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Photos Add Image. Learn more More Like This. Forever Love TV Movie Drama Romance. Red Blooded TV Series Crime Drama Mystery. Secret of Giving TV Movie Drama Western. Lily Marshall Keith Carradine Brad Genia Michaela If so, we could at least begin to better understand the scope that life could take on in the vastness of space. These archaea are incredibly small, but this discovery about their abundance is a huge discovery for us and will allow us to better understand life on our own planet and to further ponder what else could exist beyond the Earth.

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Question Your World: Is there any other life out there? Share this Post:. Related posts. Learn More. Question Your World: How are Richmond's climate resilie Question Your World: Why have recent hurricanes been so Search the Blog Search. What could this barrier be? Maybe the transition from single-celled to multi-celled organisms is a bridge too far for most ecosystems.

Possibly the emergence of intelligence is a fluke, like winning the Powerball, or perhaps all thinking beings inevitably engineer their own destruction shortly after developing technology. The idea that there are insurmountable hurdles in the path to intelligence leads to an interesting corollary.

That would tell us that one hurdle — the origin of life — can be removed from the list. No strong filter there.

If we were to discover more sophisticated life somewhere, perhaps equivalent to trilobites or dinosaurs, that would also eliminate some of the postulated filters. Doing so would tell us that the Great Filter is in our future, not our past, and we are doomed.

Homo sapiens will come up against a wall that keeps us from extending our dominion beyond Earth.

Our species, as lovely and promising as it is, would would have a destiny that is short and dismal. One could argue whether the various hurdles that have been suggested are really all that daunting. For example, the claim that the evolutionary step from insensate creatures to thinking beings could be incredibly unlikely. A premise of the Rare Earth hypothesis, put forward in a book by Peter Ward and Don Brownlee , published nearly two decades ago, is that the physical conditions of our planet are both finely tuned for our existence and seldom encountered elsewhere.

However, the recent detection of thousands of planets around other stars suggests that terrestrial worlds are hardly in short supply. Other suggested barriers to intelligence are less easily dismissed because they depend as much on sociology as on astronomy. Many people seem almost proud to bray that humanity is going to Hades in a handbasket.