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Who golfs? Who attends the ballet? Potential clients. Also, if a candidate cannot socialize, how is she going to interact with the judge and the jury?

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Diverse outlook. Superstars do not view the world solely from their own perspectives. They try to see problems and the solutions to those problems from the perspectives of others. They have taken the time to learn other cultures, mores, and points of view.

Jose Sariego believes having diverse perspectives is a must in a global economy. We tackle diverse matters. We serve diverse geographic areas.

What’s Driving Superstar Companies, Industries, and Cities

We have diverse clients. I am looking for evidence that a candidate can work in a multicultural environment. There is a paucity of people that can bridge different cultures. It does not come naturally. It takes work and dedication to become comfortable in environments different from our own. Few people have the commitment to bridge the gap between cultures.

Chao agrees that diversity matters. These are important qualities. If a candidate has a very narrow background, how will he be able to read the jury, which is very diverse? They do their homework. Superstars have a goal in mind and have done their homework to get there. They send an organization their resumes not because they simply viewed an ad in the paper or a posting on the Internet.

Instead, they have studied the organization and its values and have decided that their future and their success should be tied into the success of the organization.

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Candidates who have not thought through why they want to come work for an organization are not the ones the organization wants. A great candidate will have gone out of his or her way to learn a lot about our law firm, its practice, and its clients. He or she will also have done some research on individual interviewers, and will make that evident in the interview.

The practice of law is a contact sport. Superstars know how to assert themselves without being overbearing. This is especially true for litigators, as Pamela Carter notes. Will this person do well in a courtroom in front of a jury? What can be done to find the best candidates available and ensure that the ones sitting across the desk are indeed superstars?

The following is a list of 10 things to attract the right candidates and pick the ones with the right qualities. Define the job.

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Before searching for candidates, ask what needs to be done for the job and what skills and experience are required. Janet Manzullo strongly believes that placement starts with defining the job. Emphasize diversity in the hiring process. Sometimes a job description is based on outdated criteria. | A Resource for Entrepreneurs

In a diverse, global economy, it is important to ensure that a diverse group defines the job and the qualities needed to fill it. Furthermore, it is important that the interview process also be diverse. Partner with minority-based organizations. To see the resumes of diverse, qualified candidates, law firms and departments should partner with organizations that focus on minority lawyers, such as the National Bar Association or the Hispanic National Bar Association.

They will serve as a pipeline for diverse candidates. Manzullo agrees.

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Through those relationships, we can get access to exemplary minority candidates. Look beyond the obvious on the resume. Everybody looks to see where candidates went to school, the grades they received, whether they made law review, and other obvious factors. But there are other indicia of success on that resume, such as what candidates did before the law or what they do outside the office.

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For example, McLean looks for attorneys who put themselves through law school. That shows they are very committed. Adorno concurs, feeling that candidates who put themselves through law school are dedicated and have a strong work ethic. He also looks for candidates with military experience. Sariego looks for candidates that have a breadth of experience, who have embraced other cultures and points of view.

More concentration, less focus

Gone through an Outward Bound program? Spent time tracking through the jungle? These candidates have dealt with different environments and different people. Appreciate that one size does not fit all. It is tempting to assume that a great candidate, simply because he is great, will be a good fit. Not only should one look for the perfect candidate, one should also look for the perfect fit. Manzullo knows this firsthand. During the interview process, though, it became quickly apparent that everything was about him, not about the team. We realized he would not be a good fit. It is important to know not only can they do the job, but can they succeed within the organization.

Bissoon also looks for this chemistry.

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  • A poor fit is not a reflection on the candidate, nor for that matter, on the firm. Like any other relationship, you are looking for a match. Due diligence, due diligence, due diligence. Some candidates fudge on their resumes. A few go further than that. Due diligence is a must to ensure that a resume is authentic. When considering a candidate, Sariego looks out for resume fraud. Organizations should ask for references to confirm that candidates have the skills they list. Serge Denisoff , William D. The role of motion pictures in the popularity of rock music became increasingly significant in the latter twentieth century.

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