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An excellent illustration of this is an older movie called The Siege. It shows how the clash between civilian law enforcement and the military way can go terribly wrong. As a concrete example, Paul Vunak, foremost student of Dan Inosanto and a second-generation student of Bruce Lee, was hired to teach his hand-to-hand combat system to U. Navy Seals.

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This is a documented fact and is readily verifiable. James, Please read my article more carefully. Vunak is. So all in all, I think you misread what I wrote. Once again, a very insightful article and a very interesting read for me personally as I am a Systema Instructor and also hold a Senior Instructor Diploma in Practical Tai Chi Chuan which I think you know a bit about I have to say that I also agree with the logic of many of your arguments, in particular those regarding the statistics of the weighting of training time for active military personnel.

I would argue that experience in public order, crowd control and dignitary protection is very relevant in helping bridge the gap between combat application and civilian application. Furthermore, like your Special Operative friend, many of these gents develop incredibly strong mindsets which give them great preparation if and when they decide to devote themselves to the study of martial arts. This group are in the minority, I agree but they are out there for the discerning pilgrim.

Thanks for the article. Good read. I agree and mentioned that too: many soldiers train on their own to improve their H2H skills. Just like many of them train on their own with firearms. But there are still a lot of crucial differences and you know how I feel about those. Excellent points made once again. Great write up Wim, context is king indeed, we give that advice to novices who enter the dojo on the first day. All of these are as important as punches and kicks, perhaps more important.

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The military is like a big ole sword rather than a scalpel….. People who get so easily offended have no place in a debate or discussion…. The military needs people trained to a level proficiency that provides predictable results in a short amount of time. Armies are made up hundreds of thousands of members with a very small, select few gaining any real in-depth, long term training that is continuously expanded.

This is rings especially true when you look training time. Most elite soldiers will have been in the military 4 to 10 years before joining an elite organization that will require them to spend another 2 to 5 years in training to be considered qualified. Most Operators spend more time becoming operators than the average soldier will spend in the military during his entire enlistment. I do know some exceptions though from much earlier times , guys who got into elite forces at an early age. It is easier to think of it like this; a common soldier from antiquity until the present needed the equivalent of a technical certification to be effective on the battlefield as an army while a true elite soldier has put in 10, hours to get to were he is at.

And they choose to pursue this end with the tenacity of life long martial artists. A great lesson for martial artists to take away from elite soldiers is in training. This is something that should be kept in mind in the martial arts school. Using traditional martial arts to build a core of skills is great, but adapting those skill to suit specific needs in training is important.

'A Sense of Entitlement'

Most instructors could not only establish a larger, more diversified following and training program but they could also expand their own capabilities by understanding such needs while also providing new cash streams to enhance their income without simply selling ranks or fru-fru class time. I liked this article. Either I kill you or you kill me. It has to take men who have been conditioned through every venue society has to offer that killing is inappropriate at best and will cost your immortal soul, mortal life, or both at worst and train them to go out and kill the enemy in a impersonal, dispassionate manner.

So, once a man is taught to kill in an impersonal, dispassionate manner how do you de-program this conditioning? By teaching men to aggressively engage in mortal-fatal at such personal range it is possible or the same soldiers to make a mental connection to aggressive military oriented combat and evaluate it as more with a sense of self defense than offensive action. This allows them to engage the enemy with less inhibition and less psychological trauma.

It also makes it easier to reintegrate such a man back into everyday society simply because a significant portion of his combat conditioning was instilled in him in a way that he is able to moralistically approach violent situations with a sense of self preservation or protection of someone else. Another issue is skill maintenance. Military organizations want a quick to learn system that can be expanded with minimal personnel and expense. Also most, like many soldiers, have attained such training on their own outside of military channels.

If your life or the life of a loved one is not in immediate danger, you have no right to use physical force of any kind. If you do you will most likely end up in court facing serious charges. Walk away. Call the police. If someone is drunk and being belligerent at a cocktail party — leave. Call the police if things are getting out of hand. You have no obligation or right to subdue him. If someone unknown to you attempts to strike you, you should use the fastest and most damaging techniques possible.

He may be armed. He may be extremely dangerous. This is absurd. It is a recipe for getting killed. What, are you going to pinch the bad guy at a pressure point? PUt him in a submission hold? He pulls a knife and guts you like a pig. Self defense is all or nothing. If more of us had this attitude people would display lot better manners when interacting with each other. Those who attack others should get what they deserve — serious injury or death. Military techniques can be very effective, since self defense is essentially doing battle on an individual level.

Those methods proven to be effective in hand to hand combat should be the first ones in the toolbox. Some of what you said seems reductio ad absurdum and a straw man argument to me. I would suggest talking to a criminal defense lawyer specialized in self-defense cases. Believe me, even 1 hour of physical training a day meaning mostly cardio is pushing what troops ordinarily do. Other skills might only be done once or twice a year, such as going to the range. Thanks for your input. And I agree, most troops have very little h2h training.

Thank you very much. I had to scroll a little further down Google. But well worth it. Very humorous while dishing the goods. IMHO military training is not that complex as civilian selfdefence. There is the secretary going home from her job, a child being molested or a senior is held up for money. Sign up for updates on new books and videos from Wim! Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. We respect your email privacy. Email Marketing by AWeber. It sucks when instructors abuse their roles and do not follow the rules. I am lvl 3 and our instructors at benning are very passionate about not allowing instructors to beat up on their joes during the clinch drill.

The rules are set for the safety of their joes and it is not supposed to be a "rites of passage". If they did that when you went through, they should have been reprimanded. They are only hurting the program. Couldn't agree more. At that time it was a right if passage and a simple excuse to just smash on joes. This is also shown true in medieval fighting manuals, I've studied a couple from various eras and all of them cover grappling in extensive detail, while many completely omit striking. Sorry, I'm on mobile, so I can't go into much detail right now. Fancy that.

Just happened to accidentally realize that we've had this brief interaction. Also, congrats on starting Judo! What the actual? How coincidental! I haven't started Judo, I'm starting next year, but I'm gathering the informations now. So thanks? I would love to know a guy who teaches HEMA systems. Super cool. HEMA are an interesting topic, because very few of them have survived, and those that have tend to have been a bit watered down in order to be practised as a sport looking at you, fencing.

I would imagine striking in armor isn't too effective, so that makes sense. Unless you can club a dude in the head with a gauntlet, but if you're disarmed and they still have a weapon, they're gonna fuck you up if you don't grapple them.

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You're always quick to find out who skipped the grappling section of the manual. In all seriousness I was in Iraq in and given all the gear we had to wear when dismounted the prevalent strategy was to hug and fall on people until your buddies could help. Our gear is so heavy they get knocked down until my buddies can help. It has always been my one true dream to die fighting for the motherland.

Special Forces Hand to Hand Combat 2018

This is a very pertinent part of the report, and explains that 'hand to hand combat' can include ANY situation involving the use of combatives training. The question regarding use-ofcombatives differed slightly in some of the PCSs. Example: While manning a checkpoint, I subdued a suspected combatant with a rear naked choke hold.

So, basically, not every event was life and death, many would have been arrest techniques used at roadblocks or during searches of houses, don't get too carried away with the thought of everyone is kung fu fighting. Although a few of the descriptions provided information about specific types of takedown, most were generic. The frequency of takedown as well as the inclusion of other specific techniques designed to transition a hand-to-hand combat encounter from standing to the ground i. The present findings suggest that the actions of many Soldiers were consistent with Army training in that they sought to subdue their opponent and viewed finishing the fight on the ground as an effective way to do so.

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Black Belt - Get Verified Click here to verify your rank to get black belt flair. Upcoming Streamed Events. Featured Posts Posts that provide original content with in-depth discussion. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Combined with his training and qualifications from the modern-day experts Mangels and Jordan as well as his association with the leading international instructors of the International Close Combat Instructors Association.

Geoff Todd has a lineage in military close combat unequalled by any living individual. From exponent training under Harry Baldock through to hand-to-hand combat and specialist self defence training under Charles Nelson and special operations armed and unarmed combat under Colonel Rex Applegate to passing his Army Special Forces instructor qualification course and achieving Master Chief Instructor status, Geoff Todd has moved up through the ranks and has been trained and qualified by the world's best, past and present.

The Todd System of Close Combat is a combination of the best of the best, past and present and includes over 20 years of his full-time commitment to developing a system that is practical, effective, battle proven and a true military science. The Todd System with over 50 specialist subjects, is current and correct and has been tested in the research and development phases as well as in urban and battlefield operations, the system has proven itself time and time again. The Todd System has been and is continuing to be instructed to regular force and special operations groups to this day.

Following in the direction of his former instructor's Geoff Todd realises his responsibility to the service personnel he trains and takes this responsibility most seriously. He works for the love of his trade and has a commitment to that trade and the people he trains.

A heavy weight rests upon his shoulders when you consider those he trains, life or death may well depend upon his commitment to excellence. He considers himself a caretaker of the close combat doctrine at this point in time and is fully committed to the continued research development and improvement of his close combat system.

His duty is not only to ensure the best in skills but the continuation of close combat practices and teachings well into the future and as such and unselfishly he has trained several assistants of the highest calibre to continue with the work that was handed on to him by his former instructors. There is nothing Geoff considers more deadly close or final than battlefield close combat and this is his motivation and commitment to the preservation, improvement and continuation of excellence in the field of true European military close combat.

He has clocked up over , hours of close combat work, a record that stands him alone. He simply has a brilliant mind when it comes to taking out the enemy and dirty fighting! Phase One is the key to all three phases, as it comprises of modules that instruct threat recognition, avoidance, prevention, counter and combating of the threat.

Phase One provides simple battle proven dirty tricks to combat a wide and varied range of martial styles by employing preventative measures to incapacitate or eliminate an enemy before they gain forward momentum or close in to secure a hold on you. Principles are instructed over set one option or one situation style techniques that do not allow for the factor of confusion or high levels of stress and diminished reaction times.

Having single options to prevent, counter and combat complete ranges of attacks provides the maximum levels of reaction and assessment time and in turn this increases the likelihood of achieving your objectives. The way you are instructed and practice combined with the skills and most importantly your individual will to win are paramount in achieving your objectives. The Todd Systems of Close Combat cut out all the wasted training that is not totally relevant to actual combat and provides only the most proven and current options that prey on enemy weaknesses.

You will learn a complete system of enemy destruction that allows for both situational change and human error. Fast Mapping is the term used to describe the ability through pre-learned contingencies to change options on the move for the tactically correct new option to combat the newly presented situation. We never offer our enemy anything that could advantage them. In combat it is anything goes, quickly and quietly, preferably without warning or if in hand-to-hand with the aid of the dirty tricks brigade. Principles that include impairing your enemy's vision, taking away the ability to breathe, circulate blood or taking away the ability to remain upright or move the limbs.

By employing methods that ravage your enemy psychologically and physically they will be a considerably lesser threat or no longer a threat. The Todd Systems may well disturb the average person, however in combat, where it is kill or get killed, it may well be the difference between life and death. Knowing how to take away any advantage specific enemy prior training may have provided is the objective of military close combat.

If your enemy wants to in-fight, let him do it against your weapons at close quarters or drop his pants to squeeze his crotch. If he wants to box, move and stamp him with the sole of your combat boot or shut him down at close quarters and target the eyes or nape of the neck to cripple, maim or kill your enemy who is bent on killing you. If they want to fight on the ground, offer them nothing, face them and target their exposed vitals until they are no more. Use a service or improvised weapon that will take away the will to grapple you on the ground.

Train the way you will fight in combat and in only what you will employ in combat because what you practice you will be best at and use. Many techniques that you see in demonstrations would never work if the assistant was not a willing participant bound by rules, respect and a studio environment, where often the methods have never been tested or proven. Never think like a sportsperson or traditionalist in combat, just take the enemy out, their eyes, throat and other vulnerable vitals are as susceptible to destruction as yours or the next persons.