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February 21, at pm. Pasta is unbelievable. The calzones are out of this world. Our first time going there was on Saturday, and we went right back on Tuesday. Now we are thinking of excuses to get back over there even though it is a two hour drive from our house. The owner makes the dough, tomato and BBQ sauce, and five different salad dressings from scratch.

He also smokes brisket on site. The food is better here than from any restaurant where you would pay twice as much. Wanda Giancola said:. March 29, at am. What a great surprise!! Mama herself was there along with other family and they all made us feel so welcome. They took time to explain all of the home cooked foods , the extra efforts put into the menu. We cant wait to go back because we have so many more things we want to try. And Thanks for the chocolate cake for our anniversary!!

Daisy said:. April 30, at pm. Daisy Jerk said:. Please do not put this word to this amazing family owned delicious restaurant. Their foods are truly amazing. Plus, judging people like that will make American no longer great again. March 9, at pm. I think you are the racist, carlos. If I went to the third world hellhole that you came from and criticized the rice and beans and goat meat, you would probably be offended, too.

I have eaten there several times and was always happy with the food and service. In fact, I think I will go have a late lunch there today. Cheyenne said:. October 15, at am. The food was delicious and the service was phenomenal! A large group of us came pretty late at night and they were more than willing to accommodate us. Not a single one of us had issues with the meal from the salads to the pasta! Loved the family atmosphere. Would definitely come back! Jami said:. Our family was in town visiting for the night and we are so happy we picked Mama Nunz to stop and grab a bite from.

The atmosphere is laid back and very welcoming. The staff was nothing but friendly and they took the time to tell us the history of the family business.

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Ordered the manicotti and was not disappointed. It was so delicious. Loved everything about this establishment and I would recommend to anyone visiting or passing through. Harvey said:. March 29, at pm. Yeah, Carlos! You have made your uneducated and judgemental point!

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You are an embarrassment to yourself and your family! Now go troll another site! The odor you left here is nauseating! And the prime rib was great!! If you leave this place hungry then something is wrong lol!! Last night I threw a surprise birthday party in one of Anthony's party rooms. Everything was excellent from the room set up to the food, and the staff. The staff themselves were courteous, professional, and went above and beyond to make this a wonderful time for my family. I was so impressed and pleased with everything they did.

Thank you so much to Cheri who helped me coordinate all of this. The party was a huge success!!!

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I would certainly do this again and would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to have an event or party! My husband and I visited their establishment out of curiosity. We were very pleased with ALL the staff. They are a team, and they all help each other take care of their customers.

I never had an empty glass, and they kept our dinner moving. From the dinner rolls to the dessert we were very pleased. We are planning our next trip aready. My fillet mignon was out of bounds!! The price was as expected for an upscale steakhouse. Love love love this place. My wife and I went for dinner on a Saturday night with high hopes and we were not disappointed. This is Betty. Without her, literally NONE of this would be possible. Betty is a force of nature, she is the most artistic, thoughtful, creative, caring, and selfless person I have ever met. Also, she is my wife.

Betty is making the aprons that all the cooks and servers will wear at G-Love by hand. She is also making the bread baskets, the candle-holders, she is helping me with the interior design, she is the driving force behind all the DIY amazingness that is G-Love.

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Without her G-Love would not exist. Pledge for an apron, pledge for a bread basket, pledge for Betty!

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This is a technique that I learned from an extremely talented chef, Aaron London. AKA hazelnuts I have made these spiced hazelnuts my own by creating a custom spice blend that I will never share until the day I die. The only way to get these before opening day is to pony up and throw down with a generous pledge! I have already broken in one of these badass branded totes at the farmers markets here in Portland and let me just say, this tote is a keeper. If you only knew the trials and tribulations, the fire gauntlets that had to be traversed, the epic medieval fight scenes that had to be conquered in order to offer this mug to y'all.

If you knew you would pledge for them all! Long story short, it was a little complicated to get these made, but they are here, on Kickstarter, patiently awaiting your clicks and pledges! Please give these mugs a good home, they really deserve it. Also, they hold coffee. I hate websites that are over complicated, so ours is super simple. A restaurant website should communicate only a few key details: Where is this restaurant?

What is on the menu? What does the food look like? How do I make a reservation? So, if you want to be a part of the realest restaurant website out there then you should definitely ball out and pledge to have your name immortalized on ours. We promise we will make your name look super classy and of course, YOUR name will be bigger than all the other people that pick this pledge. I might even throw in a little hallelujah for your pledge! This is a tasting menu. We are gunna have to wheel you outta the restaurant with a trolley. You want this.

I will spoil you. Check out a sample menu below! I will share my secrets with you, whatever you want to know about cooking I will teach you. What a day! Our bartenders will teach you whatever you have always wanted to know but have been too afraid to ask about cocktails. Come in to work a day at G-Love and see what it really takes to make a top restaurant hum! No need to be intimidated by this pledge, I promise, everyone at G-Love is really nice!

If you have ever watched Top Chef, or another food show and felt curious about the life, then pick this pledge and scratch that itch! The cooking class happens on a day when the restaurant is closed. We can collaborate on what you would like to learn, or I can put the menu together and you and your friends can just enjoy the ride! Also, I own the restaurant so we can crank the music and just live life to the fullest. But most importantly, we are going to eat some really, really delicious food!

Jay and Jordan Uth have both been farming for over 10 years, and it shows! They are an integral part of what makes G-Love so special. Their dedication and countless hours spent working the land at Olde Moon Farm is awe inspiring. Without Jay and Jordan, G-Love would not be possible. The work that Jay and Jordan put in every day ultimately ends up on the plates at G-Love.

If you choose this pledge, you will get to meet them in person and bask in the glorious sunlight of the Silverton Hills. Picture this; frolicking on the farm, harvesting the freshest veggies, and maybe taking a stroll up to the hidden pond in the woods.

I will personally guide you and three friends through all the amazing nooks and crannies of this amazing place. After the tour, drive back up to Portland for your dinner at G-Love. Sounds like a pretty good day to me! There have been highs, lows, and times when I thought I was never going to make it work.

I will be your open book. I will coach, advise, and propel you towards the restaurant of your dreams that we both know you are going to make happen. You are going to will this restaurant into existence. You are going to build something from scratch. But everybody needs a leg up now and then. I have lived it. This is a serious amount to pledge but it will pay itself back in spades when you have the restaurant of your dreams! If you have gotten this far down the page, I salute you!

Thank you so much for your generous pledges, it really means the world to me. I love that we live in a world where a complete stranger can have a real impact in helping someone else realize their dreams. But if you have pledged on the G-Love Kickstarter page we are no longer strangers! Opening a restaurant is an enormous undertaking, especially when your goals and aspirations for that restaurant are as lofty G-Love's.

G-Love is an independent, Chef-Owned restaurant. When the Chef also owns the restaurant the possibilities become endless. With all that fun aspirational talk out of the way, it leaves us with the realities of the business. A lot of restaurants fail, actually, MOST restaurants fail.

Profit margins are super slim in the restaurant industry. Overhead costs are extremely high and continue to rise every year. However, the main reason that most restaurants fail is a lack of working capital in the first year of operation. I have recognized that all-too common theme in the restaurant industry and have set aside a substantial amount of my opening capital budget to be used as a safe guard, or an 'oh shit handle' as I prefer to call it!

Steak House of Old Forge, New York featuring the finest in steaks, seafood, chicken and pork dishes

Setting aside a large portion of your opening capital budget to protect against unknown problems that will inevitably arise in G-Love's first year presents its own new set of challenges to overcome. That's where Kickstarter comes in! It is my hope that by securing money raised from pledges Thanks! I will be able to use those new funds on the details Think really cool light fixtures, detailed carpentry for tables and chairs, and hand-stitched leather accents that will make G-Love an amazing, beautiful, world class restaurant that will thrive for many years to come! Questions about this project?