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Idiotic rich boy Bertie Wooster gets himself into some kind of sticky situation with another rich idiot, and his quietly sarcastic, above-it-all, genius butler Jeeves inevitably gets him out of it. Central to the book is the titular premise, which subsequently entered the vernacular. Felix Hoenikker, a Nobel Prize winner for inventing the atomic bomb.

The journey also takes John to a doomed remote island and everyone on Earth accidentally dies, which is par for the course with Vonnegut. The most famous and representative image of the book: Don Quixote thinks windmills are giant beasts, and that he must fight them. Ross Perot. Robbins extends his premise, improbably, to nearly pages. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg The tropes and unique sensibilities and perspectives of Southern literature converge with midth century, smirky, winsome comedy writing.

Like an earlier, funny, non-mawkish version of Tuesdays with Morrie, the book revolves around the friendship between middle-aged Evelyn and Ninny, the older lady she visits in a nursing home. How I Became a Famous Novelist by Steve Hely In this reality-blurring bit of ironic fiction, Hely, a writer for 30 Rock, The Office, and Letterman, gets to the heart of why anybody who does comedy does comedy: to get famous, to get rich, and to get laid.

Tired of being not famous, poor, and lonely, the protagonist sets out on a calculated journey to become, well, a famous novelist. His cynical quest, of course, succeeds at every turn. Plus, everyone is an asshole.

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You know, college. After the First Lady catches her husband, the president, having an affair with a movie star, she accidentally kills him. A media circus ensues. Regular guy Arthur Dent, while trying to prevent his house from getting demolished in favor of a new motorway, gets launched into space when aliens similarly blow up the planet in favor of progress.

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He travels through the galaxy on a stolen spaceship with the woman he has a crush on, his best friend an intergalactic hitchhiker , and a reckless galaxy president. The Princess Bride by William Goldman The movie is universally beloved, but the funny and often brutal fairy tale is just a part of the original novel, a complex work of metafiction.

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Morgenstern, which Goldman discovered when trying to buy a gift for his horrible, horrible son. Goldman interrupts the story often to tell the reader all of the lame and boring bits he wisely excised. I tried to throw it, but it stuck to my hand. Then I noticed the brand name: Sticky Dynamite.

In this installment, a homeless man comes to Burly to help him track down the two criminals with a time machine who went back in time and stole all his money. This has to be the first novel based on a podcast, right? Several familiar characters make appearances and things get funnier and also more unsettling as Fink and Cranor use the lack of limitations to heighten and yes-and the supernatural and absurd circumstances. Lovecraft novel if Lovecraft suddenly became extremely self-aware. Take Oh, God, for example, or Bruce Almighty, or at least one entry in every college one-act play festival.

When he decides to close the company, i. Bernadette Fox is a matriarch of a large, powerful, seemingly happy Seattle family. But apparently not, because one day, without telling anybody, she disappears. She has her reasons. That is, before it, and Kenney, fell apart. American Cornball by Christopher Miller This is a page reference book with entries arranged in alphabetical order written by a college professor that is essentially a deep, sociological dive into the American psyche of the early 20th century.

No, really — with her sharp and witty books like this one and The Partly-Cloudy Patriot, Vowell does for history what Neil deGrasse Tyson does for science. Assassination Vacation follows Vowell as she hauls her family on a series of road trips to the death sites of four major American politicians. This will be the only time you laugh out loud about how poor William McKinley died. Here then is the definitive work-biography of the tormented and revolutionary comic, perhaps the greatest comedian ever. Dangerously Funny by David Bianculli This is the collective image of the Smothers Brothers to a non-Baby Boomer: a sweater-clad brother act playing folk songs like the damn Kingston Trio and interrupting it for dad jokes.

When they land, both parties are devastated! His father answered the door. The teacher explained what Billy had said, and demanded an explanation. What is the proper weight for an attorney?

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About 3 pounds, ……. You should take your workboots off before you jump on a trampoline. An accident is when a bus full of lawyers plunges off the road, and into a river; a calamity is if they can swim. While walking through a courthouse, a kid enters an empty courtroom. And who should be sitting there; the judge. Judge: Good, I want you to go across the street and steal me a bottle of booze. The kid runs across the street, enters the liquor store, and when the proprietor is not looking, slips a fifth into the briefcase and brings it back to the judge.

The judge immediately opens the bottle and swigs half of it. Judge: Hey kid, I need you to run another errand. Go to them and tell them that the judge sent you. Bring it back to me. The kid runs to Slapdash Construction, tells them that the judge sent him, receives a brown paper bag filled with fifties and hundreds, puts it into the briefcase and takes it to the judge.


Kid: Hey wait a minute mister. A lawyer looks out his corner office window and sees an old man swaying back and forth. An hour later the lawyer looks out the window and sees the same man swaying back and forth. At the end of the day, the lawyer walks out of his office and approaches the man who is still swaying back and forth. I have not gotten my sea legs back. Two lawyers were sitting at a bar when a great looking girl walks by.

Picking through the objects on display he discovers a detailed, 12 inch tall bronze sculpture of a rat. The sculpture is so interesting and unique that he picks it up and asks the shop owner what it costs. His purchase made, the tourist leaves the store with the bronze rat under his arm.

As he crosses the street in front of the store, two live rats emerge from a sewer drain and fall into step behind him. Nervously looking over his shoulder, he begins to walk faster, but every time he passes another sewer drain, more rats come out and follow him. He walks even faster, and soon breaks into a trot as multitudes of rats swarm from sewers, basements, vacant lots, and abandoned cars.

Rats by the thousands are at his heels, and as he sees the waterfront at the bottom of the hill, he panics and starts to run full tilt. Making a mighty leap, he jumps up onto a light post, grasping it with one arm while he hurls the bronze rat into San Francisco Bay with the other, as far as he can heave it. Pulling his legs up and clinging to the light post, he watches in amazement as the seething tide of rats surges over the breakwater into the sea, where they drown. It was so cold last winter ……………… How cold was it? I saw a lawyer with his hands in his own pockets.

A Physician, an Engineer, and a Lawyer were discussing their professions. They were trying to determine which profession had been around the longest. That required the first surgery. So Doctors were here first. That required a lot of plans and engineering work, so Engineers were here first. If you read a little closer, it says that in the beginning there was chaos, and who do you think created chaos. God decided to take the devil to court and settle their differences once and for all. How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb?

Fifty four. Eight to argue, one to get a continuance, one to object, one to demur, two to research precedents, one to dictate a letter, one to stipulate, five to turn in their time cards, one to depose, one to write interrogatories, two to settle, one to order a secretary to change the bulb, and twenty-eight to bill for professional services. If a lawyer and an IRS agent were both drowning, and you could only save one of them, would you go to lunch or read the paper?

They are gutless, heartless, spineless and their heads and asses are interchangeable. A change in medical research regulations was introduced. From now on, medical researchers have to use lawyers instead of lab rats, and they should do so for three reasons. Two fellows are taking a balloon ride. The wind is really strong and they got blown to some unknown place.

They are slowly descending onto a field and see a man walking by. Where are we? What do you do for a living? He said what all lawyers normally say — something perfectly accurate and perfectly useless. The lawyer gets frequent flyer miles. If you have a bad lawyer, why not get a new one? Changing lawyers is like moving to a different deck chair on the Titanic. Two Kinds of Lawyers There are two kinds of lawyers: those who know the law and those who know the judge.

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Courtney Cronin View Profile. Dan Cronin View Profile. Mike Cronin View Profile. When it comes to comedy, Mike Cronin does it all: stand up, writing, improv, film, and sketches.

Cy Amundson Just Wants to Do the Work

Even some of his characters do stand up. In fact, recently he made it to the finals of the Funniest Person In Cincinnati Contest as himself and also a character. In the stand up world, he appeared in the first ever Limestone Comedy Festival. Jennette Cronk View Profile. Parody songs, light-hearted laughter, and comedic storytelling are Trevor Crook View Profile. Brilliant observational comedy delivered in a low-energy, laconic style all his own. Sunda Croonquist View Profile. Beth Crosby View Profile. David Cross View Profile. In , he released his first tour film, Let America Laugh, and was named 85 on C Jayson Cross View Profile.

Amy Crossfield View Profile. Tres Croswell View Profile. He talks about his life experiences and the world as he sees it! Aaron Crouch View Profile. Aaron Crouch, has wowed audiences across the southwest with his trademark pint-size humor and rapid-fire delivery. Performing for the last year in Las Vegas, the compact, combat comedian that packs more than a punch is not for the faint of heart!

With his X-rated jokes, high-energy, and no holds barred attitude, Aaron Crouch embraces the younger audience mentality. His in-your-face hu Samson Crouppen View Profile. Samson got his start in Chicago at the world Famous Second City theater where he appeared in several reviews. After many successful show runs, he chose to pick things up and move out west to Hollywood to pursue comedic acting full time.

Lance Crouther View Profile. Trae Crowder View Profile. Trae Crowder: traecrowder Recently earning national attention or notoriety, depending on your viewpoint for his "Liberal Redneck" series of viral videos, Trae Crowder has been performing his particular brand of Southern-fried intellectual comedy in the Southeast and beyond for the past six years. View Profile. The trio are co-authors of the best-selling book, Liberal Redneck Man David Crowe View Profile.

It was the dumbest of shows. It was erudite and sophisticated. It was bold and physical. He is Dick Cavet. He is Jim Carrey. It was horrifying. It was hilarious.