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TDS Raid Event 3: Principal Vicarum Nomia - Progression!

They then broke open a trunk, from which they. Half stole ftOO.. The furniture factory of ST. George C.

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Ebcrts' fur. Not guilty to. I've had a great year raiding with all of you and am personally thankful for what everyone brings to the guild, old and new.

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That being said I'm officially quitting EQ effective immediately. Having knocked out DH2 Arms!! Last year we were 21 raids from being caught up to T1a CotF current end game at the time We're 7 progression raids away from the natural progression to TDS. Pretty amazing journey since this time last year.

Thank you for letting me be a part of the ride, can't wait to see where we are at in a few more months! Back to top. Happy Thanksgving everyone. Georgeo Member. Pretty cool. Now I have to say goodbye and wish me luck in FU. RL has been tough lately and progression sucks but I'll be here for the rest. Unless of course the zombie apocalypse happens! Barper, I called you bad, bad names halfway through the first part of that post.

Etuinka Joined: 16 Dec Posts:. Nikar Tunaresun Guest. Happy Thanksgiving fuckers! Add Widget Below. Who's Online. Add Widget Right. Useful Links. Elite Gamers Lounge. EQ AA Search. EQ Interface. EQ Raid Loot. EQ Resource. EQ Traders. Raid Powersources. Rasper's Repository. TeamSpeak 3 download. WinEQ 2. Class Specific Links.