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The race dates back to and the main event is a marathon which takes in the full ascent and descent of the mountain. A fact I particularly enjoy about the marathon is that it was the first one in America to allow female competitors, right from the first running of the event.

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This year the event is part of the Salomon Golden Trails Series. They currently take place at 17 different venues all around the world and they are adding more all the time.

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They attract some of the top mountain runners but lots of people just do it for something different and fun, and you can even do it as a 4 x m relay if you can rope in some friends! Jungfrau Marathon.

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Let the stunning scenery distract you as you gradually climb 1, metres over the course of a marathon, to reach the finish at 2,m. The first 10k of the race is pretty flat and most of the climbing takes place after 25k, then, just when your legs feel like jelly, it heads back downhill steeply for the last kilometre! A vertical kilometre race in Canazei, Italy, which is about as tough as they get. The apex of a hill is arguably the most desirable part. After all, they provide superb views of not only the places around you, but also of the path up which you came.

Therefore, hills are objects of extreme safety and pleasure - they are to be sought at all costs. When one is encountered, the climb is better than the descent.

It's all uphill from here

The climb signifies that the best the crest of the hill is ahead. Rating Newest Oldest. Source s :. Add a comment.

When it's all uphill from here means that the hard part is over and it just gets easier Just means that the light is coming at the end of the tunnel. If you were wondering what "it's all downhill from here" it would mean the opposite Hope this helped Well, its all downhill from here usually means things are falling apart, right?

So uphill means that things are going to be good from then on. It means the hard part is over with. The easy part is over.

Things are hard from here to the end.