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In order to become creative, you need to make the decision to do it.


How to balance full-time work with creative projects

Stop making excuses. Make the decision to exit the hamster wheel and create. But there is more to it. Your decision is first and foremost about what you really believe. If you believe that you have nothing to give to this world, or nobody will appreciate it, you will never finish your project to share it.

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If you believe that status quo is better than taking a leap, you never will. So what is it that you believe in? Ask yourself: What do I really believe about my creativity? Be honest. Decide to ditch the lies, and to believe the truth:. There is something inside of me that the world needs. People will appreciate my creations. I am creative and I can do this.

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I want to leave a legacy behind that is capable of making the world around me a better place. All of us have time, and are given the same amount. Take back control of your time.

This does not mean that you cannot relax and watch TV. To leave something behind. To change the world around you. Even if it means to sacrifice other things. There are 3 questions you need to ask yourself in order to find your creative sweet spot, and the first is about your passion. If you could do anything now, live any life and have any job, and money was no issue: What would you do?

What are you ready to do even if nobody pays you? Think about it, and write it down, all of your ideas, no matter how crazy they seem. Allow yourself to believe in them now. Let them be shaped into something that could be real after all. Now, you have certain fields of expertise. Look back at your life and analyze it: What have you always been good at?

How can you use your knowledge, your life experiences and your studies to advance your creations? If you really take time to think about it, this will give you incredible insight into your own unique capabilities. Believe me, this can give you incredible input. The last question is about what the world around you needs. There is so much noise in this world.

But this one thing is missing. Be it global, be it something in your community. Now, combine all of it: your passion, your knowledge, and the void. Where those three overlap, this is your creative sweet spot. Order books, subscribe to blogs and do research to get a head start into what you need to do and how you need to move on.

How To Get Started On Your Creative Project When You Haven’t Got A Clue What To Do

The fantastic thing about research is that it fuels you with ideas. The important thing is to start. Invest your time into reading blogs and books and begin to understand what your creative field is about and what you need to do to get started. Whatever you decided to do, you need to understand that there is a whole world behind it that had existed before you entered it. This goes for every field of work, be in business, filmmaking, teaching, psychology, craftsmanship, motherhood. Now you need to learn the rules of this world, understand who is important, what works and what does not, and you need to become part of this complicated world.

There is a massive history of this living and breathing world, and to become a part of it, you need to immerse yourself slowly into it. Enjoy the process! Meet people who will motivate you. Find online mentors whom you follow. Find people who are in the same stage as you are so that you can support each other.

Make sure you never pitfall into competitive thinking, but instead build up and encourage the people around you. There is enough room for every creative person, and as we nourish each other, the world becomes richer. When I find myself not listening to any podcast on book writing or marketing over the course of a week, I find my motivation slowly sinking. A community is important, even for introverts! And you can really find them anywhere: on blogs, in Facebook groups, or maybe next door. Those will be the people that will build you up when your lowest moments come.

The 10 steps to happiness — How to be creative and why you should

Now you are nearly fully equipped to start your journey. But who would embark on such a dangerous adventure without a proper map and route? Unfortunately, many do. This is why many fail. They get lost. They get tired, all because there was no plan to guide them. Sit down and take time to plan your endeavor. Break it down into steps, and give those steps deadlines. Even if self-imposed, deadlines are crucial in order to finish what you started.

Take your work and yourself seriously, and make commitments to stick to the plan. Here also, there is a lot of help found in books and online, crucial tips that will help you form a step-by-step plan. It will likely change over time, but you still have a map and a routine, and this will make sure you reach your destination. The time has come. You are fully equipped, and you can start creating.

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To reach this step, it really all comes down to step one: the decision to believe. This is the adventure of your lifetime, but also only the beginning. Know that there will be failure, and disappointment. You can get a poster board and fill it with your favorite quotes, draw an image on it, or fill it with inspirational sayings of your own.

Instead of making it by hand, you can also use Power Point , PhotoShop , or use an online poster maker. Write Flash Fiction. Flash fiction is a complete story which contains words or less. It contains the classic story elements: a protagonist meeting an obstacle, conflict or complication , and a resolution. Write a Manifesto. A manifesto is a declaration of principles and intentions, or the views of the writer. Here are some great manifestos to inspire you:. Write a Poem — Silverstein Style. Become An Idea Machine.

These ideas can be about anything. Here are some examples:. Draw Zentangles. You draw Zentangles by making patterns. Some refer to Zentangles as artistic meditation. Creative Writing Prompts. There are lots of great creative writing prompts online , as well as many books on the subject. Here are three to get you started:. Steal Like An Artist. Creativity is about combining existing elements, building on what others have done, and applying concepts from seemingly unrelated fields to your problem in order to come up with a solution.

One example of stealing like an artist is what Natasha Wing did. Get Out Your Coloring Book. The simple act of taking out a box of crayons or colored pencils and coloring in beautiful shapes nudges the right brain awake and allows creativity to flow. Plan a Harmless Prank. Start planning your prank, now. With a paint-by-numbers kit you can feel the thrill of creating an Impressionist masterpiece, framing it, and displaying it on your wall for the world to see.

Draw a Superhero. As I wrote in my blog post, How to Become a Superhero , there are forty superhero flicks due to be released before Hop on the superhero bandwagon by learning to draw superheroes. There are lots of great tutorials on YouTube. They were intended to raise the morale of the British public. Today, these posters are a meme. Create a Newspaper Blackout Poem. Austin Kleon writes poetry by redacting newspaper articles with a permanent marker. All you need to do to copy his style is the following:.

Create an Altered Book. Altered books are unloved, discarded books that are turned into works of art. Take an old book you no longer want and do any of the following: fold the pages; cut the pages; color the pages; glue images on the pages; cover the pages in fabric; make pockets; and so on. Just allow your creativity to go free.

10 Creative !! DIY Room Decor & Organization Idea -- DIY Projects

Make Paper Cranes. Origami is a Japanese art form which involves folding paper to create a nimals, birds, fish, geometric shapes, and so on. A classic origami design is the crane. Cranes are considered to be mythical creatures in Japan, and they are said to live for 1, years. An ancient Japanese legend states that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane.