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Seriously I was channeling my inner Britney Spears, circa shaved head era. Hold my earrings because things are about to get real. The distaste I had for those three individuals was unhealthy. I wanted a round or two with each and by the time I was done with them you best believe I'd come out on top. No joke, these books are taking years off my life. And knowing there's still two more books left in this series, I only hope I survive. I know for a fact I'll need to brush up on every breathing exercise there is, because lord knows I'm going to need them when reading the rest of this series.

Jul 12, Bela rated it liked it Shelves: ninja-cliffhanger. Another cliffhanger? No thanks. This was slow enough for me and has turned out into a soap opera. And there will be 4 books? I hoped it was a duet. Jul 06, Elsa Gomes BookishAurora rated it it was amazing Shelves: forbiddenromance , angst , guilty-pleasures , re-read-worthy , arcs , read-in Cane almost broke me. This book was better than the first and I honestly didn't think Quinton Cane could get better but he sure fucking did! I fell more in love with him and with Kane should this be their ship name or is there a better one?

So so much happened! The book was jam packed with action, twists and turns, betrayals, new characters and so much depth. You get to know so much more about Quinton but still not enough, there will be much more to know about Quinton's past in the next two installments in the series, and I cannot wait to know everything about the man! I want to know every single thing and also see where his relationship with Kandy goes next.

Their relationship in this book was honestly the best thing ever! I loved them together! There was SO much love between them, still the same kink and sexy times and those only seem to get hotter every damn time too! But there was so much more love in this book and I loved that. I adored watching their relationship grow, watching them stick together and come out to the world as a strong couple.

There was also a lot more drama and fights and ah so much of what happened had me shook! I wasn't expecting it and I wasn't ready, and despite not being happy with what happened because I love these characters and I hurt with them, I loved everything in this book! It was just blow after blow and twist and turns and just so many damn emotions, I was living. Cane had me on the edge waiting to see what would happen next, I couldn't put this book down, I just had to know what came next and boy I wasn't ready for that either.

That freaking ending. Another cliffy. Worst then the first one. I wasn't ready at all. And now I'm gonna die waiting until September to find out what was left hanging in the balance. It's gonna be hard let me tell you that. I wanted to keep on reading these two's story so damn bad. I wish the books were all out so I could binge them right now. Shanora Williams really pulled me into this world and made me fall madly for these characters and I am beyond excited and honestly a bit scared for what will happen next. Meanwhile I'll just go read The Venom Trilogy because Shanora said the series will tie in with the Cane series and also I honestly just need more of Shanora's words in my life.

She is a master at forbidden romance and her words are pure sex and I am so glad I found her.

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Jul 10, RentasticReads rated it it was amazing Shelves: new-adult , forbidden-romance , age-gap. Cane — an excellent and epic sequel to a forbidden romance that could easily be described as even better than the first book; characters we both love and hate; twists and turns that will make your head spin, your gut churn and your blood boil; and a massive cliffhanger that will make you want to pull all your hair out and leave your jaw hanging.

It was just one crazy, hot, or intensely nerve-wracking scene after the other Always will be. No matter the situation, no matter how fucked up life gets. Cane , better think again. Reduced to a blubbering, idiotic mess who just wants to find her own version of this man. But it always seems like life has other plans for her— for them. This book?

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It might even get uglier and messier than it already is Love is fucked up, man. Cane is a forbidden romance packed with all the heart-pounding angst, juicy drama, and mind-reeling twists and turns that will keep you craving, yearning and longing for so much more when it comes to Kandy and Mr.

I need the next book, stat! This book captivated me from the very beginning!! I was really looking forward to this book after finishing book 1 and I definitely wasn't disappointed. This book picks up right where the first left off so I didn't feel like i missed out on anything. It was a very intense story and so many things are finally revealed. I couldn't put it down once I began. This book was given to me at my request and I provided this review voluntarily. Jul 12, Amanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: age-gap , arc , taboo-relationship , reads , series , angst.

This book kept me on edge through the whole thing with so many secrets, ticking time bombs just waiting to explode. And when it exploded, man was it bad! Can't wait for the next book in this series to see how things play out! Jul 15, Elizarey rated it really liked it Shelves: advanced-copies-arcs. What a wild freaking ride!!! My emotions were all over the place while reading. I needed to know what happened, constantly being at the edge of my seat. I think my blood pressure sky rocketed!

This is one intense read. Shanora Williams sure knows how to throw a wicked curve ball! The inner turmoil that has separated both Kandy and Cane has reached an all time high. When secrets come to the light, you won't know what hit you! I absolutely loved the first book, but Breaking Mr. Cane has bewitched me. I have no words to describe how heartbreaking this book was for me to read. This book is so intense and powerful You could feel the tension rising by the end of the book.

I can't wait for what is in store for us Shanora Williams sure knows how to throw a wicked curve ball! I can't wait for what is in store for us with book 3. Jul 04, Betty Lankovits rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , favorites. And if I said I loved the first book, well then, I don't know what to say now. This series is getting better and better. I almost hyperventilated t the end. I can't even think straight.

This book, peeps, this book! I have no words, just exclamation marks. It's powerful, it's explosive, violent, intense and very emotional. Betty out! Jul 18, Tanaka K rated it it was amazing Shelves: absolutely-love , alpha , dirty-talkers , arcs , fav-couple , heartwarming , fav-series , favourites-of , interesting-plots , simply-droolworthy.

I am a huge mess over it. I want to punch something or someone. I want to kill someone. The urge is real. I was left in a pit with my emotions because of Breaking Mr. I was left with tears flowing and my stomach up in knots. This book mentally destroyed me. Cane absolutely laid everything bare. I felt the deep emotions. I felt the love seeping from the pa First of all I need to rant to Shanora Williams for that cliffhanger for Breaking Mr.

I felt the love seeping from the pages. I felt the angst till it choked me. I felt the conflict. I felt the doubts. Cane spoke a strong message through my heart and soul. Wow, Shanora Williams delivered. I might be a bit angry with her for screwing with my heart but she gave me an extraordinary book. Breaking Mr Cane took me on a ride. A ride with obstacles. A ride filled with heartache. A ride filled with choices. A ride filled with so many uphill battles.

My soul was ripped apart. My heart wrenched open. Breaking Mr Cane deeply settled inside me. The breathtaking story. The dazzling characters. Cane was a forbidden romance with so much angst and heartfelt moments that crushed my heart. Shanora Williams has a sinister mind. She will twist your heart, She will cut you with her words till you bleed. But her writing is beautiful. Her writing grips till it moves you. Her writing tethers you.

Heart Crashing. Breaking Mr Cane is a tug you heart journey filled with sinful desires, gut wrenching moments, deep love, inner turmoil that will touch you. Breaking Mr Cane definitely rocked my universe. Kandy and Cane bring so much fire and emotion to Breaking Mr. Theri relationship is raw, electrifying, haunting and quite possibly the best I have ever read. I am rooting for them. I am cheering them on because I adore them together, They might be some trials but it is their love that will push them on and fight every battle.

Do not judge Kandy by her age, She may be young but she is mature. She is headstrong. You feel her struggles. Over her guilt. Over her forbidden for Cane. Definitely makes her a very likable character. Cane is still sexy as ever. He still makes me swoon.

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In Breaking Mr Cane, you find what make him tick. You find out he has vulnerabilities. You find out he has a past that absolutely will shock you. If you have not started this series, you need to start it now. View 1 comment. Jul 12, Rosie J. Shelves: blood-is-spilled , dark-disturbing , caveman , erotic-a , heroic-anti-hero , ir-romance , suspense , want-in-your-corner , angsty , real-talk-on-hair.

One should always be weary of a woman scorned who isn't wrapped too tight. Now Cane and Kandy are dealing with the aftermath of Kelly's vindictiveness. All of their lives have been impacted and repercussions are felt, both far and wide. Separately, Cane and Kandy try to pick of the pieces of their tattered lives while wondering how they can salvage the remains and move on.

Trying on her forced maturity for size, Kandy is determined to immerse herself in her college experience by hanging out with One should always be weary of a woman scorned who isn't wrapped too tight. Trying on her forced maturity for size, Kandy is determined to immerse herself in her college experience by hanging out with Brody in order to take her mind off of Cane. Things don't go exactly as planned when Cane does something that makes it clear, he isn't going away quietly.

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Because life is determined to force Kandy to grow up, she becomes embroiled in someone's diabolical plan to get rid of her, once and for all. Feeling like the world is against her, Kandy only has one soft place to land with a person that's NOT going to interrogate her. He's her knight and her salvation, and together they determine that nothing is going to tear them apart. If only life were so simple. It's the adversity in life that molds us into the people we need to be in order to deal with life's curve balls.

Make no mistake, they keep coming fast, hard and furious -- at them both. Realizing that there is no magic pill or wand to make things better, Kandy makes a decision that we all saw coming from the beginning. It's one of her many life lessons learned and those lessons yet to follow. Her ultimate decision is necessary and gut-wrenching, and you will feel every bit of the pain in that room.

No one is spared and the damage is earth shattering and perhaps even irreparable. If that wasn't bad enough, the past comes back in a very painful way and the people in Kandy's life will have to decide if they want to remain enemies or if they want to combat the enemies that seeks to destroy them all.

Highly Recommended: Read It! Wanting Mr. Cane Book 1 Breaking Mr.

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Cane Book 2 Loving Mr. Cane or Raising Canes Jul 07, Laura- BookBistroBlog rated it it was amazing. Cane Cane 2 by Shanora Williams 4. Cane Cane 1 , All heck has broken out and everyone is involved! How could love between two be so hard? The only thing missing is Cane. He is Breaking Mr. Cane is trying to smooth out so many fires going on in his life. Cane, he is everything and more.

The ending…OMG never in a zillion years would I have expected this one!!! Shanora Williams you're in trouble!!!!! Giving me another cliffy that had me yelling at my Ipad. Talk about holy plot twists Batman - did not see that one coming - and now you're going to make me wait. You're sooo mean. Definitely recommend.

I received an arc of this book. What a cliff What a great book. First oh my gahh I want to thank the book gods that all three books are out now and I don't have to wait. Because boy that cliffhanger just about killed me. I have been freaking loving this series. I can't remember the last time I have binge read a series. Goodness I can't get enough.

This book has consumed me. I have been staying up late and taking every spare minute just to read a few more chapters. Just love it!! Can you tell?? Lol Candy Cane is soooo my fav couple right now!! I just don't kn First oh my gahh I want to thank the book gods that all three books are out now and I don't have to wait. I just don't know how much more they can take.

But I am here I am so freaking glad I found your books Shanora Williams!! Jul 04, Book Maniac Forever rated it it was amazing Shelves: top-favorite , favorites , sexy-rich-hero , sexy-read , forbidden-love , taboo , arc. Cane concluded, I was so eager to finally get my hands on Breaking Mr. Shanora Williams has a way to get you hooked on her stories and this novel blew my mind! I was expecting to love it, but it was even better than I could have wanted! You feel them both struggle with this distance and trying to move on like they promised each other.

That first part of the book helps exploring more in depth both characters and understand their forbidden fascination! It really got to me seeing them both apart, but I felt their deep-rooted love flowing through the pages.

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He is so mysterious and has a dark aura surrounding him, but he slowly exposes a little more of his background in this book. Kandy once again shows an impressive maturity for her age! She weights the choices and actions she makes, but still has this genuine innocence. You clearly feel the missing parts of her with the absence of Cane! They bring the heat to a new level with an atmosphere charged with searing lust, but also profound affection.

I loved that they are so transparent toward each other about what this relationship means to them! The wait will undeniably be excruciating for the release of Loving Mr. Cane in September! Jul 02, MJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , books. Shanora Williams brings forth her very best with this continuation in the Cane series! Cane picks up where we left off in Wanting Mr. Cane and I was completely taken aback at just how intense a ride this would be. Everything was and is still turned upside down as secrets were revealed which left Cane, Kandy and her parents reeling. I was almost afraid as to what could possibly happen next and if the hurt and the disappointment felt by so many could be resolved.

What I truly adored ab Shanora Williams brings forth her very best with this continuation in the Cane series! What I truly adored about this book was the chance to get to know Kandy a bit better as she is now a college freshman and living a life outside of her small bubble. I loved her roommate and some of the new friends she has started to make. Discussing the episode with Cinefantastique , producer Brannon Braga conceded that Blink of an Eye posed all manner of logistical challenges to the production team:. That was a very difficult script. It was a really, really tough concept to sell.

But we were very pleased with it. It was a very ambitious episode. We did our best to depict the evolution of a civilization over the course of thousands of years. I thought it was fun to go from seeing primitive people to seeing space travel. It had a very large cast and lots of sets, special effects, a very high-concept show. Indeed, some of these challenges are quite visible on screen, with Blink of an Eye straining against the limitations of television budgets and the constraints of the medium as it existed at the time.

Blink of an Eye confines the entire history of an alien civilisation to a series of short vignettes, mostly shot on the same sets and using less than a dozen actors. Of course, these dramatic contrivances can all be explained or justified. Blink of an Eye has just chosen to look at the conversations and revelations taking place on this hill. It seems likely that similar conversations have taken place, with slight variations, across the entire planet throughout history. It seems likely that those primitive tribes in the first vignette were not the only people to witness the arrival of the new star, and not the only to build the harbinger into their mythology.

Similarly, it seems unlikely that Kelemane was the only or even the first inhabitant of the planet to speculate that direct communication was possible with whatever that star represents. Even the scene in the observatory makes it clear that the inhabitants of the planet have been trying to contact Voyager for quite some time, it just so happens that this is the message that the ship happens to hear. Even without these appeals to logic and rationality, there is an appealing purity to how Blink of an Eye depicts its science-fiction high concept.

The decision to set the bulk of Blink of an Eye within a relatively confined area allows the show to anchor the audience in a very fixed view of the planet, giving them a very defined perspective from which they might watch the planet evolve. The episode offers a convincing portrayal of the passage of time through canny use of digital artwork. Blink of an Eye uses the same location in its establishing shots of the planet surface, while acknowledging that those shots are set centuries apart.

Blink of an Eye fixes its perspective in space, but not in time. As a result, the audience gets to watch a snapshot slideshow of the evolution and development of this culture, the growth of the community from a few scattered huts to a castle to an observatory to a science-fiction future. It is very confident and very assured televisual storytelling, remarkable given that Voyager was usually quite conservative in such matters.

It recalls the montages in Counterpoint. Even beyond the clever concept of showing the same view across four different time periods, these vignettes from the planet surface have an appealingly archetypal quality. The characters are all very broad, with Kelemane, Gotana-Retz and Trina receiving names. The characters talk in very generic terms about their world, so as not to confuse audience members with overly-specific back story.

The scenes set on the planet surface are consciously heightened, having that abstract theatrical quality that defines so much of Star Trek. There is an artifice to Blink of an Eye , but that is a key strength of the episode. Star Trek has very rarely managed to present a naturalistic or entirely convincing version of the future, arguably rooted as much in the theatrical tradition as in cinematic storytelling.

It is no coincidence that so many beloved Star Trek actors established themselves on the stage rather than the screen. Blink of an Eye condenses the entire history of a civilisation down to something approaching a stage play; small groups of actors on standing sets talking about grand philosophical constructs. After all, Blink of an Eye is about more than just this history of this fictional world.

It is not particularly interested in the finer details of the political relationships between various states or the mechanics of local sports teams, except that occasional references add a little flavour and texture to this civilisation. Instead, Blink of an Eye is a story about history and time, about what it is to sit outside of time and watch as history unfolds. Although these ideas are explored repeatedly across the Star Trek franchise, they are of particular interest to Voyager.

These are only the most literal of time travel stories, glossing over stories where the audience moves forward or backwards in time even as the crew remain fixed in place, as in Living Witness or The basic premise of Blink of an Eye is so deceptively simple that it is surprising it took the Star Trek franchise so long to attempt it. Time dilation has long been a fascination for science-fiction storytelling, dating back to H. Nowhere could the philosopher find cigar-smoking aviators or transplanetary love stories.

Indeed, science-fiction stories that exploit relativity often approach it in a metaphorical rather than literal manner, understanding the universal and symbolic power of the idea of time passing at different rates for different individuals.

The Legacy, The Legion and The Legend

Interestingly, Star Trek has been somewhat cautious about playing with these sorts of big ideas, at least on television. Perhaps this is because the franchise is aimed at a wide audience, and the production teams are wary about alienating viewers without a basic grasp of physics. Maybe this is an acknowledgement of the fact that the faster-than-light travel and transporter technology in Star Trek are of a much softer kind of science-fiction, and applying too much rigourous hard science-fiction might bring the whole house of cards tumbling down.

He conceived of a generation ship caught in orbit of a singularity that sped up the passage of time. It would take televised Star Trek a few years to catch up. The basic concept of Blink of an Eye owes a massive debt to Robert L. There are obvious parallels with the basic plot of Blink of an Eye , although Voyager understandably streamlines the concept for a prime-time television audience. Although Deep Space Nine did high-concept science-fiction less often than the other Star Trek series, it tended to compensate by filtering through a more personal perspective.

However, buried within Blink of an Eye is a story that is very specific to Voyager , tapping into ideas that are core themes of the long-running series. In particularly, it is telling how Blink of an Eye chooses to place Voyager outside of the accelerated space-time on the planet surface, presenting the ship and crew as a universal constant.

It is a constant, even as the world beneath it changes and evolves. Blink of an Eye makes a point to stress just how much change takes place for the inhabitants of the planet over the course of the episode. The changing backgrounds provide a clear sense of social progress, as do little changes in language about how they talk about Voyager. The ship is initially an angry god shaking the heavens, but their understanding of it grows over the course of the episode. First it is another city, then it is recognised as a space craft. Along the way, costuming and technology evolves.

In contrast, Blink of an Eye suggests that Voyager exists outside of time, while these characters below live and die. This idea is reinforced by the small arc focusing on the EMH, who is absent from Voyager for only a few minutes, but lives an entire life on the planet surface. Three years is a long time, Captain. One needs companionship.

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The EMH does not reveal any of this to his crew mates. They would not understand. They exist outside of the flow of time. In this, Star Trek is not far removed from the efforts of some historians. It points towards the sense of variability in the passing of historical time, as well as the implications, for the experience of time, of post-Einstein astrophysics. This is very much in keeping with how Voyager approaches the idea of time, and it is appropriate that Blink of an Eye was only the second episode of Star Trek to broadcast in the year The turn of the millennium technically marked the end of the nineties, but the decade lingered on.

The world did not end at the stroke of midnight, at the turn of the millennium. Life continued as normal, as Voyager had confidently and correctly predicted in There was no massive social upheaval, no change in cultural consciousness. The nineties seemed to exist in perpetuity, lacking the same closure that the collapse of the Berlin Wall brought to the end of the eighties. Time seemed frozen. Politically, the decade continued through at least September , although nobody could have known that at the start of the twenty-first century.

This sense of stasis extended beyond the political sphere. Art critic Jason Farago has argued that the nineties never ended in an artistic or creative sense :. Some of the art of the s looks decidedly dated. What if the s, far from being ancient history, are actually still going on? People will still queue for a free curry in an art museum; the only difference is that they snap it with their cameraphones before eating. The nineties exist outside of time, a concept that plays repeatedly throughout the run of Voyager. After all, Voyager did represent the end of history for the Star Trek franchise, in a very literal sense.

It is the last Star Trek series, from a chronological perspective. Even within the context of the series itself, Voyager has difficulty imagining a future where anything is radically different. It is no surprise that Voyager was the first Star Trek series to imagine a very distant future beyond its own setting, and the only series to insist on the rock-solid stability of that future.

It should be noted that this attitude is not unique to Voyager , but instead reflects a larger cultural movement. Two aspects distinguish the posthistorical cluster of arguments from writings which may, in some respects, be quite similar: first, their reference back to, and self-location within, a tradition of the production of meaning for which they no longer see any social future; and second, their avoidance of thinking about death, especially about the danger that modern civilisation will annihilate itself and the world, which is the central preoccupation of other writers.

Instead, the picture that looms for theorists of posthistory is of a mortal life lived without any seriousness or struggle, in the regulated boredom of a perpetual reproduction of modernity on a world scale. The problematic of posthistory is not the end of the world but the end of meaning. Voyager seems to epitomise this anxiety, imagining a future without any future itself. The conflict between Starfleet and the Maquis was baked into the premise of Caretaker , but brushed aside casually in Parallax. In contrast, it seemed like Starfleet faced no significant challenges to its political supremacy, the future just an extension and expansion of the present.

So Blink of an Eye allows Voyager to literally stand outside of history, to watch time flow for the people on the planet surface while everything remains static on the ship itself. The implication is clear, Voyager exists outside of time, quite separate from the flow. Indeed, it is revealing that the environment of the planet is not just accelerated but incompatible to Voyager. When Gotana-Retz and Trina find themselves on board Voyager, they discover a moment suspended in time. It recalls the imagery of Voyager buried beneath the ice in Timeless , literally frozen.

Blink of an Eye suggests that there is something more than just time and gravity that separates the inhabitants of the planet from the characters on the ship. Unlike Interstellar , it is not easy for characters to navigate between the various time flows. The EMH is the only character who can beam down to the surface. It is not merely that time moves slower on Voyager, it is that Voyager exists outside of time.

Indeed, the sight of Trina and Gotana-Retz collapsing on the bridge suggests that of fish that have jumped out of water. There is a sense that there is some vital element of their existence that is sorely lacking on Voyager. However, Blink of an Eye is about more than just Voyager. In some ways, it feels like a commentary on Star Trek itself. It plays as a genuine and sincere ode to Star Trek fandom, an interesting counterpoint to the more obvious and patronising portrayal of fandom in Pathfinder.

There is a sense that Voyager is not only standing in for Voyager over the course of the episode, it is standing in for the abstract concept of Star Trek as a cultural construct. The inhabitants of the planet are treated as Star Trek fans.