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Miguel Ruiz. To build stronger and more loving relationships with others, the starting point is always your relationship with yourself.

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With The Art of Showing Up, Amara and Ruiz bring you a powerful audio workshop to undo the inner patterns that keep you trapped in cycles of conflict and misunderstanding—and help you build a foundation for all your relationships to flourish and grow. Dispelling the Illusion of Conditional Love Most of us have been indoctrinated in the illusion that we should be rewarded with love when we are worthy and punished with abandonment when we are not. That is called conditional love—which leads to power struggles, deception, and the need to "domesticate" each other.

Yet conditional love is learned, and can be unlearned. Using insights and guided meditations, Amara and Ruiz offer seven essential arts to help you locate the places where you are stuck in conditional thinking, so you may open again and again to a love that reflects the purest expression of yourself. These agreements arise freely from a place of mutual respect, curiosity, and honesty. With The Art of Showing Up, these masterful teachers reveal how you can cast aside the masks you wear in relationship with others and yourself—and discover the joy of unconditional love you were meant to share.

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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 15, Adam rated it liked it. I get that there are certain types of people that connect with this style and type of self-help. I am not one.

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  • It is kind of like Annie Chang asian frozen foods. Sure it's 'eastern' food, but it's more western with an eastern inspiration. Everything that is shared is very much in the inspiration of eastern religion, ie talking about energy, acceptance, self, love as if they are established base points of argument. I found more to gain in reading the likes of Brene Brown, C.

    Terry Warner, and even Anne of Green Gables than what was being repeatedly offered here. When objects and institutions are built to last, people who are yet to be born can benefit. This philosophy implicitly prioritizes the next generations, the prized jewel of all nations. Aside from the social benefit of a craftsperson mindset, craftsmanship is valuable because it is hard earned.


    In a world of instant gratification, where almost everything is available at the click of a button, things which require endurance and come slowly suddenly gain mythic proportions. Not only has a craftsperson tried and erred repeatedly, but they have dedicated immense hours to one thing. They had to endure the inevitable dips of learning and mastering a skill. The gap between blissful beginner and fulfilled master is wide. A large portion of skill development occurs after the beginner's joy of the new skill vanished and long before the thrill of mastery.

    In learning any skill, this is the most dangerous part and where most people are inclined to quit. Many people would argue only the passionate could persist through these trials. These same people would also suggest this would require the aspiring craftsperson to know what they are passionate about before embarking on the learning journey.

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    • I believe this is false. Our intuition and assumptions about what we would like or dislike are usually pretty awful. They are unreliable barometers at best, and sirens at worse. Although we believe intuition will lead us to the promised land, more often, if left unchecked, it will run us aground.

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      Instead, I believe passion comes from engaging with and improving in an activity. Through engagement, one slowly becomes a professional craftsperson. So, you may be asking, what distinguishes a professional craftsperson from the amateur? I think there are three important criteria for making this distinction. Of my three criteria, this is the most vital.

      The Power of Displaying Every Student Art Piece

      This is the primary definition I use to differentiate the professional from the amateur. Skilled writers such as Stephen King agree with this sentiment. In essence, the amateur believes that good work will come when they are sufficiently motivated. Instead, professionals swear by consistency. First drafts are usually shit and require revision. When you change your metric of a successful day from creating an optimal piece to just making headway you release yourself from pressure.

      If there are no prices on your blog or website, people may think the work is not for sale or over their budget. So, consider showing your prices to make it easy for potential buyers to become customers. According to business of art expert Alan Bamberger of ArtBusiness. People want transparency, especially when they are buying a valuable item like art.

      If you find speaking about dollars and cents uncomfortable, displaying your prices can save you from less-than-desirable situations.

      7 Ways to Master the Art of Showing Up | Saeed Mirfattah

      On the contrary, they should be thrilled that artists are doing everything they can to drive sales. You also have to make sure that the prices are inline with what your galleries are charging. While it does take time to do this, it can lead to increased sales and be worth it in the long run. If there are already prices on display, perspectives may be less inclined to reach out for more information. With no posted prices, they will have to call you or the gallery.

      In theory, this can be a wonderful way to engage the potential buyer and turn them into an actual buyer. But, it can also dissuade people because they have to take an extra, possibly uncomfortable, step.