Guide Ghost Psychology: From the Point of View of the Spirit World

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What do you do next? What if someone sees you? How long will you be here? What are the rules, anyway? A spirit left behind would have a lot of time on his hands, and a lot to think about. How would you handle it?

If you have a clear view of the living world you would witness the lives of people as they grew older, shared time with their families, experienced joy and did all the things you used to do, back before you died. How long would it take until you became jealous, angry and resentful of the living? Would you torment the living just for spite, or try to chase them from your house? If you realized you could scare people a little bit, would you do it just for fun? Would you try to communicate? The reasons could range from avenging their own murder, to protecting a loved one who is still alive.

These spirits believe they still have more to do in this life, and so they remain. Some religions and cultures believe in curses that can doom a person to walk this world forever, or become trapped in a specific situation after death. Whatever the reason, some spirits may be waiting for a trigger or an event of some kind to occur before they can move on.

In some cases, if we are able to figure it out, we may be able to help them. Some people call it Heaven, or maybe something else, but many people believe there is a postmortem prize for people who lived good lives. What if the afterlife is so bizarre that we can hardly fathom it, a hodgepodge of lost energy, fragmented minds and semi-lucid spirit beings. Worse still, perhaps there is some kind of pecking order after death, and spirits that are able to grow stronger are able to dominate the newly deceased and others.

These more powerful spirits are the ones we are aware of, while the weaker ones remain silent. Seems weird, but I base this theory on an Ouija Board session I experienced long ago. According to the entity we contacted, it sounds like life beyond death is something akin to entering a maximum security prison.

The Neuroscience of Ghosts

Only the strong survive. As an interesting aside: Because of some chilling threats made by the spirit entity during this Ouija session, I decided never to touch a spirit board again! Or, as some religions believe, is it possible that human spirits end up in either Heaven or Hell, but never remain as ghosts? Here things get a little confusing. Remember we started this discussion with the premise that ghosts exist. Almost any answer will do here. Interdimensional beings? Time travelers? Who knows? However, there is one theory that allows many people to maintain a traditional view of spirits and the afterlife:.

If ghosts are malevolent entities and not people we can imagine a whole bunch of reasons for why they are here. For one, if demons really are agents of evil battling God for our souls, then it makes sense that they would try to confuse and confound us about what happens to us after we die.

One way of doing this would be to masquerade as human spirits. The more confused we get about this Heaven and Hell thing, the more likely we are to abandon God. Another reason may be simply to torment us. I sometimes wonder how many people who claimed they were tormented by demons and ended up with a psyche diagnosis were telling the truth, and driven to insanity by evil forces. I hope this rambling and semi-cohesive article on ghosts and why they haunt us provided some food for thought.

Whatever theory you believe is correct, I think it is always important to keep an open mind about such things. All we can do is look at the available evidence, try to decide what makes sense, and form our own opinions and theories. The good news, if you want to look at it that way, is that every one of us is going learn the truth someday. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

I wiped it off and tried to just ignore it but then last night on the same mirror was written lude mecum which I looked up and it is Latin for play with me but backwards Frankly, if I were to become a ghost, I'd make a mass announcement that I am here to help, and would assist people with their daily problems? How about you, Cryptid?

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I am not a very religious person, but I find the idea that ghosts are actually demons or fallen angels attempting to trick humans both interesting and plausible. Jude 6 ,And the angels who did not keep their original position heavenly sons but forsook their own proper dwelling place, he has reserved with eternal bonds in dense darkness for the judgment of the great day. Re and its tail drags a third of the stars of heaven, and it hurled them down to the earth.

And the dragon kept standing before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she did give birth, it might devour her child. God's New Government. One of the advantages that they have over humans is they are spirit creatures with spirit bodies, they are transparent most of the time. People call them ghost. But they are fallen Angeles who are rebels against The heavenly Father and Jesus. There purpose is to get humans to get envolve with them by means of witchcraft, magic,sorcery, fortune telling, or psychic reading, they are able to fool people into believing they are talking to dead loved ones.

They are very dangerous and many times the heavenly Father protects us from their darkness and Evil intentions that can lead to death physically, or spiritually in having a healthy relationship with our heavenly Father. We do not want to entertain them but stay away from the activities that can draw them. Because we could receive their condemnation of death eternal.

Nice hub on why ghosts haunt us from beyond the grave. Very interesting. I never had a ghost story before. It boggles our mind. Voted up! CM: It interesting to ponder the influence personal perspective has over the spiritual and the supernatural. Perhaps we all interpret the same forces in different ways. My favorite fictional ghost is Jacob Marley who, though terrifying, comes to warn his friend, Ebenezer, to amend his ways in order to escape a miserable afterlife.

I like to say that I don't believe in ghosts, yet do think that I saw one at a park that was once a fort. He was just standing there leaning on a fence looking tired. The oddness of the guy scared me yet when I signaled to my companion who did not see him, the "ghost" simply disappeared.

The Science of Ghosts - Earth Lab

Interesting hub cryptid. I think some of the major appeal of ghosts and the paranormal is that we can never be sure it is real and it is all about personal experience and belief.

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So maybe ghosts do mean something different for everyone and none of us experience the paranormal in the same way? Nice work on this hub, cryptid! I write a lot about the paranormal, but have never thought to take the approach of ghost psychology. Your points are well thought out and your content fleshes out nicely.

Getting into the spirit: how Christmas makes us think of ghosts

Thank you for writing this article. You've given me more to contemplate! I do agree that some people seem to have more of an aptitude for interacting with the paranormal, and it does seem to be somehow hereditary. Makes you wonder if it is a sense we all may have to varying degrees, and some people are simply more genetically gifted in that regard. As for pets, they sure do seem to have a heightened sense for sketchy activity, as do kids.

For what reason? Good hub, especially because we, dog lovers, were discussing this topic on Facebook. Two points that stood out for me from our discussion there:. They confuse smelling and hearing strange noises with shadows, shining pieces of glass, bush, etc. Humans think they have seen ghosts.

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    Japanese ghost stories dwell in the spirit of their times | Aeon Essays

    Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Why Do Ghosts Haunt Us? Updated on June 17, Haunted by Ghosts The belief in ghosts and the wayward spirits of the dead is prevalent in most cultures around the world and dates back to ancient times. It seems that belief in ghosts is even more widespread in much of Asia, where ghosts are characterized as neutral and can be appeased through rituals or angered if provoked as opposed to our scarier depictions of ghosts in the West , according to Justin McDaniel, a professor of religious studies and director of the Penn Ghost Project at the University of Pennsylvania.

    In China, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand, the seventh month of the lunar calendar which falls in August this year ushers in the Hungry Ghost Festival , when it is believed that ghosts of the deceased are temporarily released from the lower realm to visit the living. In Taiwan, some people believe that the presence of wandering ghosts during Ghost Month can cause accidents to the living. At least one study has shown that people avoid risky behaviors during this time, including those in bodies of water, reducing the number of deaths by drowning.

    In places like Japan where secularism is very strong, the belief in ghosts is still high. Even hyper-modern and liberal Scandinavia has a high percentage of people believing in ghosts. It turns out that a significant amount of people report having personally experienced paranormal activity. In a study published in , In a Reader's Digest poll , 20 percent of respondents 21 percent of women and 16 percent of men reported that they had seen a ghost at some time in their lives.

    Religion might ease one fear

    A study found that believers in ghosts were more likely than non-believers to report unusual phenomena while touring a site in Britain with a reputation for being haunted. Visitors who were told that there was a recent increase in unusual phenomena occurring at the site also reported a higher number of unusual experiences on the tour. Another study demonstrated that hearing or reading about paranormal narratives, especially when the story came from a credible source, was enough to increase paranormal beliefs among participants.

    With the abundance of ghost-hunting shows in the U. People assume that if they cannot explain something in natural terms, then it must be something paranormal. According to French, hallucinations are more common among the general population than most people realize, and are sometimes wrongly interpreted as ghosts. He points to sleep paralysis—a phenomenon that occurs when someone wakes up while still in the dream-inducing REM stage of sleep, in which your body is paralyzed— as one example. Studies have shown that around 30 to 40 percent of people have experienced sleep paralysis at least once in their lives, with about five percent of participants reporting visual and audio hallucinations, including the presence of monstrous figures, and difficulty breathing.