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Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction Lasting Stars examines the issue of stardom and longevity and investigates the many reasons for the persistence or disappearance of different star personas. Through a selection of chapters that look at issues such as inappropriate ageing, national identity and physical characteristics, this book will be the first volume to consider in depth and breadth the factors that affect the longevity of film stardom.

The range of stars includes popular stars who are approached from fresh angles Brando, Loren , less popular stars whose lower-profiles than their peers may be surprising Taylor, Shearer and stars whose national identity is integral to their perception as they age Riva, Bachchan, Pavor. Bucky Crawford.

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George Rennick. Fred Herbert - Breakdown Fred Herbert. Eliah Meek. Charlie Gibson.

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Ed Burns. Sergeant Shanley.

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    The Attendant. Frank Henderson. Navigator Hatch. Wally Dawson. George Diedrich. Kildare TV Series Dr. William Galdi - The Horn of Plenty William Galdi. Jeb Turner.

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    Orator Oudry. Rio Jones. Sam Naylack. Abraham Lincoln. Jeb Grant. Charlie Barnes. Jim Profit.


    Jeff Stewart. Bunty Dear Mom, Dear Dad I was also asked to do some spot illustrations for the second issue. I was going to write an article but I didn't have the time. The creator and editor wanted it to be filled with lots of different genres, including arts and crafts and other hobbies! To view the issues of 'Regardless' available, please use the web address below. These are the first editorials I produced.

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    One of the first projects we received in our second year at NUCA was to pick out articles that interested us and create imagery to go alongside it. I found it a struggle at first and I know it wasn't my strength at the time, but I'm still proud of the imagery. These are my mock up editorials, and I think I will try and do some more over time just to test myself now and then. These following editorials are the finished pieces from an exercise I was given. A freelance opportunity came about which was to become the designer, art worker and to layout for an independent children's magazine.

    Unfortunately, I didn't get the job, but it was a really good experience and a pleasure to work on. All the images were hand drawn and then scanned to be coloured digitally on Photoshop and a little on Illustrator, and then all laid out on InDesign. I was sent the 'articles' and had to create illustrations to go with the text and work everything around each other on the pages.