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Podcast smart and easy with the app that refuses to compromise. Mark all un- played. Manage series By MirrorballMayhem.

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Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers. And we'll say goodbye to each week's eliminated contestant in ways only MM knows how to do!

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  6. Play Later. Mirrorball Mayhem - Season 22 Minion Ballies! DId you miss us?

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    We hope So! Mirrorball Mayhem - Season 22 Ballies! It's that time again, Minions - time for the Seasonal Ballies!

    Week 49/52 - Chill

    This week, it's Kim and TC's turn, as they give out the Bal All the work of the final three couples have paid off in Maks is back in the ballroom as a guest judge, and the celebs have to cont Two Nights, Three Competitive Dances, a final elimination at the end of the first two dances, and a fin However, changes happened during the week that involved one contestant, and it meant bringing just Sorry we're a day late - TC has been under the weather for much of the past few days, and it kicked into high gear Monday evening Polls go It's our biggest, most hugest is that a word?

    Mirrorball Mayhem - Season 21 Preview Show! Our fans check in with the TC and Kim have all their awards for season 20 right here, right now! Sorry we're a bit late getting this up - TC has been dealing with severe neck issues this week, but we're finally here to cover the two night finale - who was awesome, who if anyone got vote Mirrorball Mayhem's Minion Mashup! TC Defends And it's all up to the celebrities to get those final votes in!

    Reward Yourself

    Who will be going home just one week shy of the Season 20 Finals? Plus we've got some extra stuff, last week's poll resu Plus Kim is along for t After one round of antibiotics and some ibuprofen, the kid slept for 13 hours straight. I slept for 9 hours. I know I slept well because I woke up with serious sleep lines on the left side of my face.

    After my rejuvenating sleep, I felt ready to conquer it all! I even ventured out to Walmart to pick up some things for dinner since Kurtis was working late that night. Plus the real brewed taste of this tea is super refreshing - it totally hit the spot after my long week.


    I also loved the convenience of the It definitely hit the spot. So remember that amazing sleep I got the night before? Well, this time I made it about two hours until poor Cohen awoke hacking up a lung. After a long night of breathing treatments, numerous glasses of water, back scratches and stories, I was barely motivated nor alive to get out of bed. Don't tell. I survived the work day but left early to take Cohen to the pediatrician.

    The result ended up being the onset of his allergy induced asthma. We eventually made it home with more meds, but not before Cohen had a coughing attack at the pharmacy and threw up red slushy all over the aisle. Well Moms, you're not alone.

    High Heels and Mommy Ordeals: A Straight Up Mommy Mayhem Week and How to Survive It

    As you can see, we all have those moments. The ones where you wish them away as fast as possible. Those times that you won't ever welcome back with open arms.

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    That week of torture you are more than glad to see be gone. But with every horrible, no good, very bad week, there comes a silver lining. It's that fabulous feeling of kicking up your feet, taking a deep breath and realizing, "Oh my word. I seriously made it. And you did. Need a break from your Mommy Mayhem? Moms - tell me about that horrible, no good, very bad moment! How did you get over that mommy mayhem slump? Share your tips with us!