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After all they are only infected with a virus. Or is there more to being a vampire that just a virus? Sophia finds out the truth over time. As for me, I found my answer. I wrote a book about it. I would love to hear your comments on this subject. Just finished reading for an hour about vampires until this last article which led me to you.

Love your site actually.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Home About the Book Home. Faith of a Vampire A story about a girl who is turned into a vampire then searches for a way to become human again. Stay updated via RSS. Find a copy at Amazon. Do vampires have a soul? Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading JC says:.

Grant's aloof nature and obsessive-compulsive behavior leads Amelia to rethink her position until Grant steps in to rescue her during a bizarre kidnapping attempt. She soon realizes Grant is a man of many secrets, all hidden behind an elaborate facade of self-discipline and control.

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Grant Palmer spends his days in an expensive suit and tie, funding charitable works for his family's foundation. One, alone. His lips curved in a grim smile. Dinner had delivered itself. He rose and moved without sound through the woods. While hunting, nothing would escape his notice, from the shift of a squirrel in her nest twenty feet above his head, to the rasp of a snake moving over the earth before it glided into creek water, splitting the water currents with its twisting body.

With his speed, he closed in on his prey fast. He had no interest in playing that game. But as he perched in the crotch of a tree and studied his meal, he realized the hunter, his rifle at the ready and with night vision goggles in place, was following something. A blood trail. It came to Cai with the wind shift and explained why the hunter was still out after dark.

Cai could respect that. He made all his kills fast. While he knew vampires who liked toying with their prey, because they claimed the fear and suffering gave the blood an extra kick, he guessed he had a blander palate. To stay within the bounds of hunting regs, the hunter had to have made his shot by a certain time before sundown. The target had led him on a good chase. Cai had whiled away some time reading. It would have been nicer if the guy had had a thriller or mystery tucked in the multiple pockets, but you took what you could get out here. The hunter Cai was following stopped.

He raised the rifle, not to shoot, but to look through the scope. Abandoning stealth, he whistled and straightened. Holy shit. A wolf in West Virginia. Look at the size of you, you beautiful son of a bitch. The wind picked up, and Cai stiffened. That wrongness, a wall of it, impacted him like a baseball bat trying to hit a home run with his jaw. Nor vampire. Wolf smell for certain. Cai eased forward until he could see the small clearing where the man had emerged, and what had caused his anticipation. His gaze went there, too. The dark form was as large as a fully grown black bear, which explained why the hunter had mistaken him for one.

The wolf was black with only a spare peppering of silver and brown strands around his face and ruff. He was a piece of the night himself. But Cai could see in darkness as well as he could in light. The animal throbbed with a miasma of pain.

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When life was about to end, a being projected fear, pain. Sometimes a brief flash of anger.

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Or resignation. What he felt from this creature was different. There was pain, yes, but no fear. Only rage. Cai settled back into the foliage to watch. Who passed up dinner and a show for the same price? The hunter approached cautiously, proving he knew his trade, and poked the wolf sharply with the muzzle of the gun, still holding it in a ready position.

The body gave limply, no movement. A wolf. Yeah, right.

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My guess is you escaped from a roadside zoo. But you look too damn healthy for that. The hunter straightened and considered the motionless creature.

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  • Going to be a bitch to get you back to the truck, though. Yeah, keep talking. The more he talked, the more motionless the wolf became. But a vampire could. It was as clear to Cai as if the wolf was tying a napkin around his neck and picking up a fork and spoon, like Sylvester getting ready to dine on Tweety. Wolves were smart, but not that smart. Since vampires were so much faster and stronger than humans, an ignorant mortal would consider them magical beings. Plus, the wolf could do the work of taking down his meal, before Cai embraced the challenge of taking it from him. The hunter set his rifle aside, leaning it against a tree, and started to scout for branches to put the litter together.

    That was when the wolf lunged from the ground. He sprang like a mountain lion from his resting position, impressing Cai with the power of the move. But the concussion of energy that rippled outward from the wolf told Cai how much effort it took. Magic or not, the beast was wounded. Blood had matted and soaked the fur on his haunch, leaving a muddy puddle beneath him. The bullet wound was a serious injury. Perhaps fatal out here.