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What can I say about the hot bad boy that was all wrong for Ashley? Really, I couldn't help it, I sort of liked him despite his bad boy self. He wasn't a typical bad boy, he was really bad but, in the end, he showed a side of himself that redeemed him a little in my eyes. I couldn't help but smile when thinking about him towards the end.

The Truth About Letting Go

I would actually love for him to have his own story. I think it would be really interesting. I would love to get that look deeper into him, I just know there is so much more there. This book did have some religious aspects in it, nothing too preachy which I appreciated but still, it is there. With a book about death and letting go, it is sort of hard to not bring it up in one form or another. But I think even those that don't love religious talk of any kind, will be okay with this read.

8 Effective Ways to Let Go and Move On

It really was a heartfelt emotional read. One filled with great characters and some pretty deep messages about forgetting, letting go and moving on. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was in a reading rut and needed a good heartfelt YA book. This book definitely did the trick. It was a emotional journey for Ashley who suffered a terrible loss which made her questions her belief system in everything from faith, friendships, family and love. When tragic things happen it is so h 4. When tragic things happen it is so hard to see why it happened or how can we possibly learn from this tragedy.

I was captured in Ashley's journey and wrapped into her emotions and I got frustrated at times with her decisions and actions but I held onto to the belief that she would find herself again and was not disappointed. Now that high school was like 20 years ago for me I see the big picture of how we thought everything was so monumental but in reality those years were just a blip on the radar scale. But those blips are part of our foundation that make us who were are as adults. I fortunately have not dealt with the loss of a parent so I have not a hot clue how it would effect me especially as a teenager where we need that unconditional love the most even though we push the concept away beceause we feel we don't need it.

Since I don't know what its like I feel Leigh did a great job depicting these emotions because I was feeling Ashley's loss and new love through her. Great book and I have already boughten the first book to read and if there are more in the series I will for sure be reading those.

View 2 comments. Mar 13, Christina White rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult. This is a short and sweet young adult read about loss, grief, faith and love. I think it sends a beautiful message to teenagers about how to deal with tough scenarios like bullying, being honest, sex and faith. I liked the plot, but I wish we would have gotten glimpses of what Ashley's life was like before her dad died. I wanted to mourn her father with her, but I couldn't because I never got to know him. I think the book would have had more of an emotional impact on me if I could have felt that This is a short and sweet young adult read about loss, grief, faith and love.

I think the book would have had more of an emotional impact on me if I could have felt that loss deeper. I knew from the beginning that Ashley was going to end up with Jordan, so it was a bit predictable. I would have been very disappointed if Ashley didn't end up with Jordan though, so thank you Leigh Talbert Moore for giving us readers what we wanted!

View 1 comment. Jan 31, Stephanie rated it it was amazing. This book was powerful, beautiful, and real, addressing several issues within a great story in a very smooth, uncluttered way. Rarely have I read a book like this one, that felt so real it could be true. I felt a kinship with the teens, especially Ashley as she used self-destructive behavior and distractions to cover up her pain. Her spiritual struggle was also very true to life and understandable in those circumstances. I admire Ms. Moore's inclusion of church, religion, and faith in this Wow. Moore's inclusion of church, religion, and faith in this book.

Too often such discussion or mention is excluded from books because it is considered to not be politically correct or is seen as offensive or too sensitive a subject.

This Is The Truth About Finally ‘Letting Go’ That No One Wants To Talk About

I think the near constant exclusion of the subject in realistic fiction is unrealistic. Faith, or lack thereof, often plays a large part in one's life, especially during the years and time of self-discovery. The pace, tone, and voice of this book were great. The ending is perfect for the story. Not too much, not too little, but just right for what the story is.

I just loved it. I definitely recommend it.

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Jul 05, Marianne Boricuan Bookworms rated it it was ok Shelves: netgalley , forced-to-finish. Prepare yourselves, because I am going full-on rant mode with this book. So, we have this year-old called Ashley, and she just lost her dad. At first I felt really sad for her, and I really thought she was legitimately going through a rough time. I was really rooting for Ashley. I thought she was great at first: strong-willed, independent, outspoken, and an all-around nice girl. Then, she has to screw it up. He wants to interview her for an article, and Ashley accepts.

I always rooted for Jordan. Jordan is the underdog of this story and I felt really bad for him. I always wanted Ashley to stop with her stupid indecision and just pick him. Guys, Colt is a douchebag. I hated Colt with every fiber of my being. This scene is what made me love Jordan so much. Ashley proceeds to dump him and not talk to him for a long time. It was ridiculous! And what was her excuse? That is sad and pathetic. Mandy is a horrible best friend.

All Mandy cares about is hooking up with guys and how Ashley dresses. In one point of the book, she actually tells Ashley to let a guy have her way with her, and then forget about it. Charlotte was a creeper. If I keep ranting, I may end up saying some things I may regret later. Rating: 1. Mar 06, Anni rated it did not like it. The summary sounded so promising but sadly I was really disappointed by this book.

I didn't like the way the story played out and I didn't really feel any character development I'm sorry to say this but Ashley's relationships seemed to be very superficial to me. I didn't root for her or anyone.. Everything she did was contradictory. I didn't even feel sorry for her which makes me feel like a bad person but she just annoyed the hell out of me. As fir Colt's charac The summary sounded so promising but sadly I was really disappointed by this book. As fir Colt's character he was just confusing SPOILER his pranks were kind of immature, the way he treaded Ashley was just terrible and in the end he made a and suddenly he can be a nice and understanding guy?

That did not work for me at all! And what about Charlotte? Apart from the fact that I find it very sad that she doesn't like Ashley just because she is pretty and skinny - what kind of message is that? You cannot be pretty if your overweight? And skinny people cannot be friends with overweight people lost count of how many times Charlotte said "people like you aren't friends with people like me" Hello American High School Movie Clischee!

Her short appearances did not really change anything for Ashley or at least it seemed that way to me. As for Ashleys bestfriend - what's her name again? Like at all.. Finally Jordan.. So he asked Ashley out and the first thing she does is go to some fancy hairdresser and clothing store and give him a make over?

And then she makes out with him because - oh gosh - suddenly he is oh so handsome? I find it really sad that he wasn't considered 'dateable' while being dressed like a geek Again what kind if message is that - that it is okay to change who you are in order to make someone else happy? That is not love. I could go on and on about what bugged me about this book but I guess I have said enough. I guess it just wasn't for me.

It has been quite some time that I have read a book like The Truth About Letting Go by Leigh Talbert Moore and could understood what the main character was feeling and why they behaved the way they did. Ashley, who is a high school senior, has her world turned upside down when her father dies of cancer.

She becomes angry, confused, and no longer believes in God because she had been praying for her dad but he died anyway. And, I know if we are being real with ourselves , we have all said that as well. Her dad is a good person, a decent father and husband, he eats clean, he counsels others on how to take care of themselves, but cancer still took over his body. Ashley is the good girl aka the cheerleader aka the beautiful young woman with blonde hair that is still a virgin, but her anger begins to consume her.

She stops caring how she dresses for school and she begins to drink alcohol. To top it off, she begins to date Colt who has a reputation of being a bad boy. Her life is in a tailspin when she begins to let Jordan in. Jordan represents what is good in the world. He desires to help people and make a positive difference. The big question is if Ashley will continue to live in anger or will she let go and move on with her life? It does have some religious undertones but nothing too preachy. Plus, seeing Ashley go through self-destructive behavior is an in-your-face reminder that we are sometimes our own worst enemy and we must snap out of it.

This was my first time reading work by Leigh Talbert Moore and it definitely will not be my last! Feb 22, Lisa lifeinlit rated it it was amazing. This story was not what I expected. I thought it would be more of a sappy love story type of romance, but this was nothing like that. It was more of a gritty and emotional contemporary romance. I'm definitely into that kind of story lately, and this hit the nail on the head. It was so enjoyable and entertaining to read. After fighting a losing battle with cancer, Ashley's father passes away.

Ashley's previously perfect life is instantly changed. The good girl that always got good grades and never got into trouble decides to rebel against everything and everyone after the loss of her father. She can't stand the sadness in her heart, so she decides to cover it up with instant gratification Jordan, who has always been a classmate of Ashley's though she's never noticed him before, all of a sudden shows up on her radar. Though he's dorky and not her type, she begins to feel drawn to him. Then comes the new guy in school, Colt.

The bad boy who's full of fun and always down for a good time. Ashley starts to think that Colt is exactly what she needs right now. The Truth About Faking is a raw look at a teenager's rebelling to deal with overtaking emotions. The characters are realistic and definitely relateable.

I loved how Moore developed these characters, each so different but yet so alike. It was a deep book, though fun at the same time. One I really enjoyed. The Truth About Faking was right up my alley, and I'm so happy I was given the chance of reviewing it. I would definitely recommend this book to contemporary lovers, such as myself. It's a must-read! Mar 04, Ashley Williams rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary. The Truth About Letting Go is a wonderful book on the subject of grief and moving on after loss. LTM does a great job pulling you into Ashley's world of pain and anger.

It's so much easier to loose yourself then deal with the anguish. I can't say that I've personally felt the loss of a close loved one, but I can tell you that I'd probably feel the same as Ashley. Cover and Writing I really like the cover, its contemporary my favorite and kind of whimsical. You wouldn't think that there were some The Truth About Letting Go is a wonderful book on the subject of grief and moving on after loss. You wouldn't think that there were some sad issues just by looking at the cover.

The writing style is also great. It is in the first person from Ashley's POV. The style is easy to read and relate to. Main Character Ashley was a daddy's girl, and the sudden loss of her father has completely devastated her. I can relate to her grief, however sometimes she seems a bit childish.. I also don't like the fact that it takes her until the end of the book to decided that Jordan's secret is not the end of the world. I mean really! Swoonworthy Points: 7. Sweet Baby Jesus!!

There were other swoonworthy scenes in this book too. I think though, that this book was more centered on moving on and dealing with grief than romance. It was a pretty quick read that leaves you wanting to know what happens next. Mar 14, Mary rated it really liked it Shelves: , from-publisher-author , young-adult. In her anger, she turns her back on everything and would love to destroy everything that seems false to her now.

Charlotte thinks Ashley lives a perfect life and would love to be in her shoes not realizing that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. So Ashley decides to do everything out of her comfort zone. She falls in with the rough and tumble boy, Colt, who is probably not her best choice in a guy but very attractive.

Jordan, honest to a fault, is a good guy but not exactly Ashley's first choice. With this mix of characters, Moore builds a believable world with characters that will speak to you and evoke some serious emotions. There are some heartbreaking and heartwarming moments here. I admit I wanted to tell Ashley to grown up a bit by the end of the book and I am so glad she listened to me. I really enjoyed this quick and easy read. I think this is best suited for teens due to some amazing kisses that were a little on the hotter side.

View all 4 comments. Apr 15, Abbie rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-unlimited. Actual rating - 3. It's awful to lose someone close to you. I really wasn't a fan of Colt, but Jordan was completely different, and I really liked him. I didn't have high hopes for this after reading The Truth About Faking , but I was pleasantly surprised, as it was much better! Feb 20, Belle rated it really liked it Shelves: hidden-troubles , love-triangles , hot-leading-men , best-friends-falling-in-love , change-of-heart , bittersweet , dealing-with-issues , heartache , high-school , truly-madly-deeply-in-love.

A book about hope. A book about moving forward.

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  • A book about learning to not numb the pain, but accept it. A book about finding yourself. A book about learning to open your heart to love. Jul 21, Court rated it really liked it Shelves: 4-stars , read-in Shel: Courtney and I have read quite a few books focusing on a variation of tragedy, loss, and sadness in the last few weeks so I was a little nervous about reading this; I wasn't sure if I could take another sad read. I'm happy to report that while this story does have some sad moments, I ended up feeling more at peace with the entirety of the novel rather than suicidal.

    Court: Hahaha, yes I was worried too, since it was for sure the first young adult title we have read in a while and I didn't want to not connect with this girl and her relationships.

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    I'm glad we took the plunge though! I had read The Truth About Faking so I was familiar with Leigh's amazing ability to make a story about a love triangle become so much more in the sense of a young girl finding herself more than finding love. Shel: Ashley is grappling with the death of her father and rather than plunge herself into the pain and emotion of it all, she tries to bury it in the kisses of Jordan and Colt. Both of these guys make her feel something--something that rids the lung squeezing pain of grief--and so she spends much of her time trying to figure out which of these two can best give her what she needs.

    Here's the problem: she doesn't know what she needs. All she knows is that she's in a lot of pain and her mom and brother don't seem to feel it the way she wants them to, she's sick of the sympathy of strangers and the looks of pity, and these two guys are able to make her forget one kiss at a time.

    Letting Go Is Not a Weakness by Jay Shetty

    Obviously this could present some problems. Court: She feels a lot for both boys, but definitely uses them each for completely different things. She gets sparks and conversation and peace with Jordan I thought this was an amazing plot line, because they reached a "where do we go from here" point and realized one would have to make significant sacrifices for the other.

    At almost 18, that is a heady thing to have to realize. Colt on the other hand I love a great bad boy, but he weirded me out a bit there in the middle He redeems himself by the end, so don't quit on his account! Shel: Just as she is conflicted about her interactions with Jordan and Colt, she's also trying to figure out who she is and how her friend Mandy and her new, sort of friend, Charlotte fit in to the picture. Mandy has been her best friend for years and they've cultivated a reputation for being shallow, rich, bitches. Mandy is a great friend to Ashley but horrible to anyone she doesn't like.

    Charlotte is a new friend who consoles Ashley in quick little meet ups at a nearby creek. She's also cynical about their improbable friendship and is as equally bitchy as Mandy is when Ashley tries to be friendly to her in public. Poor Ashley, she's flailing about and it feels like she doesn't have anyone or anything to help her through it.

    Court: These scenes I liked because those were the parts where these girls are really finding themselves. We see this through Ashley's eyes but I liked that she realizes the way she used to be and what is important to her now that she has experienced something tragic. Mandy and Charlotte both were really irritating but in the end were necessary to Ashley's growth and realizing the parts of the old Ashley that the new Ashley wanted to keep.

    Shel: Ashley fights her grief by making poor choices and internalizing much of her pain. After one particularly bad episode, Ashley finally quits fighting everything and starts dealing with results of her actions or inactions. I think this is why I didn't feel as sad as I might have. Ashley begins working through her grief and is willing to be honest about where she is in her life.

    Even though the ending doesn't tell us exactly where she ends up or how she gets there, there is a definite feeling of hope and resolution. Court: She grew a conscience! No, really I totally get why she acted out and in some ways she went too far, but I was glad of the ways that she didn't She was really close to her Dad and being young and confused and unprepared to deal with things was very hard on her. I loved the resolution to this story, and the casual mentions of the characters from the first book and I mean casual!

    No series worry here. I want to find time to read Leigh's other titles now!!! Feb 19, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemp. If you've been following my blog you know I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's Disease which has put me on bedrest for months. Much like the main character Ashley, who has lost her father in the beginning of the story, I'm left wondering why did this happen to me?

    Ashley's journey to understand faith, love, grief, and acceptance really hit home and was almost a comfort to know someone else, even if they were fictional, had gone through the same thoughts when dealing with something so difficult. Ashley's process was a little more extreme than mine But just like Ashley I was able to figure out that I'm not the only one who's gone through this and being depressed doesn't really help anything. I just wish I had a hot geek like Jordan to help me figure it out like she did!

    Let's talk about the characters. Ashley, the popular semi rich kid, got under my skin from page one.

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    I wanted to slap her at one point to get her out of her funk, which I guess is kind of hypocritical. She accused her mom and brother of not caring about her father's death. And she basically used everyone around her so she wouldn't have to feel upset anymore without caring how they felt. But by the end of the book I grew to understand her and Charlotte, her new friend, was one of my favorite characters. She felt so real. I kinda wish she had been in it more. I just felt bad everytime Ashley thought mean things about her being overweight. Oh and her brother. I wanted to see more of him too!

    Jordan was cute and one of my favorite guy leads. He's genuinely a good person. How often in YA do we see a male lead that is good to the core? It's refreshing and it did help that he's extremely tall and has cute hair. Colt is the bad boy we've all dated at some point. He's hot and rude, but we over look that because it's a thrill to date them.

    At some points though I really questioned why Ashley would put up with him. But in the end of the book, when I understood him more, again I kind of liked him. Mandy was the typical popular best friend, but she was a really good friend by sticking up for Ashley even if she was really rude to others. It's a small, safe, tight nit community. It feels realistic and not too far off from home. I love the creek that so many good scenes took place by. I love that right from the first chapter drama is already starting. While this had some hard issues in it, it was still a pretty light Contemp read which I love.

    Her writing always leaves me thinking a little and ultimately at the end, smile. Will there be another companion maybe?! If you're a fan of Sarah Dessen novels that aren't afraid to deal with hard topics like death and religion you should definitely pick this one up. It almost felt more like New Adult than YA for me so if you're a new fan of New Adult it might be a good transition book for you. Also, look at that gorgeous cover!!!

    Jun 12, Christine rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley. I received an ebook copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Not only can those around you offer words of wisdom as well as a shoulder to cry on, they may in fact have their own stories of letting go and moving on that can help you recognize that your experience is more common than you think—and more importantly, that you will get through this.

    By surrounding yourself with positive people who have your back, you're taking a real step forward in letting go for good. Despite how challenging it may seem, you should resolve to never give up on finding new love in the future. Letting go of someone is an act of real courage and strength, as you're proving to yourself that there's someone else out there who's more worthy of your love, affection, and attention.

    The very act of letting go means that you'll be ready to let someone else into your life in the future. MyDomaine uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using MyDomaine, you accept our. Be made stronger by them rather than destroyed. The truth of any relationship is not told by the beautiful moments alone. In order to learn to let go, we must remember why the relationship ended. For me, I loved someone who was, in truth, never strong enough to truly be with me.

    I could have forgiven and accepted a change of heart. He promised that he would never ghost me again and then walked away forever, haunting me. Until now. Because we can not let go until we accept the full truth of the relationship in its entirety and not just the parts that we miss. We may take 1 step forward and 3 steps back. We may lose ourselves in our memories and those feelings of loss for hours or days at a time. Or love. As we move forward in the process of letting go, we need to begin accepting the type of treatment we deserve.

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    We can accept better treatment from others, but we have to stop allowing others to treat us as less than. We need to teach others how to love us by loving ourselves, wholly and passionately. When behavior that is unacceptable comes our way, we can gently say no and remove ourselves from relationships that are not healthy for our growth. We learn to let go when we can accept more- but never less- than what we deserve.