PDF Development and Sustainability: India in a Global Perspective

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Urban infrastructure Green and smart buildings are important elements of sustainable urban infrastructure development and help ensure comfort and security.


Accessible medical treatment for all Access to affordable medical treatment is vital for livable cities and rural areas alike. Medical treatment. Sustainable cities roadshow Siemens showcases latest technologies for sustainable urban development at the multicity Indo-German Urban Mela Tour.

Sustainable cities roadshow.

A global business perspective on development and the environment

News Products and solutions Publications Videos. Previous 1 of 2. Pranav Patil Siemens India Send a message. Innovative airport for sustainable development The new Bangalore International Airport has been built in just 33 months. It is the first Indian airport to be built on a greenfield site in partnership with private companies.

Trust through proximity Ten value-based products for the Indian market. It is also a trusted method to connect grids of different frequencies. Energy efficiency program A great potential for energy savings, resource conservation and reducing energy costs lies in increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. Thus, we create a green city. News from the social media network.

Further topics Sustainable cities roadshow Siemens showcases latest technologies to build sustainable cities of the future at the multicity Indo-German Urban Mela Tour. Bangalore Airport The dynamic vision of Siemens is a soaring example of future-ready airports and infrastructure development. Efficient buildings Siemens is continually setting new standards for building energy performance with its intelligent, integrated technologies.

Smart grid Siemens smart grid technologies enable us to use energy more efficiently and protect our environment at the same time. The second part discusses how urban planning can shape our cities, examines various spatial configurations of cities, the spread of activities, and the demands placed on different functions to achieve strategic objective. It further focuses on the recognition that urban dwellers are increasingly under threat from natural hazards and climate change.

Written by authors with expertise on the applications of geo-information in urban management, this book showcases the importance of GIS in better understanding current urban challenges and provides new insights on how to apply GIS in urban planning. It illustrates through real world cases the use of GIS in analyzing and evaluating the position of disadvantaged groups and areas in cities and provides clear examples of applied GIS in urban sustainability and urban resilience.

The idea of sustainable development is still very much central in the new development agenda of the United Nations, and in that sense, it is of particular importance for students from both the Global South and Global North.

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Professionals, researchers, and students alike will find this book to be an invaluable resource for understanding and solving problems relating to sustainable urban planning and management. The Sustainable and Inclusive City. Towards Low Carbon Development.

The Compact-Competitive and Resilient City. Modelling Informal Settlement Growth. Modelling Urban Growth. Towards Equitable Urban Residential Resettlement. From till he was a senior researcher in transport planning and traffic management at TNO, the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, in Delft.

What is sustainable development?

From till he was a full professor in Strategic Transport Planning and Sustainable Development. In his current position he focuses on the application of Geo-Information Science in the field of Urban Planning and Management in education, research and projects.

Development and Sustainability: India in a Global Perspective

He has a vast experience in international projects all around the globe, and is author of more than scientific and professional publications. He has published research papers and book chapters in the application of GIS and indicators for policy making, urban poverty, quality-of-life and intra-urban inequalities. He received his PhD in Geosciences at the Ruhr-University Bochum in with a dissertation on information systems promoting sustainable land use based on spatial indicators. He has over 20 years of theoretical and practical experience in urban and regional planning in the global north and south and the development and use of geo-information and planning support systems.

Power supply for sustainable development

Fields of application have been urban land use planning, informal settlements, health and environmental inequalities, sustainable land management, climate change adaptation, hazard and risk management, and poverty alleviation and targeting. His research focuses on the transformation of urban areas into sustainable and resilient places for all. Main research interests are currently informed spatial decision making for urban planning in the global south, climate change adaptation planning at the local level, the application of collaborative spatial decision support systems in urban planning and micro-level modelling of urban dynamics.

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