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However, we'd like to make sure that she stays pretty far from any populated areas, as well as common ship routes. To help with this, Laura has Caddy pretty well trained to follow her boat in exchange for food. So if she starts to get a little curious about the docks, we can always just lure her back out to sea.

Caddy Tales: Company Structure

Since she's been known to go down the river, we've thought about trying to relocate her to a lake or river here in Clackamas, but we don't really have any that would be large enough for her whole school. Besides, messing with an animal's natural habitat just ain't our style. However, should push come to shove, the Supervisors have offered to help us engineer a special batch of fish food, that would calm Caddy's school down enough for us to scoop as many of them up as possible.

Mark has suggested that we look into how exactly Caddy produces that sticky stuff that keeps her school together, as it could help us solve a problem that not even duct tape can; keeping sticky stuff sticky when it's underwater! This could help with other aquatic animals that require care. Laura managed to isolate ten of Caddy's herring, and sent them back to us in Boring.

Scottish Heritage - Caddy Days

We're still working on how to produce more of our own, but we have been able to harvest some of the adhesive, which Caddy's herring are constantly producing and shedding. We tried it out first on a Serenity Turtle that had a cracked shell. It was a really delicate procedure, but it worked! The Serenity Turtle in question we've decided to call him Champ! We're finding all sorts of applications for this stuff!

Caddy Tales: All Walks of Life with Scott Werner

We've been able to use it on everything from fixing up Ted's barn roof to keeping muskrats out of the reservoir. It's easy and non-harmful to harvest, and sticks stuff like crazy! We're happy as clams about this development, and looking forward to continuing our relationship with Caddy! Right now, Laura's trying to see if she can get enough of Caddy's herring for us to set up a breeding population of our own back in Boring. Caddy as a whole doesn't mind, so long as Laura still comes to visit pretty often and brings an offering of Kibbly-Bites!

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The lessons Riverbank learns are drawn from his experiences in the game, but have applications far beyond the out-of-bounds stakes. The stories that make up Riverbank Tweed and Roadmap Jenkins take us on a tour of some of the most renowned real estate in golf, including The Olympic Club, host to four U.

Opens, and Cypress Point, the ultra-exclusive masterpiece where beauty, danger, and imagination combine to create the world's most unforgettable golfing terrain. The matches that take place on these courses range from an enterprising little game between two priests bent on glory at all costs to a variation of golf played under one simple rule -- you may not touch or replace your ball no matter what -- to a perfect round, played on the perfect golf course, in the most imperfect conditions imaginable, by a player who cannot hear the sound of the barriers he is shattering.

By turns comic, thought-provoking, moving, and entertaining, Riverbank Tweed and Roadmap Jenkins will forever change the way you look at the game of golf, and at the men who walk with you while you plumb-bob its mysteries. The Caddybytes Pro Shop - is a place that will 'fit' all your golfing needs! The Virtual Golf Tours are great visual golf tours of some famous courses Visit our Affiliate Golf Links! Also: We've recently updated our Email Security!

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    I did so much jumping around that my legs have been aching ever since! I was exhausted at the end of the weekend, but also sorry to leave Balingup. It was wonderful to meet the other presenters and the children there, and I look forward to next year. Permission was granted by all parents for photographing the children and putting the photos up on this website.