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It is a page-turner for anyone interested in cultural diversity and mesmerizing prose. It provides access to documents from an assortment of genres, sermons, political tracts, newspapers, books, pamphlets, maps, legislation, literature and more. But when a member of The Family arrives and upsets the delicate balance in Carina's life, Jay chisels away at the barrier Carina has erected around her heart and offers himself as her protector and friend. Laying out a theologically insightful account of what happens during doubt, Wennberg helps us understand how we can cope with these dark episodes and even profit from them spiritually.

Danger surrounded them from multiple enemies on all sides. Also, the book starts off abrubtly with "In the night he is with you" so when I read it to my daughter I simply change the word 'he' to 'Jesus. Fellowes, Sept. XIX c. Henry John Todd, in his edition of the Poetical Works of John Milton, discusses Milton's indebtedness to Dante, and gives a lengthy list of parallels between the two jioets. Robert Southey, in letter to Willian Taylor Nov. Fox, in letter to J. Trotter, says ' I have only read part of Dante, and admire him very much. I think the brilliant passages are thicker set in his works, than in those of almost any other poet ; but the want of connexion and interest makes him heavy '.

John Aikin : article on Dante, and criticism of the Commedia, in vol. Notice of Dante in FMglish Encyclopaedia. Mathias prints for the first time in England Dante's Caiiz. Henry Crabbe Robinson, in the account of his toiu- in Germany in his Diary, describes Shakespeare, Goethe, and Dante as ' the triple glory of modern poetry '. Trans- lated into English Verse, with preliminary Essays.

Notes, and Illustrations. Cromek as frontispiece to vol. Fox, in conversation Jan. Fox, in letter to Lord Holland June 6 , quotes Inf. Trotter, speaks of the obscurity of Dante owing to his allusions. In Monthly Magazine Aug. Richard Wharton: translation of Inf. Imitated in English Heroic Verse. Jones, on the present State of the Irish Stage, imitates and quotes Inf. Benjamin Robert Haydon, in a list of thirty-eight subjects for pictures, includes as No. Comparison between Dante and Saemund, the former being described as a ' talkative Showman ' in Annual Review, an History of Literature.

Cary Aug. William Wordsworth, in letter to Sir G. Beaumont Oct. William T. Coleridge in Anima Poetae describes as ' a poem of wild and interesting images, intended as an enigma ', Dante's Canz. FusELi : oil painting of ' Count Ugolino. Richard Duppa, in Life of Michael Angela, records the artist's devotion to Dante, and discusses Dante's influence on his art.

Thomas Moore : motto from Inf. Lord Byron invokes ' the shade of Dante ', in letter to John M. Pigot Aug. Original and translated, 5 vols. Anna Seward, in letter to H. Flaxman's ' Compositions from the Divina Commedia ' first pub- lished in England, with quotations from the Italian text, and trans- lations by Boyd. Biographical Review, i. With Notes, and Life of the Author. George Cooke : engraving of portrait of Dante, after Stradanus pub. William Beloe, in vol.

Mathias prints for the first time in England Dante's Cam. Passo passo risconirata, con lunga e scrupulosa diligenza, su i testi delle piii approvate edizioni, antiche e moderne, e da ogni tipografico neo tersa ed emendata. Londra, 3 vols. An edition, with the imprint Londra, had appeared in , but this was actually printed at Leghorn. A brief Life of Dante is prefixed to the first volume. It contains no notes. Londra, 3 vols, 12mo. A Life of Dante, and other preliminary matter, is prefixed to the first volume.

The third volume contains index of proper names. Londra, 12nio. This is the first collection of Dante's lyrical poems printed and published in England. FusELi, in letter to J. Knowles Aug. Ill Quarterly Review Nov. See also under Foligno, ; Mantua, ; and Jesi, Jesi edition is exceedingly rare, only six copies being known, of which three are in England see Athenaeum, June 23, July 14, XVI editions of the Commedia were included, of which only one Venice, , sold for 28s.

In Quarterly Review June , Art. Walter Savage Landor, in A Commentary on the Life and Character of Charles James Fox printed anonymously in this year, first published in , contrasts Dante and Ariosto and emphasizes ' the irresistible fascination of the former. Leigh Hunt, in letter to Brougham Sept. In the sale of ' rare and fine books ' from the library of Colonel Stanley April -May were included three editions of the Comniedia, Grangier's French translation Paris, , and Carlo d'Aquino's Latin translation Naples, In Quarterly Review July , Art.

Coleridge, in lecture on Shakespeare at Bristol Oct, 28 , remarks that Dante was unconscious of the greater power working within him, which carried him beyond his original, Virgil. Byron, in his Journal Nov. Alexander Chalmers : notice of Dante and criticism of the Comniedia in vol. Joseph Forsyth, in Remarks on Antiquities, Arts, and Letters, during an Excursion in Italy, in the years and , displays an intimate acquaintance with the Commedia, numerous quotations from which are introduced in the narrative.

John Chetwode Eustace, in his Classical Tour through Italy, speaks of the ' originality and grandeur ' of Dante, and quotes sundry of his geographical descriptions. Bland in Quarterly Reviezv April , Art. In Quarterly Review Oct. Lord Thuelow, in Moonlight, and other Poems, introduces Dante in company with Homer, as among the authors read by his uncle, the Lord Chancellor, in his old age. Notes are printed at the end of each volume. Reviewed in Gentleman's Magazine, Mar.

Mathias, in a note to Gray's ' Some Observations on the use of Rhyme ', in his edition of the Works of Gray, quotes and applies to Gray an adaptation of Par. Byron prefixes mottoes from Dante to the several cantos of The Corsair, viz. Sir S.

Brydges, in Restituta, suggests that an ' Essay on the Infelicity of Poets ' might be composed on the ' sorrows of Dante and Petrarch and Tasso ', and the sufferings of Spenser, Milton, and other English poets. Buonaparte's Charlemagne ', in the same Dec. In European Magazine, and London Bevieiv, the beauties and defects of the Commedia are appraised vol.

Ixvi, pp. Countess of Bessborough, in letter to Lord Granville Leveson Gower July 13 , a propos of her rapid journey from Stuttgart to Brussels, to see her wounded son, quotes Inf. NoTT, in his edition of Tlie Works of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, and of Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Elder, makes frequent reference to Dante, discussing his versification, with quotations, and his use of particular words, and dwelling on the simplicity and majesty of his style. Percy Bysshe Shelley, in essay On the Revival of Literature, characterizes Dante and Petrarch as forerimners of the revival of letters ; and in the Speculations on Morals numbers Dante among the masters of expression.

DiBDiN, in vol. XV editions of the Divina Commedia, viz. In European Magazine, and London Review, in continuation of the previous review of the Commedia see under , a number of the finest descriptive passages are quoted in the original. Clara Mary Jane Clairmont, in letter to Byron c. April , transcribes Dante's sonnet to Guido Cavalcanti ' Guido, vorrei ' , and applies to marriage the last line of the inscription over the Gate of Hell Inf. Leigh Hunt, in preface to his Story of Rimini, explains that it is founded upon the episode of Paolo and Francesca in Inf.

In the sale of William Roscoe's library at Liverpool Aug. XV, and five of Cent. In the Catalogue of Printed Books in the British Museum twenty- four Dante items are registered, including two editions of Dante's Opere, fourteen editions of the Divina Commedia, Trissino's transla- tion of the De Vulgari Eloquentia , and the editio princeps of the Vita Nuova ; besides Villegas's Castilian translation of the Inferno Burgos, , and the English translations of Rogers , Boyd , and Cary Epitome della lor Vita, ed Analisi dei loro principali Poemi.

Thomas Love Peacock, in Headlong Hall, introduces a ' terzetto ', ' imitated from a passage in the Purgatorio viii. Shelley : translation verse of Dante's sonnet to Guido Caval- oanti ' Guido, vorrei ' , and of a sonnet of Guido to Dante ' lo vegno ' ; and adaptation of Francis Horner, while at Pisa, writes copious notes on the Inferno, some of which are printed by C.

Lyell in his Poems of the Vita Nuova and Convito Wordsworth, in letter to S. Coleridge, in letters to H. Cary Oct. John Keats, in letter to Haydon Nov. Coleridge, in Biographia Literaria, remarks on the union of poetic genius with the love of libei-ty in Dante and other great poets ; expresses the opinion that Dante is excelled by Shakespeare in the ' picturesque in words ' ; refers to Dante's jealousy for the purity of his native tongue as exhibited in his De Vulgari Eloquentia ; in an estimate of the Commedia ranks the Inferno above the Purgatorio and Paradiso ; contrasts Dante's Hell with that of Milton ; suggests Canz.

Walter Scott, in chapters 12 and 13 of Rob Roy, represents Diana Vernon as invoking Francis Osbaldistone's assistance to inter- pret a difficult passage in the Commedia, which he speaks of as Dante's ' wild and gloomy poem '. Isaac D'Israeli, in vol. Ansley : oil painting of ' Francesca ' Brit. Biographical notice of Dante, with sketch of the ' general plan ' of the Commedia, and numerous translations in prose and verse, in Monthly Magazine Feb. Ugo Foscolo, in Edinburgh Review Feb. Coleridge, in lecture in London on the Troubadours Feb.

Haydon, in letter to Keats March 25 , expresses the wish to have Dante under his head on his death-betl. Byron, in canto iv of Childe Harold, describes Dante and Ariosto as ' the bards of Hell and Chivalry ', and upbraids ' ungrateful Florence ' for her ejection of Dante. Keats, in letters to B. Bailey June 10 ; July 22 , says the only books he is taking on his tour in Scotland are the ' minute volumes ' of Cary's Dante.

Charles Abmitage Brown, in letter to C. Dilke Aug. Leigh Hunt, in letter to Mrs. Shelley Aug. William Sotheby, in a poem on Florence in Farewell to Italy, and Occasional Poems, speaks of Dante's ' chord of fire ', and of ' the rage of mad dissension ' which caused his exile. Henry Hallam, in View of the State of Europe during tlw Middle Ages, gives an appreciation of Dante and of the Commedia, remarks on the style of the Vita Nuova, and quotes Dante's reference to the lingua oil, and his account of the dialects of Italy, in the De Vulgari Eloquentia.

John Cam Hobuouse, ui Notes to the fourth canto ofChilde Harold, gives an account of the life of Dante, and of the fluctuations of his fame as a poet ; and in Historical Illustrations of the same canto, appraises the debt of Parini and Monti to Dante. Peacock, in chapter 6 of Nightmare Abbey, represents ' Scythrop ' i. Listless ' as remarking that he finds Dante is growing fashionable, and that he is afraid he must read him ; in chapter 20 of Melincourt, quotes Purg. Coleridge, in Tfie Friend, quotes Canz.

FusELi : oil painting of ' Dante overcome by pity and terror Inf. Shelley, in letter to Peacock from Naples Feb. Frances Bunsen, in letter to her mother from Rome March 16 , expresses her agreement with Connop Thirlwall's preference of the Paradiso to the Inferno or Purgatorio. Keats, in letter to George Keats April 18 , expresses his delight with the story of Paolo and Franeesca in the fifth canto of the Inferno, and encloses his sonnet, A Dream, inspired by the subject. Shelley, in letter to Leigh Hunt from Livorno Sept. Moore, in his Diary, at Florence Oct.

Byrox, in letter to Murray from Venice Oct. The second edition corrected. With the life of Dante, additional notes, and an index. Coleridge annotates his copy of the second edition of Gary's Dante. Tlie notes are printed in Dante in English Literature, i. Agnes st.

Leigh Hunt, who printed this poem in his London Journal for Jan. Byron, in canto i of Don Juun st. Abraham Rees : notice of Dante in vol.

10 Inspiring Italian Literary Quotes About Travelling

Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Literature. Sir Richard Colt Hoare, in Classical Tour through Italy and Sicily, says Dante's description of the infernal regions would fail to convey an adequate idea of the crater of Aetna. George Ensor, in Radical Reform, characterizes moderate reformers as no better than Dante's neutrals Inf. XV copies of the Commedia, viz. La Divina Commedia di Dante. Niiova edizione corretta da S. Seconda edizione di nuove osservazioni accresciuta e migliorata.

Buxton Forman, Boston, Mass. Shelley annotates a copy of the Venice edition of the Opere di Dante 5 vols. Winter 52 Charing Cross Road, W. Bonmot ', in London Magazine Jan. Byron, in ' Some Observations upon an Article in Blackwood's Magazine', in his Journal March 15 , controverts the writer's assertion that ' no great poet ever had immediate fame ', citing Dante among other instances. In London Magazine Feb. Byron, in letter to Murray from Ravenna March 20 , encloses his translation ' line for line, in third rhyme ' of ' Francesca of Rimini ' Inf.

Keats : A Dream sonnet in Indicator, June Pope, in point of creative faculty, is classed with Dante and Milton.

Classics Summarized: Dante's Inferno

Shelley : translation in verse of the first canzone of the Convivio ' Voi che intendendo ' ; and in terza rima of Purg. In this year was published Prometheus Unbound, in the preface to which Shelley justifies his employment of imagery ' drawn from the operations of the human mind, or from those external actions by which they are expressed ', by the examples of Dante and Shakespeare. In the poem itself i. RoscOE : translation verse of ballaia of Dante ' lo mi son pargoletta '.

Shelley : The Tower of Famine in terza rima suggested by Inf. Landoe, in De Cultu atque Usu Latini Sermonis, raises the question as to Latin translations of Dante and Boccaccio ; instances the surpassing excellence of Dante's ' Ugolino ' and Alfieri's ' Brutus '; argues against the modernization of spelling in the case of Dante, among others ; and speaks of the green oases in the parched deserts of Dante. William Archibald Cadell, in A Journey in Carniola, Italy, and France, in the Years , , mentions Dante's portrait in the cathedral at Florence, describes his tomb at Ravenna, and quotes his remark on the number of Italian dialects from the De Vulgari Eloquentia i.

George's Fields a series of poems published under the pseudonym of ' Giorgione di Castel Chiuso ' , prints as motto on the title-page Gary's rendering of Inf. Defferrari, in Selections of Classic Italian Poetry, prints vol. John Payne Collier, in the seventh conversation of his Poetical Decameron, refers to Dante's use of the term ' tragedia ' in Inf. In Retrospective Review vol.

Shelley, in her Journal at Pisa Jan. In the poem itself he introduces sundry reminiscences of the Coinmedia ; cf. Byrox, in his Journal at Ravenna Jan. Bowles's strictures on Pope, he says that the subject of religion ' has failed in all human hands except Milton's and Dante's ' ; in letter to T. Moore from Pisa Nov.

Byron : The Prophecy of Dante in terza rirna. Clara Clairmont, in her Journal April 12 , likens her yearning for her child Allegra to that of Dante for the lost cantos of the Commedia. Shelley, in letter to Charles Oilier from Pisa June 16 , sends printed specimens of Taaffe's coinmentary and translation of the Commedia, and begs that he will arrange for the publication of the work in England ; in letter to John Gisborne from Lerici June 18 , he speaks of the neglected beauties of the Purgatorio and Paradise.

Shelley, in The Boat on the Serchio July , echoes st. Shelley from Ravenna Aug. Oilier from Pisa Sept. Wordsworth, in letter to W. Landor Sept. Lamb, in ' Witches, and other Night Fears ', in Essays of Elia, speaks of ' the cruel, tormenting, defined devils in Dante '. Peter Bayi. George's Fields, prints Itif. Shelley, in A Defence of Poetry, gives a lengthy appreciation of Dante, in the course of which he says, ' Dante's Vita Nuova is an inexhaustible fountain of purity of sentiment and language.

His apotheosis of Beatrice in Paradise Thomas Campbell, in Lectures on Poetry, emphasizes the impor- tance of Dante's style and diction as elements in his influence on Italian language and literature. Pozzesi, in Vocabulaire Poetique. Lady Mokgan, in Italy, quotes numerous passages from the Commedia, several of wliich she translates in verse ; in an appendix is an examination, by Sir T. Morgan, of the claim that Dante founded the Italian language.

Shelley, hi On the Devil, and Devils, contrasts the devils of Dante and Tasso with that of Milton ; and remarks how few read the Purgatorio or Paradiso, compared with those who are familiar with the Inferno, which, with the exception of two famous passages the Francesca and the Ugolino , he considers inferior to the Purgatorio.

In New Monthly Magazine vols, i-ii are numerous references to Dante, and an anonymous translation in heroic couplets vol. The project was frustrated by the death of the Duchess in Byron, in letters to Murray and T. Moore from Pisa Jan. In Quarterly Review April , Art. Both Byron and Shelley thought well of the ciommentary, but the translation in octo- syllabie terza ritim was a sorry performance. The commentary contains sundry translations from the Vita Nuoim and Convivio.

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The work, of which only the first volume appeared, was severely handled by Cary in the London Magazine for March and April ; it was also reviewed in the Monthly Review for Nov. XV editions of the Commedia, viz. Venice, ; Venice, Petro Cremonese ; and Venice, Thomas Roscoe, in note to the English translation of the Memoirs of Benvenuto Cellini, discusses Cellini's statement that ' Dante and Giotto were together in France, and visited Paris ' ; and mentions Giotto's portrait of Dante in the Chapel of the Podesta, at Florence.

Charles Mills, in Travels of Theodore Ducas i. Peacock, in chapter 10 of Maid Marian, parodies Inf. Shelley, in The Triumph of Life, refers to the Commedia as ' the rhyme Of him who from the lowest depths of hell. Through every paradise and through all glory, Love letl serene, and who returned to tell The words of hate and awe ; the wondrous story How all things are transfigured except Love ' Londra, 2 vols. This is tlie fifth edition of the Commedia printed and published in England, and the first in which no foreigner's name appears.

Verse and Prose from tlie South written by Byron, Leigh Hunt, and Hazlitt are numerous references to Dante, to whom the editors pay homage in their preface ; viz. Pisa and Dante i. Robert Graves : portrait of Dante, after Raphael Morghen, engraved as frontispiece to vol. In Blackwood's Magazine Fieb.

Alan Cunnikgham, in letter to Cary June 30 , expresses his deep appreciation of Dante, which he owes to Cary's translation. Taylok, in MotUhly Review Aug. In Monthly Review Nov. Naples, ; and Venice, ; making a total of ten Cent. XV editions in the Althorp Library see under , Byron, in The Age of Bronze st. Kemble Mrs. Butler , in Record of a Girlhood pub. Landor Jan. Londres, 2 vols. Hazlitt, in ' On the Fine Arts ', in Encyclopaedia Britannica, criticizes Sir Joshua Reynolds's attempt to depict ' Dante's Count Ugolino, one of the most grand, terrific, and appalling characters in modern fiction '.

Byron, in canto xvi. Like that of hell. Dreadful as Dante's rhima, or this stanza '. Landor ' , records Voltaire's alleged preference of Ariosto, ' whom he had never read,' to Dante ; and ' Alfleri and Salomon the Florentine Jew ' by the mouth of Salomon criticizes the defects of Dante, but asserts that in his Commedia ' there are more thoughts highly poetical, there is more reflection, and the nobler properties of mind and intellect are brought into more intense action, not only than in the whole course of French poetry, but also in the whole of Continental : nor do I think I must here speak with hesitation that any one drama of Shakespeare contains so many '.

Lord Grenville : Latin elegiac version of Par. Richard Price, in notes to revised edition of Warton's History of Poetry, quotes ii. Dante's remarks on tragedy and comedy in the letter to Can Grande Epist. In No. Petrarch, he emphasizes Dante's power of description, which he says ' in the Divine Comedy is displayed in its highest perfection ' ; and asserts the impossibilitj'' of the poem ever becoming hackneyed.

Gary Dec. A list of the whole, witli descriptions, by W. Rossetti, is printed in Gilchrist's Life of Blake, ii. Cary, in letter to Rev. Price Jan. B9 Jank Baillik Welsh aft. Carlyle , in letter to Thomas Carlyle Jan. In Quarterly Review March , Art. In Edinburgh Review April , Art. Henry Brougham, in Inaugural Discourse as Lord Rector of the University of Glasgow, dwells on the conciseness of Dante's style, many instances of which he quotes from the Commedia. Leigh Hunt, in ' Criticism of Female Beauty '. Sir Walter Scott, in letter to W. Rose Oct.

Robinson, in his Diary Dec. Mills, in his History of Chivalry, quotes ii. Tliis is the first vohime of a projected commentary on tlie Commedia of which no more was issued in Foscolo's lifetime. The complete work, edited by Mazzini, was eventually published in Robert Hall, as recorded in O. Gregory's Memoir of him , relates to a friend how he had been led to study Italian, in order to read the Commedia, by Macaulay's parallel between Milton and Dante in the Edinburgh Review Aug.

Rossetti's alleged 'important and extraordinary discovery ' with regard to the hidden meaning of the Commedia. Robinson, in letter to Miss Wordsworth Feb. In Quarterly Revieio March , Art. Sestini is reviewed. In Westminster Reviezo Oct. More- head, p. Landok, hi lines to H. Dante's long labyrinthine line Is straiten'd and drawn tight by thine. John L. Elizabeth B. Artists, No. Only two volumes, comprising the Inferno, saw the light.

Rossetti regarded Dante as a member, both in politics and religion, of an occult society, having a close relation to what we now call Freemasonry ; and he opined that the Commedia and other writings of Dante. Moore, in Edinburgh Review Oct.

Gary, in letter to Gabriele Rossetti, says that if his hypo- thesis as to the hidden meaning of the Commedia ' shall stand the test of strict examination ', it ' must be accounted one of the most remarkable discoveries ever made in the history of past ages '. Rose's translation of Orlando Furioso, V. Notice of Dante in Museum of Foreign Literature, xi. Charles Strong : translation verse of Son. Wordsworth, in his Sonnet on the Sonnet, says ' The Sonnet glittered a gay myrtle leaf Amid the cypress with which Dante crowned His visionary brow ' ; in his Reminiscences, he speaks of Ariosto and Tasso being ' very absurdly depressed in order to elevate Dante '.

La Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri. Londra, 12mo. This is the first English-printed edition of the Commedia complete in one volume, and the sixth edition printed and published in England. Noticed in Monthly Magazine March. Frontisi iece of ' Krancesca and Paolo ', engraved by Kedaway, after Briggs. Redaway, as frontispiece to pre- ceding. Blake : Illustrations to the Inferno of Dante. Rossetti's claim to have discovered the true key to the hidden sense of the Inferno is admitted. Hallam, in letter to Milnes Gaskell June 25 , translates in blank verse Purg. Gaskell, priv. Landoe, in Imaginary Conversations ' Landor, English Visiter, Florentine Visiter ' , says the Florentines were not created for the gloom of Dante, but are alive and alert in the daylight of Petrarch and Boccaccio.

Leigh Hunt, in Lord Byron and some of his Contemporaries, comments on the descriptions of the sea by Dante and other great poets ; discasses the influence of climate on poets, Dante and Petrarch, for example ; and asserts the siqjerior originality of these two over the Augustan poets ii. Paul's words in 1 Cor. Jameson, in The Romunce of Biography, or Memoirs of Wotnen loved and celebrated by Poets, gives an account of Dante's love for Beatrice, and translates sundry passages from the Vita Nuova, including Son. John Wilson, in a review of the above in Blackwood's Magazine Sept.

Florence, , with eighteen engravings King's , and Bressa, St. Peacock, in Tlie Misfortunes of Elphin, quotes Inf. XV Egerton , Commentario sopra la Divina Commedia di Dante. See Lyell's preface p. Moore, in chap. Macaulay, in ' Essay on Robert Montgomery's Poems ', in Edinburgh Review April , a propos of Montgomery's description of a dead warrior lying on his breast and staring at the skies, aptly quotes Inf.

Rogers, in Italy : A Poem, introduces sundry reminiscences of Dante, with occasional translations, the parallel passages being quoted or referred to in the notes, e. John" Bowring, in Poetry of the Magyars, a propos of the literary influence of Italy upon Hungarj', quotes p.

Tennyson, in The Poet, refers to Dante as is supposed as ' The poet. Dower'd with the hate of hate, the seom of scorn. The love of love '. Alfred Howard : Dante in Biographical Illustration. John Macray, in The Golden Lyre. Hallam, in ' A Farewell to the South ' in terza rima.

John Abraham Heraud, in preface to his epic poem in terza rima. The Descent into Hell, discusses the experiments of his predecessors in the use of Dante's metre. Hallam, in letter to W. Brookfield March 4 , from Somersby, in allusion to his attachment to Tennyson's sister, says ' even Dante, even Alfred's poetry, is at a discount ' ; in his Oration on the Influence of Italian Works of the Itnagination on the same class of Compositions in England, he refers to the account of the meeting between Sordello and Virgil in Purg.

Frances A. Kemble, in her Journal April 23 , claims on the authority of Dante's canzone, ' Donne, ch' avete intelletto d'amore ' V. The third edition. With the life of Dante, notes, and an index. Susan E. Ferrier, in Destiny, quotes in vol. Digby, in Mores Catholici : or Ages of Faith, quotes two or three hundred times from the Commedia, in Gary's translation, to whom he acknowledges his great debt as the interpreter of 'the great poet of the ages of faith ' ; he also translates one or two passages from the Vita Nuova and Convivio.

In Edinburgh Review July , Art. Rossetti's ' Comento anali- tico' is reviewed and the extravagance of his theory exposed. Kemble, in her Journal Aug. Leigh Hunt, in the new edition of his Story of Rimini, in the ' Argument ', says the poem ' is founded on the beautiful episode of Paulo and Francesca in the fifth book of the Inferno, where it stands like a lily in the mouth of Tartarus '.

RoscoE, in ' The Tourist in Italy ', in the Landscape Annual, discusses Dante's references to the Visconti in the Conimedia ; and remarks on the neglect of Dante by the Florentines, and on the absence of any monument to him in Florence. Charles Macfarlane, in The Romance of History : Italy, makes frequent reference to Dante, and prefixes to many of the tales mottoes from the Commedia ; among the episodes he includes Dante's exile, with translation of Conv.

An English translation by Caroline Ward was published in Rossetti, in G.

Book L'odore Dell'inferno (Italian Edition) Pdf | Rocitur Books Index

Rossetti : A Versified Auto- biography p. Burney, records i. Burney ' had recourse to the works of Dante. Leitch Ritchie, in Travelling Sketches in the North of Italy, in the ' Story of Lelia ', represents his heroine as having recourse to ' sortes Danteanae ' — ' Sortes were wrested from the pages of Dante '. John Rogers Herbert : oil painting of ' Francesca ' Soc. A second edition, with portions of the translation recast, and additional notes, was issued in the same year. Lamb, in letters to Louisa Badams Feb. Cary Sept. Tennyson, in letter to Mrs. Russell March 10 , quotes Inf.

Wordsworth, in a sonnet on Greenock, in Poems composed during a Tour in the Summer of , introduces an adaptation of Inf. Medwin, in The Shelley Papers, records, a propos of Shelley's diffidence in his own powers, that ' he used to say that reading Dante produced in him despair ' ; and quotes his attribution of ' the union, and energy, and beauty, which distinguish from all other poets the writings of Dante ' to the spirit of liberty. Lamb, in letter to T. Manning May 10 , describes how he and Mary Lamb had read the Inferno and were reading the Purgatorio ; in letter to H.

Gary Oct. Macaulay, in letter to T. Moore, in A Character, introduces a simile from Dante — ' Like those odd shapes, portray'd in Dante's lay. Brydges, in his Autobiography, Times, Opinions, and Contemporaries, among other references to Dante, remarks on the active lives led by him and other poets i. Free parking.

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Sign in — opens a dialog box. We Price Match. Apartment La Terrazza sul Mare Beach. This property is either next to the beach or will have its own private access. Beach Airport shuttle. Airport shuttle available at an additional charge. You can request this in the next step. Airport shuttle. La posizione, pulizia della struttura, aria condizionata Andrea, Italy.

Het uitzicht en alles is heel dicht bij supermarket,bakker,koffiebar enz enz Alard, Netherlands. Posizione eccellente. Great location! La Terrazza sul Mare Reserve now. La Terrazza sul Mare home and apartment-like properties by Booking. These represent quality ratings based on factors like facilities, size, location, and service. Very Good. Samuel Finland. Thelma Italy. Francesca Italy. Filippo Italy.