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There are many things to consider about your post-surgery diet and oral care that will help speed up the healing process — like eating only soft foods and rinsing your mouth out regularly. Eating after your surgery can be tough, but there are some simple things you can do to make it easier. To eat after getting your wisdom teeth removed, stick with soft, room-temperature foods on the first day after your surgery, like yogurt, pudding, applesauce, or soup that's cooled down.

Then, after the first day, you can try eating some cold soft foods to help numb and soothe your mouth. Once it's been a few days since your surgery, try eating regular food again, starting with small bites. If you experience any pain, continue eating soft foods until you're able to start chewing again. For tips from our Dentist co-author, like how to avoid things that will make your mouth hurt after having your wisdom teeth removed, read on! Macau is an oral surgeon, periodontist, and aesthetician at Favero Dental Clinic in London. Categories: Wisdom Teeth. There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Plan ahead. Go shopping and stock up on soft, easy-to-chew foods before the surgery. Ideally, make them drinkable like yogurt and soups that don't have big chunks. Remember, your back teeth may hurt and you won't want to be chewing very much with your molars for the first few days and up to a week.

Drink water and juice, but avoid drinks like soda and alcohol. Start with soft, room temperature foods. Eat room temperature, very soft foods the first day after surgery. Try soup that's cooled down, yogurt, or puddings. Applesauce can be good too, just make sure there are no big chunks of apple. Add a little vegetable stock to create a soup.


Allow it to cool before you eat it. You can expect to not be able to open your mouth very wide soon after the surgery, so big spoons can cause problems. Make sure to have spoons that are the right size for you. Keep eating soft foods for the first three days or so. Your mouth needs time to heal, so you need to help this process by avoiding foods that require chewing.

After the first few days, you will likely be ready for foods that require a little chewing and don't have to be room temperature, like ice cream. Recovery time varies from person to person , as does the ability to eat afterward. Immediately after removal and for the next few days , people should eat liquid and soft foods.

An individual's healing and comfort will determine when they can eat more solid foods. A healthful diet is an important part of wound healing. However, pain, inflammation, and jaw stiffness can make eating difficult after wisdom tooth removal. People may receive specific instructions and antibiotics , in addition to anti-inflammatories and pain medication.

24 (Delicious) Foods You Can Eat After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Take every medication as directed. The dentist or surgeon may also recommend an antiseptic mouthwash to be used regularly, beginning 24 hours after the surgery. Doctors and dentists may prescribe an antibiotic called amoxicillin after a tooth removal to reduce the risk of infection. A review of studies found that patients who followed an antibiotic regimen had 70 percent lower risk of infection, 38 percent lower risk of dry socket, and less pain overall. It is important to finish a full course of antibiotics to prevent infection and bacteria resistance.

The dentist or surgeon may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs after tooth removal. People should take these as advised. A review of studies found that ibuprofen might be more effective than acetaminophen after this procedure. The amount of time someone should take off work depends on the severity of the surgery, and may depend on whether general anesthetic was used.

A person can prevent an infection by using antibiotics correctly, following any advice given by the dentist or surgeon, and avoiding the foods listed above.

Yogurt can be nice and soothing.

When new bone is slower to grow in the empty socket, this is termed delayed healing. One study suggests that this is difficult to predict unless someone has a weakened immune system. Delayed healing will not necessarily require another trip to the dentist or surgeon, and may only mean that recovery will take longer. Dry socket occurs when a blood clot does not develop in the empty tooth socket. It may also happen if a clot dislodges, and this is a common complication in people who use straws to drink.

Also, a person has a higher risk of developing dry socket if they:. If dry socket occurs, contact the dentist or surgeon who removed the tooth for a follow-up appointment. The wisdom teeth are close to nerves that can be injured during a removal. An injury may lead to paresthesia, which is the numbing of the lower jaw, lip, and tongue.

The risk of permanent numbing is very low. A person may experience temporary numbing for several weeks or months , which can make eating and drinking more difficult. Stock the home with liquids and soft foods before a wisdom tooth removal. Eating a healthful diet will improve recovery. If complications do arise, contact the doctor or dentist who performed the removal for a follow-up appointment.

24 (Delicious) Foods You Can Eat After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Article last reviewed by Sat 24 March Visit our Dentistry category page for the latest news on this subject, or sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest updates on Dentistry. All references are available in the References tab. Acton, C. The importance of nutrition in wound healing. Wounds UK , 9 3 , 61— Antibiotics: Overview. Bailey, E. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

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The effects of amoxicillin with or without clavulanic acid on the postoperative complaints after third molar surgery: A retrospective chart analysis. Journal of Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry , 51 2 , 1—6. Ishii, S. The horizontal inclination angle is associated with the risk of inferior alveolar nerve injury during the extraction of mandibular third molars [Abstract].

Add protein powder to make it a nutritional powerhouse. Yogurt and Ice Cream: Soft ice cream and creamy yogurts are best, especially the first couple of days after wisdom teeth are removed. Eat these creamy treats in a cup using a spoon and remember to avoid the sharp edges of chunky mix-ins or cones. Applesauce and Pudding: Their smooth texture makes them simple to savor; different flavors prevent boredom.

Beverages: After wisdom teeth removal, most beverages are acceptable. Last Words of Wisdom Be sure to follow all instructions given by your dentist and ask questions when in doubt. Pay attention to how your mouth feels and if chewing is arduous or painful, keep choosing soft foods until you are ready to return to your regular diet.

Make sure to get proper nutrition, including protein and vitamin C to promote healing. To get the dental care you deserve from an affordable dentist in Florida, call today at or make an appointment. Advanced Dental Care offers affordable family dentistry and gentle, compassionate dental care in Florida. With 21 affiliated practices throughout Florida, our offices are conveniently located with extended hours to meet your needs.

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It can take several weeks to fully heal after a tooth extraction. To support healing, it is important to follow an OMS-approved plan of what to eat after wisdom tooth.