casings and Mexican secret service standard issue. So nothing really special there from the kidnappers since they did not use standard fire arms," Susana explained handing JB two plastic evidence bags full of copper casings.

JB looked at the bag amazed that they had fired that much and not hit anyone. The Frenchmen glanced at the file as Susana looked on. She was feeling attracted to the average looking agent. It was the accent, she concluded. A college friend of her had told her once that the French were excellent lovers. Susana was now wondering if that was true now. She looked over the file and then pulled another file from her bag and glanced through it.

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  4. I Have The Controls.
  5. 46 Days Adrift: A True Story.
  6. Mauritius North Port Louis, Pamplemousses and Riviere du Rempart (Photo Albums. Book 11);
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She was said to have died on the same day as Agent Reynolds. I was only told about the Type-7 stuff and its effects; I have no idea about these dead people leaving prints behind. The lab was packed with girls, both chipped and un-chipped. They lined both sides of the lab. On one side girls were being prepped while the other side they stood at attention with vacant stares; they were either dressed in skimpy outfits or naked. There was a mix of dark and blond hair, light and dark skin, short and tall women. All were attractive. In the past two days they were coming in by the dozens with the lead team now returning back to base from Mexico the shipments seem to slow to a halt.

Mary looked up from the computer monitor, rubbing the back of her shoulders. She had been up for almost twelve hours straight. All six of the cloth-topped tables were occupied by a naked form. In addition to Monica doing the programming, Mary added a blond and an Asian worker to her staff. The blond was a German tourist snatched up by one of the European teams while her Asian counterpart was a Vancouver street girl. Both women were dressed in lab coats and black heels with their hair pulled back into a conservative bun. The German, Mary figured, was the smarter one had programmed her to run the computers along with Monica while the Asian assisted Ashley.

Mary was dressed in blue medical scrubs she had just regained consciousness when the first of the many shipments started to stream in. Looking down at the two cloth tables around her both were occupied by two Brazilian models, both women had dark wavy hair; the one on her right was dark skinned while the one on the left was deeply tanned.

Both women had hourglass bodies with nice round breasts, shaven mounds and sexy slender legs. They were the last of Brazilian models; the other six were done and ready to go. Four of the South American models were programmed to become of thieves that were heading out to Europe in a couple of hours. The two blonds and two dark haired beauties stood at attention at the head of the programmed group, dressed in tight fitting black jump suits that left little to the imagination. The two models that she was currently working on for were being programmed as field agents heading out to Asia; they were on the final stages of their programming.

The last two tables held two French women, both brunettes. Scott personally wanted both women to become maids. When he is not writing he engulfs himself in 'artgraphy, computer art, and in his family of dogs that he holds sacred. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Previous page. Kindle Edition. Next page. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more.

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