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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Fantasy Crime drama Medical drama. Warner Bros. Television Distribution. Brad Anderson. Flashbacks : Initial flashbacks look at Henry's first death and his initial immortality. They first meet while rescuing an infant of an internment camp who grew up to be Abraham. Sam Hill. Flashbacks : In , in Italy , Henry writes a note to Abigail about his secret and how they cannot be together; Abigail pursues Henry and lets him know that she won't let him go, after which they share a kiss.

David Warren. Flashbacks : Henry reflects on a colleague who suffered from tuberculosis in , and how, then as now, people resorted to desperate measures to try to cling to life. Jace Alexander. Flashbacks : In , Henry meets a young Gloria after he and Abigail sneak into an art exhibit, Gloria's advice inspiring him to propose to Abigail. John T. Flashbacks : Henry works as a doctor near the rec center in the inner city for recent immigrants in the s.

Flashbacks : Henry is involved with the investigation of the original Jack the Ripper and Black Dahlia cases. Flashbacks : In the s, Henry comes to the aid of a man who was shot. When Henry himself is shot, he risks revealing his secret while trying to save the man, but eventually crawls away from the man when other people arrive, prompting Henry to abandon his career as a doctor as he feels he cannot trust himself as a physician if he can put himself above his patients.

Flashbacks : Henry reminisces the events preceding his return home and telling his wife, Nora, about his secret after he first became immortal.

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It results in Henry being taken to a mental institution. Cameron Litvack. Flashbacks : Henry in applies grey to his hair, in order to appear to age like his wife Abigail. She says she likes older men. Later, Henry is walking in the park and is accosted by an older man, who says he recognizes Henry as having been killed by an artillery shell on the beach at Normandy, when he was wounded in the leg by the same shell. Henry tells him he has the wrong man and leaves. Henry is sufficiently spooked that he and Abigail prepare to move in a hurry.

His son Abe, about 12 years old, is having his friend Lyle over, and they talk about Abe's first kiss with Fawn Mahoney. Abe says he will marry her someday. Henry begs her to get him out, but she leaves saying they can help him there. Later, the doctor tells Henry he seems to be perfectly sane. Henry agrees and says he was not himself when he told his wife he was immortal, but has now recovered his senses. The doctor plays along but says this must not happen again, and prescribes a new scientific treatment called hydrotherapy. This turns out to be similar to modern water-boarding, and Henry is subjected to it while the doctors demand that he still believes himself to be immortal.

Henry manages to continue to deny this. Rob Bailey. Flashbacks : In , Henry recalls his reluctance to accept Abe's entry into the army during the Vietnam War. After 3 months, Henry reveals his immortality to the priest, who assists Henry in committing suicide and allow him to escape. Flashbacks : Henry confronts his father when he learns he is involved with the slave trade before the events that lead to Henry becoming immortal.

As his father passes on his deathbed , Henry receives his iconic watch which he has had for two centuries. Flashbacks : In , Henry and Abigail have a delayed honeymoon aboard the Orient Express , during which they save the life of the young prince with an impromptu appendectomy. Abigail has aged and looks much older than Henry by this time, and she is upset that people thought he was her son or a hired escort. They dance alone together at home and remember their younger days.

Flashbacks : Henry's first wife Nora has him committed to a mental institution in after he tries to convince her that he is immortal reprising a scene from episode "The Ecstacy of Agony". Many years later, in , Henry is a hospital doctor. He is hailed as a hero in a newspaper for saving a young boy from a building on fire. Nora, now quite old, recognizes Henry's picture in the paper, and visits him at the hospital, saying she now believes him and he must share his miracle with the world. Henry refuses to cooperate, and Nora produces a gun and attempts to shoot Henry to prove his immortality.

A nurse leaps in front of Henry and is killed instead. Nora is taken away.

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Flashbacks : In Henry is aboard his family's slave ship "Empress of Africa. The slave says he understands. Later, Henry is about to hand the key to the slave when the captain enters the cells. The captains says a key is missing and is suspicious of Henry, telling him that he may be the owner's son, but the captain is judge and jury on the ship. Henry is called away to help a feverous slave. Later, Henry's first death is shown when the captain shoots Henry with his flintlock in the cell-block.

As Henry is dragged away, he drops the key where a slave can reach it. John F. Flashbacks : In the s Henry's wife Abigail vanishes with little trace, leading Henry to begin an increasingly obsessive search for what happened to her. The search grows to the point where it threatens to take over his life, leading a worried Abe to get rid of his research material and tell Henry that it's time to move on. He also suggests opening an antique store to sell some of the clutter that Henry has accumulated over his long life.

Flashbacks : In in Paris , a sculptor friend of Henry's pushes her creative boundaries using heroin. In correlation to the present day, Henry questions how much people are willing to sacrifice to be remembered. Michael Fields. Flashbacks : In Brooklyn, , Henry and Abigail enter their rented apartment after arriving from Europe after the war, with the infant Abe.

Henry presents Abigail with an English rose, which he kept alive on the voyage from England on the Queen Mary. Later, Abigail reads to Henry from a book of Yeats poems, which makes an appearance in the present day. Abigail is alone with him when his body vanishes. Based on initial observations, the ruins appeared to be at least one million years old. The Guardian said that it was far older than that, even exceeding the Earth 's sun 's age of 4. An inert, crudely asymmetrical, circular gateway comprised of a quasi-metallic substance, the Guardian was able to somehow display the flow of time itself although it could not alter the "speed at which it displayed the past.

Apparently sentient, it was capable of speech and interacted with anyone it encountered, responding to external stimuli such as questions and actions. The object would flash whenever it spoke and emitted a gaseous fog within its center whenever it generated a portal. Encountering powerful waves of space displacement, which Spock described as "ripples in time", the Enterprise tracked the waves back to their point of origin on a previously-uncharted planet.

Doctor McCoy , suffering from paranoid delusions as a result of an accidental overdose of cordrazine , beamed down to the surface in an attempt to escape the ship. Searching for McCoy, Captain Kirk and Spock encountered and made contact with the Guardian, who offered them the chance to explore the past. As the Guardian was displaying images from Earth history, McCoy emerged from hiding and leapt through the time portal, arriving on Earth in the year The landing party soon discovered that they had lost all contact with the Enterprise , and the Guardian informed them that McCoy had effected a change in history, wiping out their civilization.

Realizing that they must correct the damage to history, Kirk and Spock had the Guardian replay Earth history, and traveled through the portal to a point in time prior to McCoy's arrival. Eventually successful in their effort to restore the timeline, the Guardian returned all three of them to their proper place and time only a moment after they initially departed. In , a team of historians, accompanied by Captain Kirk and Spock, used the Guardian to investigate Federation history.

Their investigation included firsthand accounts of the formation of the Orion civilization and the monitoring of Vulcan history of the s and s. While Kirk and Spock were visiting Orion, their support team was monitoring Vulcan's past, which, in doing so, inadvertently removed Spock from the proper timeline. Spock, however, was protected from the change while he was in Orion's past, and the change to the timeline went unnoticed until he and Kirk returned through the Guardian.

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Once the cause was determined, Spock was able to use the Guardian to return to his own childhood on Vulcan, and prevent his death during the kahs-wan ritual. TAS : " Yesteryear ". Brooks , because his colleague, regular Set Designer Matt Jefferies , was sick with the flu that week. Star Trek: The Animated Series DVDs special feature "" Yesteryear " text commentary " When Jefferies returned to his duties and saw the lopsided donut-shaped set piece for the first time, he reportedly exclaimed, " What the hell is this?!

Cinefantastique , Vol.

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The use by Desilu of these clippings in the episode therefore, regardless of their origins, essentially constituted copyright infringements in current understanding. Let me be your gateway. In that installment, its voice was performed by James Doohan. An original draft of the episode that eventually became TNG : " Yesterday's Enterprise " featured a Vulcan science team researching history through the Guardian of Forever.

In that story, the team accidentally caused the death of Surak , the father of modern Vulcan philosophy — as a result, the Time of Awakening never occurred, and the Vulcan race had essentially evolved as the Romulans. The timeline was reset when Sarek , aboard the Enterprise -D to greet the scientists, used the Guardian to go back in time and take Surak's place in history. AOL chat , During production on the film Star Trek , it was briefly rumored that the Guardian would be used by the Romulans to go back in time. The Guardian appears in the game Star Trek Online in a mission involving the players character breaking the quarantine of the guardian's planet.

“Forever,” a Big-Hearted Satire Bolstered by the Brilliance of Maya Rudolph

The player must travel through the portal in order to follow a group of Klingons and stop them from destroying the Enterprise from the Original series and rescue Miral Paris , who they kidnapped to create and distribute a cure to the Klingon augment virus.

Also, if you question the Guardian about why it speaks in riddles, it gives the same response that it did to Spock: that it answers as simply as their limited understanding allows. They also discover that Zar is able to communicate telepathically with the Guardian.

In the novel's sequel Time for Yesterday , the Guardian is summoned away from its duties of regulating time in the Milky Way by its capricious Creators. Zar uses his telepathic powers to return the consciousness of the Guardian to the gateway and banish the Creators to a universe where they cannot harm our space-time. In the novel Engines of Destiny , the Guardian appears in an alternate timeline where the Borg have conquered Earth; having learnt of the change from her 'prime' counterpart, an alternate version of Guinan visits the Guardian's planet to ask for help, the Guardian revealing how the timeline can be restored to normal.

In the novel The Devil's Heart , the titular object, an ancient stone rumored to have vast powers, is revealed to be a "seed" created by the same civilization who created the Guardian, and meant to create another Guardian on the world it was sent to, before it went astray. In the novel First Frontier , members of the Clan Ru, a species whose pre-sentient ancestors — Earth dinosaurs — had been rescued by the Preservers before the mass extinction , used the Guardian to destroy the asteroid which would hit Earth, allowing their species to remain and evolve there.

The timeline would be reset by Kirk, with the assent of the Clan Ru, when they discovered that in this altered history, their species destroyed itself in a series of nuclear wars before it could reach the stars.