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Fotografin Sara Naomi Lewkowicz dokumentiert häusliche Gewalt - SPIEGEL ONLINE

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  • Fotografin Sara Naomi Lewkowicz dokumentiert häusliche Gewalt.
  • Elsinore Revisited.
  • OPUS 4 | Bindungsmuster von Frauen, die Opfer häuslicher Gewalt wurden.
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  • Thematic Information.

Very rarely do they approach an aid organization themselves. More often, it's relatives like a sister who suspect what is going on and contact groups like Midnight Mission. But that is only the first step of a long road to leaving the business. One reason that makes the exit so difficult is that many teenagers don't see themselves in a desperate position initially and have a positive attitude toward their prostitution. In addition, the girls are often scared that the social worker wants to put a stop to their relationship with a loverboy.

That's why an exit can only be successful if the girl herself wants to leave prostitution. According to Vorhauer, the most important thing is to not to damage the fragile trust between the young prostitutes and the social worker.

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The EU is pushing for more action against human trafficking and better protection for the victims. But Germany has missed the EU's deadline to implement new rules. Critics say Germany needs to step up its game.


In Kenya a national campaign has raised awareness and reduced the number of cases of sex tourism involving children. But there is growing concern that underage prostitution is taking place in private villas. The case is one of the biggest abuse scandals to hit Germany in recent decades.

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Police have said that this year's crime statistics paint a grim picture of the state of child welfare in Germany. More than children were killed in , and thousands were sexually abused.

Die psychosoziale Belastung von Kindern in Frauenhäusern

German police have identified a popular Asian food market in Berlin as an important way station in a global human trafficking network, Berlin media report. Many of the trafficking victims are minors. DW News presents the most important news — in brief, quickly and up-to-date. More info OK. Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages.


Deutsche Welle. Researchers in this department are engaged in studying aspects of quality in education on the basis of collected data sets. The focal area of competence assessment educational measurement is crucial here.

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  5. The department possesses the methodological knowledge to measure competencies, and develop and scale tests and questionnaires. Search Site. Contact DE EN.