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Jared Young started the two-out rally with a triple off the centerfield wall and Zach Rutherford drove in Young with a single. Vinnie Pasquantino then tied the game with a triple off the top of the rightfield wall, scoring Rutherford.

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On the mound, starting pitcher John Wilson went 5. Wilson, who has not allowed more than two earned runs in his last six home starts, earned a no decision. Bishop hit.

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The Monarchs return to action next weekend with a road series at first-place and 16th-ranked Southern Miss. ODU is now in weekend series this season Zach Rutherford recorded his team-leading 16th multi-hit game Vinnie Pasquantino 's triple was the first of his career Zach Rutherford has now recorded an RBI in six straight games John Wilson has not allowed more than two earned runs in his last six home starts.

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Monarchs In The Pros. Monarchs In The Draft. Trying but not wholly succeeding. With the backdrop of post traumatic stress from serving in Afghanistan, there are some touching moments, even amongst the gangland violence and killing sprees.


The coming together of two characters both mentally destroyed by their parts in this seedy world is a perfect illustration that there are many situations which can scar mentally an individual. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes plenty of action and is not offended by swearing.

Looking for an action thriller akin to a runaway train full of flying bullets, bulging biceps and mayhem piled upon mayhem? Along the way he crosses swords with some of London's resident gangleaders, takes on the Russian Mafia, and fends off bounty hunters determined to cash in on the hefty price placed on Dalton's head. The setting is the London streets and neighbourhoods of the Kray twins. Even though the story is set in modern day you can almost smell the fear that used to pervade the area when the Krays were at their murderous best.

It is that kind of world that Jimmy Dalton heads back into when he steps off a taxi and walks straight into trouble with Phil Duggan, a throwback to the Krays' brand of gangland boss. What follows is a bare knuckle ride that provides little respite for the reader. You've got to hang on grimly as Scorah tears across the pages, piling up bodies in a frenzied narrative that moves you from one kill zone to another in less than a heartbeat.

It's a true feast of in-your-face action! What strikes you immediately about this story is the earthy dialogue. It kicks in from page one, providing instant realism and a sense of believing you're right there inside the story. Told in the first person it has a style that doesn't look for pretensions - it doesn't need any. Done any other way, it simply wouldn't work. This is new-kid-on-the-block writing at its best. It ticks all the boxes for those who want to escape into the world of heroes and villains; the world of good and evil; the world of crime and retribution.

You'll be hearing a lot more of Andrew Scorah over the next few years. My advice is to get in on the ground and follow this exciting new talent. From the land of the rising sun to America in , comes the Ninja warrior Chihiro Kitagawa, on the trail of a renegade Ninja.

Also see him smite a religious maniac and take on a family of cannibals in order to save a friend from becoming lunch. This trio of stories is a wild roller-coaster ride of adventure, thrills, spills and kills. The story in the title of this book first appeared in a book compiled and edited by Matt Hilton, author of the Joe Hunter novels, titled Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Vol 1. It featured a character named Chihiro Kitagawa; he is a Ninja warrior from Japan. Because of the premise of the book was a harkening back to the days of the pulp action thrillers of the seventies and eighties, The Mack Bolan books by Don Pendelton and the Destroyer series by Warren Smith and Richard Sapir to name a couple.

So I decided to combine all the elements and add the twist of a Ninja warrior and dump him into the old west. With the coming of the new year , I thought I would release a box set of my stories featuring Jimmy Dalton.

All Blacks Dalton Papalii and Patrick Tuipulotu re-sign with Blues and NZ Rugby

Dalton's on the run with a gal, and a gun! What begins as a search for missing D. A agents, turns into a race against time through the Sonoran Desert. This is the explosive sequel to Homecoming Blues, a hard hitting and action packed thriller. Reviews 5.

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With characters like 'Jimmy the Horse' at his local watering hole, to double dealing post-Escobar's Medellin Cartel, to villains with more top drawer connections than a string of popper beads Jimmy Doyle the main protagonist and his cute sidekick, Jamie Lee, are in deep doo doo right from the off Having been tricked into a seemingly impossible mission, with the only outcome certain death, Jimmy survives Or does he?

It has an authentic, well researched feel, and a dazzling dialogue, combined with a grease lightning pace. And with an opening set in the the Arizona desert, all I can say is, make sure the heating is off before reading. It was a night to end all nights. The night Jimmy Dalton's life changed forever. Will Jimmy walk away unscathed or will he sink to the depraved depths of those around him? What started as a night out with the boys, soon descends into a drug fuelled ride of madness and mayhem.