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Included in the Audible Escape Package. Loved this book! Great fun read, you get a hot sexy vampire, a cute next door neighbor,Some hot romance and humorous situations! Alice's second problem is she need to work up some courage to ask her sexy neighbor to Arc provided courtesy of NetGalley and entangled publishing for an honest review. Alice's second problem is she need to work up some courage to ask her sexy neighbor to attend with her, her choice of appeltinis for courage however back fires on her , leading her to insult Noah's home decor and in general embarrass herself.

Alice's second try actually she winds up intruding on a conversation in Noah's backyard between hmself and his brother Charles , so once again she is not off to a great start! However she is aided by Noah's brother Charles who is pushing Noah to go since he needs to get out of town, but Noah is hesitant because for 5 years he has found Alice to be a great temptation and fears biting her since she always smells so good and fruity and she is damn sexy! However Noah agrees he needs to give Charles time to get him out of being forced into an arranged marriage.

The tone of the book gets set pretty quickly and you know for this couple it is just going to be one akward or comical situation after the next when they board the ship and Noah discovers that he's going to have to share a suite. This leads to an argument between the two and Alice leaving the room. Noah is soon announcing himself as her boyfriend of several months and fighting his urge to hit Brent. Situations continue through the book driving Alice and Noah deeper into the lies but closer with each other and into each others arms and the best sex either one of them has ever had.

I could go on and reveal more but this was a fun book and I would only detract from it by providing spoilers. So to sum this one up, Noah is a super sexy vampire who finds himself totally enthrolled with Alice and fully comfortable with her eclectic family! Alice is a generally happy , smiling ray of sunshine, who has been crushing on her sexy neighbor and suprised to be falling in love with him!

The author had my full attention from the start and this well written characters held it! View 2 comments. Knowing he will be at the wedding with her former best friend with whom he cheated is not going to be easy for Alice. Desperate not to turn up to the weeks cruise without a date Alice asks her sexy neighbour Noah Thorpe to be her pretend boyfriend for the week. Noah has definitely noticed his very pretty neighbour, but she's human and he's a year old vampire. Her proposition has come at a time when he needs to get away, the council of vampires has determined he must bond with a female of their choosing.

No way does Noah want to do that. So he agrees to go on the weeks cruise with Alice. First read for me by this author. But to turn up with a 6' 2" hunk would certainly make Brent see she wasn't pining away for him. Noah was used to being in control of his emotions at all times. Over the long years he'd been around, learning to be in control was vital, but the more time he spends with Alice the more his control slips away. This is very well written, the story is lighthearted and very romantic.

The love scenes are sensuous.

4 Fang Review: Don’t Blackmail the Vampire by Tiffany Allee

I hope his two blood brothers Alex and Charles will get their own stories. A recommended read. Fun and sexy! I can't believe I just read this now, I've been putting this off for sometime as I thought Don't Bite the Bridesmaid was going to be another cliche vampire romance but I was wrong! I've read a lot of dark vampire stories but never something like this..

I have no issues with the main characters! Noah is one grumpy vamp Alice was an okay heroine too, had some insecurities and trust issues but it's totally understandable. She's funny, witty.. Of course there were some misunderstanding that added spice in the story! I hope this becomes a series as I wanted to find out more about Alice's brother Andrew Overall, this was a fun read with interesting characters that I thoroughly enjoyed!

I had so much fun reading this and highly recommend this to anyone who's looking for some quick fun, sexy vamp story! Alice Shepard wants to be at the wedding for her sister, but she has one tiny little problem. Her ex-fiancee, and brother to the groom, who she caught with her best friend are attending.

She needs a pseudo boyfriend quick and her mysterious neighbor comes to mind. Noah Thorpe doesn't usually get close to humans, being a vampire of course their is no need. When his neighbor Alice shows up on his step, he can't help being attracted to her, she is a ray of light. He has watched her over the years an Alice Shepard wants to be at the wedding for her sister, but she has one tiny little problem.

He has watched her over the years and can't deny he has been curious, but her proposal of feigning a relationship on a cruise ship is ridiculous. It just so happens that it is perfect timing for Noah to flee with a proposed arranged bond marriage to someone he has never met is being forced, perhaps the time away will give him the time needed to get out of the arrangement. Neither Alice or Noah is looking for a relationship, however a few simple touches, an act of protection where Alice is concerned, and a sensual dance has the both giving into the ever growing desire both are keeping bottled up.

Highly entertaining read, I thought the idea of a vampire on a cruise ship is was so unique I knew I had to read this story. Pure delight, I had a permagrin throughout. This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic. Recommended for fans of modern-day vampires, pretend engagements, and fast-paced romance. View 1 comment. I like how they're neighbors and I like how they both get together without Alice really knowing who Noah is. There was a time that I got a little confusing and wondering if the story was vampire related and as to where the story was heading.

Don't get me wrong it's quite intense the sexual intense but when they connect BOOM the scene in the kitchen Overall though Alice and Noah are likable 3. Overall though Alice and Noah are likable, the story is likable and readable as well as the characters. The writing was ok, the heroine a bit annoying. I rated what I did read and I think I was being generous. Anyways, with not as much time to read as I used to have, spending it on anything less than interesting is tragic.

I received a copy of this book from Entangled Publishing in exchange of an honest review! A fun light read! With her sister's wedding on the horizon Alice Shepard badly needs a date and not just any date, but one handsome enough to stick it to her ex-husband and hopefully in the shape of her sexy neighbor Noah Thorpe. With enough appletinis running through her, Alice daringly asks Noah to join her on the cruise for her sister's wedding. Spending a week on a ship with humans and next to Alice is a b I received a copy of this book from Entangled Publishing in exchange of an honest review!

Spending a week on a ship with humans and next to Alice is a bad idea for Noah. But he needs to get out of the city due to his own issues as his friends try to get him out of a bonding with another vampire, and the offer seems enticing. Really enjoyed this one! A lighthearted quick read romance that has left me swooning for Noah and more.

It was cute and funny. Especially when Alice accidentally walks in to the room in time to catch a glimpse of Noah drinking out of the shampoo bottle — unaware that it actually holds blood. Fun, sexy, entertaining and I adored the ship setting. It has been a while since I last read a book based on a cruise, and they are only a handful that I stumble into. The attraction between Noah and Alice was apparent and hot, while he was battling his own demons about being a vampire who was also being forced into marriage.

Alice comes with her own baggage of hurt due to her sleazeball ex-fiance who ends up being engaged to Alice's best friend. He made me want to punch him for Alice and her best-friend both the way he was behaving on the ship trying to get Alice back while already being engaged to the woman he cheated on her with! The book is filled with exciting supporting characters. I loved her sister Cindy and kind of wished she had her own book. She was funny and really caring, the relationship between her and Alice was really touching.

Alice's mother Edna was far the most amusing. A woman who has a thing for younger man and is currently dating one. She is bold and had me laughing several times. I am looking forward to more from this series and author. Especially want to know more about Noah's friends! Yep, I'm still not over vampires. This book has a hot one! Noah needs to be gone for a week to avoid an unwanted bonding. Alice needs a date for her sister's destination wedding.

Noah is HOT, not that Alice thinks they'll be a real couple. But having a HOT date, since her ex is going to be there with her former best friend no less is a bonus. As the blurb says, what can go wrong? Well, neither of them anticipated the UST was going to ramp up beyond the tingle they had felt before.

And we all kn Yep, I'm still not over vampires. And we all know how well they are going to be able to avoid that This was fun.

Don't Bite the Bridesmaid

Allee has tweaked the vampire myth to make it her own. Her vamps don't sparkle, they sleep and wake up sexily tousled , they eat food because they like the taste. The rules of her vamps were easily integrated into the narrative. I like that. No info dump as she set up her world! The bad guy is such a jerk. One really enjoys seeing him get taken down, even if it is only through a volleyball game.

There is growth between the characters, and I like that as well. The wedding was so romantic! And I laughed There isn't a huge drama here, and I like that as well. This a romance, through and through and while it stands on it's own, we are left with a few questions. What about Olivia? What about Andrew? What about Charles? Will Alex ever be happy? What that means is that I really need the next book!

Don't Blackmail the Vampire (Sons of Kane Book 2) eBook: Tiffany Allee: Kindle Store

Alice is in need of a date for her sister's wedding on a cruise ship. For some reason, she only knows of one guy she'd like to take with her; her sexy neighbor who never seems to be out during the day. Yep, he's a vampire. And actually he really needs to get out of town as his vampire council is trying to make him get married.

Now, my next sentence may sound wei 3 I-can't-believe-this-is-a-vampire-book Stars This was a fun book, but one I'm having trouble remembering about a week after I read it. Now, my next sentence may sound weird considering I'm reviewing a book about vampires I really had trouble buying the whole premise of this book. One that she hasn't made a complete ass of herself with since living next door? That's completely illogical, even though he can take the sun for a little bit.

Why would that happen? Vampires are usually badass and usually have bad tempers But either way, I liked Alice and her feisty self. Noah was sexy, as male leads tend to be. Their romance was sweet, and I smiled a few times during it. Especially when Noah was caught drinking from a shampoo bottle. Read this book if you want to turn off your brain, or have something to read while on the beach.

It's definitely summer reading material. View all 5 comments. A hilariously funny vampire love story with a unique setting of a wedding cruise. Alice has been peeking on her next door neighbor for years. Noah steals glances at his neighbor from across his ba A hilariously funny vampire love story with a unique setting of a wedding cruise.

Noah steals glances at his neighbor from across his back yard. He loves her sweet apple scent, and the way she comes over from time to time. When these two get together, sparks fly-along with a volleyball- in a tournament of revenge.

Noah is irresistible, and Alice is a sweet and witty woman. I so wanted them to find their way to each other. A vampire on a cruise is a hilariously funny idea that makes for an endless supply of laugh out loud scenes and numerous of hot ones, too. Tiffany Allee keeps us guessing until the end with a few unexpected twists and turns.

This is so much fun to read, you can eat it up like candy. Pride requires that she rub his face in how much better off she is without him. Especially since they broke up because she caught him with his pants down, screwing her ex-best friend. Lucky for her Noah Thorpe needs an excuse to get out of town and out of touch. The Vampire Council yes, you read that right wants him to bond with some newly fledged vampire to keep whoever-she-is grounded until she learns control and supposedly to keep him from dying of ennui.

Besides, he likes Alice. Or rather, when she comes back the next morning, chastened and sober, to present her proposition a second time, Charles thinks its a great idea and Noah gets a visit from the green-eyed monster. There are always convoluted vampire politics. I swear. That never changes. But the whole vampire bonding to keep both parties out of different kinds of trouble was a new twist.

We never do find out who the would-be bonded mate is. Her identity doesn't seem to be important for the plot. Or this plot. After meeting Kane, I smell red herring Unlike the usual variations on this theme, Alice and some of her family already know about vampires. I wish we had that story. Her family, especially her mom, are lots of fun.

His Mr. This reminded me a lot of the movie with Debra Messing, the Wedding Date but with some vampire spice. Desperate times call for desperate measure and after the first disaster of asking Noah her neighbor to be her date she finally convinces him with the help of his friend Charles. Alex is hilarious when first introduced, needing some liquid courage to ask Noah to be her date end so very badly.

But the readers see such an innocent sweet woman, who deserves to have a good guy by her side. What I enjoyed most was her close relationship and support she has with her sister, who knows about Noah being her neighbor. Alice and her sister also know a big secret, because of what happened to their brother. But things change and when Noah introduces himself as her boyfriend, which make this trip so much more entertaining.

Noah and Alice have some fantastic and hot chemistry, Alice has always been attracted to him and her clumsy self creates some cute moments that show how much Noah has a soft spot for her. Alex at the beginning is a standoffish kind of guy, he is being put in a tough position of an arrange marriage. His fellow vampire friends Charles and Alex are trying to help him out of it, thankfully Alice saves them with the offer of a get away trip. Alex has always been attracted to Alice and when he meets her horrible ex Brent he starts to build a protectiveness towards her that heightens their chemistry.

I love how he tries so hard to control his vampire instincts plus dealing with the effect the sun has on him, a vampire on a sunny cruise to Mexico, makes for some funny moments. The best moment was Alice catching Noah drinking out of a shampoo bottle, which contained blood. I was laughing so hard at her confusion. Don't bite the Bridesmaid Tiffany Allee. I love a good romance and to add a vampire edge to it — well that sounded fun. Sometimes you want to read something deep and engrossing, sometimes you just want something light and humorous to relax your mind.

Don't Bit the bridesmaid is perfect for that. I really took to Alice — her penchant for bracing her courage with Appletinis, her way of seeing the best in everything and everyone, and her loyalty to her family. Then there's Noah This time she needs his help — the description covers why — and of course as always things do not go smoothly. Noah is lovely, a real gentleman but he;'s a vampire — and the scent of Alice is driving him crazy and making him work to keep control of his behaviour. That's something he's unused to having to do as a two hundred year old vampire.

Of course having persuaded him on the cruise celebrating her sister's wedding, aided by the fact he needs to hide for a week, Alice omits to tell him they'll be sharing a room. That's goes down well, Noah is struggling but can't tell Alice why, and of course she thinks its because he doesn't want to get that close to her in case she's going to jump him. That doesn't help her low self esteem. The cruise goes on, and its full of things that test Noah, Alice desperately wants to show her ex Brent, who's the best man, that she's moved on. She and Noah get closer and the obnoxious Brent keeps hanging round her much to Noah's irritation.

Noah tells himself its only for a week and that he can go back to normal with Alice but slowly he realises its not going to be that easy. Alice mum Edna is a terrific lady, full of fun and joie de vivre, and is accompanied by her current much younger boyfriend. Cindy the sister getting married loves Alice and knows who Noah really is but is keeping the secret — she hated Brent. Brent — he's the nasty every good romance needs. He sneers and belittles Alice, then apologises and tries to get round her. Its all wrapped up with big doses of humour and cheer, some steamy hot sex and lots of love.

Lasagne — I'll always think of Noah and Alice now when I have that! Great kitchen scene Its a real fun read, light-hearted and full of humour and a lovely HEA though not without some drama first. Its not an in-depth, heavy read but one for when you want to feel good and happy after enjoying a few hours break from real life. Stars: four and a half, just not quite a five for me.

My Review: I bought this book on a whim just because it sounded like it could really be fun This is just a really well-written, fun, entertaining book. The majority of the book takes place on a cruise So yes, the ex she was with forever is going to be on the cruise too As a result, Alice My Review: I bought this book on a whim just because it sounded like it could really be fun As a result, Alice is desperate not to go on this cruise alone. Noah has been Alice's neighbor for five years. He's a bit reclusive, but always willing to give her a hand. He suddenly finds himself in need of a retreat.

The vampire council is about to insist he bond with a female vampire. This is something they do with older vampires to ensure they maintain a will to live. In this world, vampires can be in the sun, but it does cause them to become sick I like that he's willing to stand the sickness though to spend time with Alice. Even when he's feeling ill, he enjoys being in her company so much that he's willing to withstand the discomfort. I loved that. He's normally a recluse, but gets involved with neighborhood activities simply to spend time with her.

I loved getting to watch him become more emotional and happy. This is a guy who doesn't reveal much about what he's feeling so getting to see his reactions through Alice was awesome especially since she gets such joy out of things like watching him laugh and smile. It was great and part of why I really loved the sunshine scenes so much.

I'm intrigued by these 4 men: Kane and his three sons. Three men that he's turned and they all have a bond.