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We are here to help and support you no matter the choice you make, whether you choose to parent, discontinue your pregnancy or make an adoption plan, we are here to help you. If you decide to make an adoption plan, we will assist you through the entire adoption process. We will help you choose the family that you want to adopt your child and that will share the same vision as you for an ongoing relationship into the future. Our experienced staff can provide you with hassle free assistance in the following areas: Counseling, Community Referrals, Hospital Planning, and Financial Support for those pregnancy-related expenses provided by law.

Domestic & International Adoptions – Mary Catherine Barrett

Please call or text us at or email pregnancyoptions vistadelmar. There are a number of countries that work with U. We are a Hague accredited agency and have a placing program in the Philippines. With this program, we oversee the entire adoption process: from providing a home study to processing and monitoring the placement of children while working with the respective government central authorities.

Our Bulgaria program is now open! Families can adopt orphans and relative children. The children of Bulgaria in need of adoption are toddler to school aged children, as well as children with special needs of all ages and sibling groups of two or more children. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook, where we post pictures and small bios of the children monthly. Vista has been assisting families in adopting from the Philippines for over 23 years. In addition to our placing program, we collaborate with U. In this case, we do not oversee the entire adoption process but provide the home study and post placement services, including support groups and counseling.

It is now a mandatory requirement that hours of pre-adoption education be completed before you receive an approved home study report, and we will help guide you in meeting those educational requirements. Please call x or email angelicagreenberg vistadelmar. Individualized orientation, please call for appointment: Angelica Greenberg, Tel. There are thousands of children in California and more across the country who are in need of a forever family. Some are legally free for adoption right now and others are in the process.

In many cities, courts will not terminate parental rights until a viable prospective adoptive family is identified.

Intercountry Adoption Services

The children range in age from 1 to 21 years old. They may be part of a sibling group or they may have a special educational or medical need - but all are in need of someone to open their heart and their home to them, and someone to call Mom or Dad. You may feel like your head is spinning with thoughts and questions.

There are a number of options to consider when making the best decision for you and your baby. Our qualified counsellor will provide you with counselling to help you to explore your options, at no cost to you and the process is completely confidential.

Domestic Adoption from The United States

Open adoption means different things to different people. For some, it means receiving pictures and letters from the adoptive family, and for others, it will mean ongoing visits. Openness means that your child will know from a very early age that he or she was adopted. You will have the opportunity to explore and discuss what level of openness feels right for you and your baby.

You will have the opportunity to select the family who will raise your child. You may feel drawn to a certain family and feel an instant connection or it may take time to develop, but you will be in control of the process. You will also have the chance to meet with the family before the birth of your baby. We will help you to explore the possibility of building your family through adoption. We have more than 20 years of experience working in adoption that guides and informs our practice.

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We will support you through each stage of the process. We hope to help you realize your dream of becoming parents or expanding your family through adoption. As adoption is a life-long commitment that you make to your child, we commit to providing ongoing support to adoptive families and children both during and after the adoption process is complete. Our staff will help you explore what options are available to you.

This depends on a number of factors that we will discuss with you in detail.

See a Problem?

We will assist you to find the right fit for you and your family. Our experienced staff will guide you throughout the adoption process. While each adoption journey is unique, one of the first steps is the homestudy process, to ensure the safety of each home for a child. You will complete the education program outlined below , and begin the preparation process to become adoptive parents. The next steps in the process will depend on whether you wish to adopt locally or from another country.

Sunrise is a government-licenced B. We have more than 20 years of experience working in adoption. We are located in North Vancouver, B. Sunrise serves both women facing an unplanned pregnancy as well as families wishing to adopt a child. We are passionate about finding homes for children who would otherwise not have a forever family. As well as helping families to realize their dream of becoming parents. Sunrise offers women facing an unplanned pregnancy, counselling to explore their options as well as assisting families through the adoption process.

Other topics covered include managing loss and grief, attachment, nature versus nurture, transracial adoption, and telling the adoption story in developmentally appropriate ways. Check the Barker Calendar for upcoming sessions. This group training provides a forum for you to discuss your hopes, questions, and concerns. You will also find that the group offers a wonderful opportunity to meet others with similar interests and concerns. Our goal is to help people make informed decisions about adoption and to feel better prepared as they become parents.

Pre-requirement: Attend a Barker general adoption information session. Two online training courses also are required, which are provided through the Adoption Learning Partners :. Barker holds meetings every other month for all parents who are in the process of adopting.

The Myth of the Forever Family: When Adoption Falls Apart

These meetings are educational and supportive in nature and often include a presentation from either an outside professional or adoptive families as part of the meeting. Past topics include post-adoption contact, medical considerations or legal issues in adoption, and others.

In addition, these monthly meetings provide waiting parents an opportunity to learn about local and national trends that the Barker Domestic Infant team is observing and an opportunity to talk with team members and other waiting families. For Virginia families, these meetings help meet the annual requirement of four hours of ongoing parent training. It takes approximately two to four months to complete the paperwork-gathering and home study process to become home study approved in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D. In any type of formal adoption, the family must first have a home study conducted by an agency that is licensed in their state.

After the home study is completed, wait times range from six months to two years, on average. Many factors lead an expectant parent to consider adoption during an unplanned pregnancy. Often the birth parent s request to meet the adoptive family that they select. At the time of application, it is common to have questions about the domestic adoption options available through Barker. Our goal is to help you make an informed plan that takes into account the needs of children and your comfort level.

The length of this waiting period is determined by each state. In most cases, during this period Barker will place the baby in the temporary care of one of our loving Cradle Care Families. In many ways, these families are the heart and soul of Barker in that they open their home to unconditionally love each baby that comes into care, providing him or her a nurturing and anxiety-free environment until the next chapter begins with his or her forever family.

While closed adoptions in which adoptive parents and children do not know or maintain contact with the birth parents were once the norm, this is no longer the case. In our experience, birth parents and adoptive families commonly agree to meet about once a year, and adoptive families agree to provide updates with photos and letters throughout the year. In the earlier post-adoption years, Barker often facilitates these visits.

The reality is that there is a spectrum of openness and comfort levels across birth and adoptive families and that comfort level can evolve as the years pass.

United States Adoption

Barker works to support everyone involved and to facilitate contact for families and birth parents who share similar preferences for openness. Apply Now! Contact us to learn more about domestic infant adoption. Prospective Adoptive Parent Eligibility. Singles and married couples are welcome to apply.

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If married, you must be married for a minimum of one year at the time of application. Please note that more recently married couples married less than one year are also welcome to apply in cases where they have lived together for at least one year. If you are seeking to adopt a baby younger than 12 months, the younger spouse or partner must be 45 years old or younger at the time of your application. The older spouse or partner should be 50 or younger at the time of application.

If you are a single parent interested in adopting a baby younger than 12 months, you must be 45 years old or younger at the time of your application. Adoptive parents must be financially able to incur the costs of infant adoption, in addition to providing for the needs of the child.