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Comments 0 Share what you think. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. We asked seafood expert Bart van Olphen to spill his secrets for creating show-stopping salmon dishes. On top of all that, its mellow flavour makes for an easy introduction to fish for kids.

In general, we can divide salmon into Atlantic and Pacific categories. Many years ago, we could enjoy wild caught Atlantic salmon coming up the rivers from European countries such as Norway and Scotland. Unfortunately, our unlimited demand for salmon took its toll, and apart from some small-scale local activities, there are no commercial wild Atlantic salmon left.

This forced us to start farming salmon, and now Norway, Scotland and Chile have big industries to match our enormous demand for this tasty seafood. Wild Pacific salmon can still be found in areas such as Alaska, British Columbia and the Russian coast. Most of the wild salmon on the market is Alaskan, and is usually one of five species. Each of them has two specific names, one American and one Inuit:.

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If you opt to buy a whole salmon, make sure that the eyes are bright, the gills are red and the skin is vibrant and shiny. Another option is to buy a whole fillet, which is a side of salmon. Your final option is to buy pre-cut salmon fillets, which are offered pre-packed in the majority of supermarkets. For salmon, this means buying fish sourced from organic farms where farmers allow the fish more space to grow, and feed them natural food without any antibiotics.

Farmed salmon is available all year through.

Creamy Salmon Pasta with a Chilli Lemon Kick

The wild salmon season starts in May and ends in September, but you can buy it year-round in good-quality frozen portions and as smoked products. When buying wild salmon, look out for the Marine Stewardship Council label, and if buying farmed salmon, Aquaculture Stewardship Council label. The great thing about salmon is that you can cook it in so many different ways. If you want to eat raw salmon or make sushi or sashimi, farmed salmon is advised. This gorgeous sticky, citrussy salmon with a chilli kick is perfect for testing your new grilling skills. Actually it's quite simple.

It's an adaptation of a dish my friends Ed and Katie brought to my prebook party. Any shape of pasta works, but I prefer a small noodle such as shells or bowties. Despite what an Italian might otherwise recommend, I like to serve this dish with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. We cut the recipe in half to feed 2 and used an appropriate amount of refrigerated pasta for 2. The recipe was perfectly balanced. As one reviewer mentioned the quality of the smoked salmon is paramount here. I used one from Maine that has a little more pronounced smoke.

I did not need to add salt although I did add a little pepper. I though the quality of salmon to pasta was bang on. Too much and the dish would become way to salty. A little sprinkle of parm was good.

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I have broken the parm with fish recipes many times. One of my favorite baked fish recipes has parm in the bread crumb coating. The quinsentenial NYC deli sandwhich bagel and lox with a smear features a slice of red onion. Good lord. It isn't recommended for good reason. I followed the other readers' advice and increased the amount of smoked salmon 6 oz total.

I also threw in some lemon zest, which worked quite nicely. Good and will make again. I adjusted richness slightly by using half and half instead heavy whipping cream and adding the zest of a small lemon. Our family thought more salmon and capers would make it better. Next time I will use penne or linguini instead of orecchiette.

Pasta with Smoked Salmon and Capers

A college boyfriend made something very similar back in the mids, I didn't dare try to reproduce it without a recipe. Now that I've found one turns out it's crazy easy. Despite the comment of another reviewer: by all means use onions I mince them since my kids think they don't like onions , and garlic, and gently caramelize quite a bit.

The onions in cream provide the sweet component to this perfectly balanced dish. By the way, I can name several excellent fish-and-onion recipes off the top of my head, 'in case you didn't know'--eye roll. And of course the capers add a little sour. I increased the amount of salmon for this recipe and used fresh Coho Salmon, so I'd have tender salmon with no bones to remove. I had considered smoking the salmon and may try in the future.


Recipe is definitely a keeper. May not be low cal due to the cream, but the flavor is great and it's simple to prepare. And for another reviewer who commented that you don't pair fish with onions, come on!

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Stop following the rules. This is good! Recipe is definitely keeper. May not be low cal due to the cream, otherwise the flavor is great and it's simple to prepare. Great recipe!! So easy and everyone is impressed! Good smoked salmon is important.