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I have three characters that are not in a conversation Drirk the Rugged of Durotar, Lord Sanson Scarren, and Princess Phoebe of Odren , so if anyone wants their character to be in one or anyone wants my character to join in, then just say. I was thinking… Maybe Filia could approach Drirk. Yeah… okay then.

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Oh No! Should I be scared? Nah, no worries. Also, LaurelleE27 , do you want Zacharis to approach Rosalina?

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Since they are both bored and stuffing themselves at the tables at least Zach is lol , they could talk a bit. Oooh… Am I allowed to have an annoying sproglet overhear? New Releases. Description Peter takes you on a journey into the world of lighthouses and he begins that journey when he applies to become a lighthouse keeper.

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His first six months is spent travelling to 5 lighthouses as a Supernumerary Lightkeeper A Spare Man He is not alone on his journey as Margaret and their two girls go with him when they make the move to Edinburgh to join the larger lighthouse community based at Salvesen Crescent. Margaret picks up the story and says what it was like for her being the wife of a lighthouse keeper. The journey then takes them to the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse where they find their own piece of heaven thus giving rise to the title Star of the Four Kingdoms What do you plant, and where do you plant it?

Or do you spray it to within an inch of its life? How do you decide when to pick, how to vinify, how to age and bottle your precious harvest? How do you decide what will be in bounds, and what will be out of bounds, during the infinitude of decisions along the way? The laws have something to say about it. Not much, but some.

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I think the making matters. A lot. There, cheese is classified as one of four types: fermier, artisanal, cooperative, or industriel. Farmstead, artisanal, cooperative, industrial. Industrial cheese can be made from milk from anywhere in France. Coop is self-explanatory, popular because it spreads risk.

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But a farmstead cheese cannot use purchased milk. It must use only milk grown, raised, and milked on the farm where the cheese was made.

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And critically, the rules further detail the particulars of the make and aging processes to ensure the cheese will adhere to historical and traditional forms. Process matters as much as place. Farmstead cheese is a closed loop product, the result of a micro-community of practice involving animals — the dairy animals and the farmer-cheesemaker — plus plants, bacteria, and fungi.

Or a wine. What would a farmstead wine look like?

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A wine made following old-school winemaking, with little tinkering in the cantina, no monkey business to modulate acidity and sweetness, no designer yeast. Balance is key: A person grows and makes the wine, but vines and microbes, rocks and sunlight, should also have something to say. Wine, like cheese, relies on the neighborly cooperation of animals, plants, microbes, and site. This is why I like to say that a wine of terroir requires Four Kingdoms and a Place : Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Bacteria — and, of course, the vineyard.

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Vines are plants, yeast and mycorrhizae are fungi, soil and lactic acid bacteria are critical to the processes. The Animalia part is the farmer. Also bugs, and those pesky mice and deer. When it works, the wine is wonderful. In fact, the wine has to be wonderful.