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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. A very funny story, continuing the comedy series. You can guess what is going to happen but that just adds to the fun of the book. I have read two of the series now and thoroughly enjoyed them and intend to read more. One person found this helpful. Good read well worth the download every man's dilemmas explained in a humorous form so true to our own perception.

Couldn't put it, simply had to finish it. Made me laugh from the beginning right to the end I read the first 5 pages and then dumped it!

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Every other sentence and the title! The comedy is so predictable it's hardly worth bothering, so I didn't!!! Poor Paul he is a bit of a div where loves concerned but also very funny and dare I say cute! Loved it! Format: Kindle Edition. Excellent read, well written and very funny. If you want to be amused I recommend this book. I shall now be reading the other books in the Paul Day Chronicles. Loved this. Real life is just like this, although maybe not as funny. Phaal , C. And is certainly no different.

Age 30, seemingly stuck on the shelf after another disastrous relationship ends in a shambles. Could life get any worse? So, when his childhood sweetheart, Louise Knight, re-appears into The complete days of Love, Life and Lots of Laughs! For Paul Day, there's never been any such thing as a normal year. But could be the exception to the rule? Could , now at age thirty, be the beginning of all his plans going smoothly, and become his first real successful and happy year? May contain traces of politics. In a world where immigrants and refugees are hated and feared, American comedian and human rights lawyer Sid Singh wants to explore why.

Why do we hate the people who come to our borders seeking the better life that we have told them they can get by coming? How do we solve a crisis that is growing not just by war but by climate change? Hell, how and who should we hate? Sid tackles all of these questions and more in a way that will make you laugh, but also learn! UK based Australian comedian Thomas Green, brings his engaging story-telling style stand-up, and face of elasticity back to Edinburgh. TWEAK is an hour of best bits and tweaks, in this very limited run. A rotating showcase of Canadian comedians in town for the fringe.

You never know who will pop by. Hosted by Evan Desmarais This tour de farce of bizarre exploits and odd misadventures chronicles an American's nearly seven-decade search to find his place in the world. Every show contains hilarious stand-up and chat. No show will be the same. Expect a shameless wazzock telling silly jokes, going out of his way to be daft. Do NOT expect someone taking himself seriously with slick observational comedy or cutting edge political satire, so groaning is encouraged. Multi award winning Collier is back with her brand new stand up show. If you had a chance to meet your Idol, would you take it?

Joel Sanders has hung out with all of his heroes but did they want to hang out with him? She will lecture you about the art of being a phenomenally basic millennial. Learn how deal with heartbreak, peer pressure, zero hour contracts and what to do with asthmatic dogs purchased from a drug dealer in exchange for an Iceland frozen pizza. Esyllt will provide balance and proceed to explain how everything beyond the daily grind is Synesthesia: the Musical, a colorful story told with music; written and performed by Jillian Vitko.

She gives you a raw look at her experiences of love and heartbreak through the lens of synesthesia, a rare condition where she experiences colors through her other senses and through other people.

She can smell purple and taste green. She can fall in love with someone who's blue. This allows her a unique glimpse into someone's soul. Her acoustic guitar chords will emanate insight into how this has impacted her life. She sings her way through her darkest times to get to the rainbow at the end, an Luka has more than a show worth of jokes, so he needs your help picking which ones to tell. Choose jokes out of a bucket to see what show happens on any given day.

In the last year, he has lost 4 stone, a grandparent, and the roof of his house. He's told jokes all over Australia, Europe, at music festivals, a video game convention, an office Halloween party where everyone else was in costume, a lacrosse club's change room, and much more. Making the most of that nice guy image you can only warm to. Dimple's biggest fear? Looking down from heaven post murder to watch her religiously vegan parents learn that the contents of her last meal involved a chicken and an egg. Eye rolling and frustratingly stereotypical tales of living at home and being the A word.

Soho Theatre Young Company Waaaaaal, Cordelia loves a cultural reference. I'm I thought I'd have everything I wanted by now. Unfortunately I still don't know what that is. In this funny, honest and unflinching work in progress, I will look at my life choices and try to work out where I went wrong-ish and where I went right-ish. And I might do some empowering too, if I can be arsed. Includes adult material like pensions and the menopause Dan Cardwell is in recall. His malfunctioning iModerate chip has caused an imbalance in personality, resulting in his constant muttering: 'Who am I?

Somewhere between stand-up and theatre, Dan Cardwell is in for repair. Come see. Comedian Bios Theo is a writer, composer and improviser. Following sell out shows for the last five years, a number of great and varied British and international comedians from around the Fringe come together once more in a mixture of stand-up comedy and interaction to decide who is the greatest superhero. With a mixture of stand-up comedy and interactive debate, this is a fun show that can be enjoyed by geeks and non-geeks in equal measure. This show brings you some of the funniest comedians from around the Fringe to laugh, joke and talk passionately about their favourite geek passions.


And what many don't understand about geekery, is that it's not all about computer games and superheroes; being a geek is what you're really passionate about. It could be wildlife, 18th-century authors or even your favourite sport or team. With an A-Team of revolving acts talking excitedly about their beloved subjects. A good show, comedy it will be. As Yoda might say From forgetting to pull your ripcord at 12, feet to finding your feet as a comedian: ex-skydiver Mat reveals all in an amusing yet absurd journey from living above the clouds to having his head in them If you want a break from hearing about Trump and Brexit, and want a safe space where you will be able to hear Irish comedians and one US Deep South Homeboy talking about anything and everything else, Check out Irish Invasion.

Four of the busiest and best on the circuit will be making Edinburgh their home visas permitting , and bringing their badly skewed perspective on life, the multiverse and everything. The unlikely pair forge an intoxicated bond over life, love, and alcohol. Do you want much more than this provincial life? Would you love to explore that shore up above? Sunjai arif can show you the world as he shares his memories of nostalgic pop culture all while attempting not to be sued by Disney.

The Big Finish writer and award winning come Glenn Grimwood has never been on TV so you know what he's doing must be good.


Love Is Like Fireworks! - Paul Day Chronicles (The Laugh Out Loud Comedy Series)

One of Australia's most creatively dirty acts is bringing his full-length, width and girth show to Edinburgh. This chat show is the perfect way to start your Fringe day, as you spend an hour in the company of Vladimir McTavish, one of the finest stand-ups on the Scottish comedy circuit. Visit this early-evening soiree which brings you the very best in chat and stand-up comedy from three of the Fringe's best performers, selected from venues all around Edinburgh by its top-notch Scottish comedy host.

Jimmy McGhie's ninth Edinburgh solo show is a revamp of last year's critically acclaimed Need y , which was essentially a lot of sprightly whinging and polished existential angst. He only started writing it in June and it got 4 stars in the Scotsman, now it's even better! What do you do with a second class arts degree? Have a lot of fun, travel the world and end up living in your sister's attic. An analogue man in a digital world, marooned as a bachelor amongst a sea of marriages, mortgages and kids. Jimmy continues to steer clear of anything too serious in life and tries not to step on an Comedy Freak Show is an exhibition of comedic rarities, sometimes referred to as "Alternative" or "Un-funny".

Typical features would be socially unusual humans, such as those uncommonly "eery" or "unrelatable", those with both male and female secondary sexual characteristics, people with other extraordinary perspectives or paranoia''s, and performances that are expected to be toe-curling to the viewers. Musical comedians or improvisor''s have sometimes been seen in freak shows, as have attention-getting physical performers such as prop comics and se The world is filled to the brim with pain, anger and death.

Linda is here to make you laugh at it. Enter the dark and twisted mind of this old crone as she plays with the taboo and tickles you with the blood of the innocent. No one is safe. Not even you. Woodward and Josie Ettrick-Hogg bring a show about challenges and how to motivate one-self. Both have suffered from severe hoarding disorders and the massive impact that has on living a normal and productive life. Because of the effects of this and many other issues, personality traits and life-events, they have come to a point where they have decided to really push themselves to change the course of their lives.

From a mile hike, climbing the worlds tallest free-standing mountain, jump off a bridge, organise a giant charity swan race, a km bike ride across India, or paragliding, boxing Make sure you arrive early to gain an extra 15 minutes of material as this funny firecracker welcomes in the crowd. What is the big bang theory? Who was Rene Descartes? Why did your wife leave you? Have you ever wanted the answer to these questions and more!

Then 'Explain Me That' is the show for you. Bring all your most burning-est questions about life, science, philosophy, and your own personal moral failings and our Expert Geniuses Specializing in the Field of Expertise will help solve all life's mysteries So join Sam for a drink and another hour of non-stop inebriated laughter. See the very best comedians from across the Fringe, alongside hot new talent and Fringe newcomers, with a different comedy line-up at each show, every day, as Laughing Horse's Comedy Selection returns to Edinburgh for its 16th year.

Sell-out shows Edinburgh Fringe As a stand-up comedian in a country where free speech and gay rights are non-existent, Sam has a lot he wants to talk about. Coming Out Loud is a journey of government censorship to bad charity shows to a very curious orgy. From Singapore to the rest of the world, Sam is letting it all out. Bring money.

Bollywood and Birmingham to Berlin and Brexit: "Growing up - I was too brown for white kids and the wrong kind of brown for brown kids. Is it something you're born with? Or is it passed onto you by your parents or grandparents? Perhaps it is given to you by the place you live in? If it is then how long do you have to live in a specific community before you are invested, connected and more importantly accepted?

Come and join international stand-up comedian Dharmander Singh as he goes on a journey to discov The Rat Pack stand-up comedy returns for a 7th year after 6 sell-out years with the Free Festival. This year expect the usual best in stand-up comedy plus NEW this year the best in cabaret! Anything Goes!! Laid-back, cheesy, joyful fun and a wonderfully friendly vibe.

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Have you gone through your life thinking that something isn't quite right? That something is holding you back? Have you come to the conclusion that you're just not good enough? Well these were the thoughts that acclaimed new comedian Dave Fensome had, until at 42 years old he received a diagnosis of ADHD, and everything made sense. Very briefly, before he immediately started thinking about something else, obviously, probably a puppy.

It's usually a puppy. Join Dave as he takes a darkly comic look back at his own life, going through his failures and successes, how thinking differently has be Sun, sea and stand-up. A comedy holiday special all about friendship, love and wine from Luisa Omielan tour support, Aaron Twitchen. Ray Fordyce is back again to host an entertaining early evening of comedy and entertainment.

Featuring up to four different acts every day, this show is a must for all Fringe goers. How am I doing? Never Better. A show about recovering from the brink, finding pleasure in little things, and revelling in the life that's been yours to enjoy all along. Since coming to Edinburgh for his first full run in James Meehan has been been back for sell out, critically acclaimed runs every year. A dark hour of comedy featuring two Viking descendants from Norway.

Thor Stenhaug and Pernilla Holland are in in trouble. Winter has indeed rocked up and with it two millennials are making baffling life choices as they try to solve crimes of the heart. Despite the unfortunate disappearance of their third member, Evers and Booth must fulfil their contractual obligations to Eastern European sponsor Dank!

Not forgetting Katerina, the miserable face of Dank! Masters of the most unlik Join us for a hedonistic hour of weird, funny and confusing entertainment direct from the seething capital of culture and queerness, Berlin. Shameless is a showcase featuring a motley bunch of infamous international artists crafting cabaret, comedy, music and puppets that will make your pants wet in a good way. From Colombia, Lebanon, Australia and the USA, these power femmes deliver a vulvacious smack to the funny bones with a special blend of razor sharp wits and juvenile jokes.

You will meet: Liliana Velasquez - Ex-dominatrix turned comedian and cabarettist from Colombia who may lead y A British comedian living in Malaysia, converting to Islam to marry the love of his life, Justin has found himself somewhat caught between two worlds. The show explores themes of class, masculinity, mental health, addiction, criminality, suicide, and consequence; framed within the climate of neoliberal Britain.

The show contains narratives of men no longer here to tell their stories, as well as those struggling to survive in a system rigged with Tory austerity. This collective experience delivers many harsh truths within this hour-long verse play in which no stone is left unturned. As a man who has battled the system, ended up lost in it- only to be tos Join The Last Supper for the holiest improv show on the Fringe, with a special guest sinner from the world of comedy entering our private confessional booth live on stage! Take a pew as the all-star brothers and sisters of The Last Supper absolve you through an hour of long-form improv.

Welcome, my child. Kelsey is one of the youngest working comedians in the UK. This show is about growing up in a society he doesn't feel a part of. A constant outsider. And exploring his life and views and what makes him and us all different. Because maybe Writer for the BBC. As seen on Sky One. A lovable little weirdo just trying to be happy. Frank and funny Terrifically told, very funny.

Fresh from a successful UK tour, uplifting, anthemic tunes punctuate stories and conversation, shedding light on mental health with self-deprecating honesty and dark humour. Matt takes a good look at how men in particular deal with mental illness as he explores his own experiences with it, with plenty of time to continue the chat afterwards.

Like you, Steve Hili knows the world is in trouble. And he is worried about it. Also like you if you are part of his target audience, that is Steve Hili enjoys getting it on. Forget Extinction Rebellion. This is SExtinction Rebellion! It is an in-your-face mixture of environmentalism and sex jokes with a bit of real, actual, activism Three middle-class, middle-aged, middle England vicars performing comedy together.

What could possibly go wrong? White Collar Comedy are: Rev. Laura Monmoth returns with her award winning foray into obsession, trolling, and making the ultimate change. Social commentary entwined with a visual parade of nonsense, music and animations. What's On.

See All Shows By Name. See All Shows By Time. Free Festival Shows Have a look through our selection of shows Walking Tours of the Historic Royal Mile. Snack Chat. CeilidhKids at the Fringe - Free!

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Love Is Like Fireworks! - Paul Day Chronicles by Gary Locke

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