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Some examples of high-ticket offers include real estate, coaching programs, marketing campaigns, web design packages, luxury goods, information products, courses or business partnership agreements. The psychology between them are worlds apart.

25 Ways to Ask for a Referral Without Looking Desperate

High-ticket closing involves a sophisticated approach when persuading a prospective client towards making a commitment. They sell products and services that have real value in a marketplace. A good closer makes the customer feel thankful after a sale. Instead the clients come to them for help, usually after a qualification process to see if they are a good fit to work with or not. Skip To Chapter 3. Fewer people know how to sell, and almost no one knows how to close. Closing requires a higher level of finesse and intellect, so to be excellent at it you need to understand human psychology on a deeper level.

When you gain the high income skill of closing , you can change objections into sales, even when your prospect gives you a lot of resistance. If you want to be a business owner or manager, your ability to sell enhances your leadership because you become more influential. This skill can also be used in your personal life where you have to persuade your significant other, family, friends or even strangers to agree with you. When you learn the art of selling and are able to close big deals, you can define your income and lifestyle goals and actually have the ability to reach them faster than any other career.

When you are an effective closer, you can choose to work with only the high-paying clients that also want to deal with you no clients from hell , work anywhere that you want, and create a schedule that actually gives you more free time. There is a rising and urgent demand for great salespeople in many companies. Corporations often value their sales department more than others because they have the highest revenue-generating employees. Different industries need more high-ticket closers than ever, especially women in sales. Many women are strong at listening and building relationships.

These traits are why women in high-ticket sales are successful. A career in sales is often a profession that is looked down upon, but in fact, some of the highest paid people in our society are great salespeople. They all had to be great closers to talk about their vision to shareholders and the public.

They often make sales presentations on what they do to persuade and influence people to invest in their company stocks. By mastering this high income skill, you can adapt to fluctuations in the economy and job markets, influence people to support your big ideas, have the strong relationships that you want, and overall become a valuable person. But the high-ticket formula is about selling less for more. Entrepreneurs are conditioned to always strive for more sales, higher revenue, bigger office space, more market share, etc.

You can reach your income goal with less volume by charging higher prices. In terms of your life and business, think about your reasons for wanting more — is it driven by a purpose, a desired lifestyle, or your ego? Think about how you can hit your income goal and live a life of total freedom with fewer clients, products or contracts. When you sell a high-ticket item, you make higher profit margins. For instance, after being in business for years, the department store chain Sears, which was once the biggest retailer of USA, is now on the verge of filing for bankruptcy.

Their sales have been in a steady decline for more than a decade, and its last profitable year was Businesses that do high volume operations also require a more complex infrastructure to serve all their customers. They often have higher costs for acquiring customers in greater quantities. These businesses are never selling low-ticket offers. By having a high-ticket offer, you can afford to be more generous with your promoters, sales people or affiliates. When you have a high profit margin, you can pay out higher commissions, which automatically makes you more appealing to promote than a competitor that sells low-ticket offers.

1. LinkedIn Prospecting

Instead of just growing more, keep your business flexible, simple, and easy. This is the key to achieving absolute autonomy, which means confidently and securely doing what, when, where, with whom, and at the price and terms that you want. What does it take to become a great salesperson in high-ticket sales? In order to be a great salesperson, you should never represent, act, talk, or dress like a typical salesperson. Many people have bad experiences with salespeople where they were talked into buying something that they later regret. Conventional salespeople are thought of as fraudsters who are only motivated by a desire to make quick profit off others.

Conventional sales tactics have taught that you should always be very excited about your offer. Typical sales conversations involve making small talk pretentious bonding with a prospect, even though nobody really cares. One of the most annoying sales tactics involve making excessive follow-ups where you are constantly chasing sales prospects over the phone. This approach is the kind of bad positioning that takes away from your credibility, and will force you to tolerate customers and situations that make life harder.

Similar to a doctor, you should have a calm and neutral presence instead. In your tonality , speak with conviction and authority. They can tell that you actually want to help them instead of just going after a commission check. To sell your way and get what you want in life, you have to first help others get what they want. When you act like a true professional, your prospects will respond differently to you.

Everything that comes out of your mouth is sales. When it comes to high-ticket offers, you have to sell something you believe in and that makes you feel good. Sell something that you know would help and enhance the lives of your customers. There are four types of customers that you will come across in your business, but when it comes to your sales and marketing efforts, you should only focus on appealing to the sophisticated and affluent. Sophisticated Customers. By educating them it establishes expertise and builds trust in your relationship.

Sometimes they need time to make a buying decision. They will ask a lot of intelligent questions and take a close look at the written details of your terms as part of their research, and when they finally make a decision, they commit to it. They can appreciate a salesperson who gives them a superior buying experience. As long as they appreciate your salesmanship, and you sell them on a premium price, you can close them. Tune up your ability to listen closely and read people so you can be steps ahead in your sales conversations.

Can they trust that you know what they want and can solve their problem? When you listen and ask meaningful and thorough questions, people will tell you all kinds of deep information that will help progress the relationship. It starts with knowing how to read and observe people , sometimes from a distance, and instantly knowing something about their mood or intention. You have to pay attention to their body language. Are they opening up to you and are receptive to bonding? Or are they closed off? By reading people, it will help you recognize buying signals when they show up.

Some buying signals can be someone nodding their head attentively as you demonstrate your product, or if the prospect is touching and looking really closely at the merchandise. When it comes to being persuasive and having the upper edge in negotiations, the most important thing to know is that people are often self-centered. One focus is on a major pain or problem. This helps if you offer services that help people with their wealth, health, relationships, or personal and spiritual growth. These advanced techniques should be influenced with integrity.

Always deliver quality services and products to people with the best intentions. Using the status, symbol or glamour associated with limited quantity collectible items, exotic cars, art, watches, pens, liquor, or fashion. People enjoy paying for the things they value and it seems that the more they pay, the more they enjoy it. A shortcut to buying decisions is assuming that things that are more expensive are usually of higher quality.

Give your clients the simple pleasure of paying a premium rate for your products and services. People buy with emotion and justify it with logic. So make sure every part of your offering and marketing matches the needs and image that the premium buyer is looking for. This is successful with luxury brands that put customers through an application process and lengthening their buying journey because it generates a lot more desire. This means being put through a qualification process, application process, or wait list.

The more hoops your prospects jump through before you do business with them, the more they will value the experience. Think about how you can increase the level of the perception on your offer and brand. How can you increase the level of service and experience? What are some things that you can do so that your clients feel that he or she gets more than what was expected? People are always paying to be entertained and to get an exclusive, premium experience.

6 Sales Prospecting Strategies You Should Be Using

So how can you create that for them? When engaged in a sales presentation or conversation, think about crafting a truly amazing experience that appeals to all senses: visual, auditory, smell, taste and touch. People can always find the money to afford what they want. They do business with you because they believe that you can solve their problems. Clients come to you, instead of you chasing clients. You have to use the law of supply and demand in your favor. This means communicating that you are not easily accessible, by limiting the amount of clients you can accept at a time, or by having a waiting list.

If you take on as many clients as possible, this will tell the marketplace that there is an infinite supply of your time and services, but there is no value in doing that. By limiting your client list, you can focus on delivering value and exceeding expectations. The best time to do marketing is when your client pipeline is already full and you have more clients that you can handle.

This will drive up the demand and momentum for you even more, and you will have the autonomy and power to charge what you want.

12 Things Every Sales Super Star Knows

For example, Nicolas Kuzmic, the highest-paid Facebook strategist, takes on only 10 clients a year. Instead, he only accepts 10 clients a year. This shows he understands supply and demand. Because he has the reach of millions of people per year, supply and demand gives him the autonomy to run his business on his own terms by taking only five clients annually. High-ticket closing is very beneficial for professionals in the consulting business or anyone engaged in consultative selling at high fees or transaction sizes such as copywriting, digital marketing, financial advisory services, software systems, real estate, investments, etc.

To improve the quality of people you attract means improving yourself and your business. You attract clients that are similar to you. Your business is a reflection of you and your personal life. If your home is disorganized, your business will be too. To change this and get better clients, you have to make some internal adjustments to yourself and your self-image. Those who are afraid to buy, are always afraid to sell. You have to be a congruent person of value. If you want your clients to make large investments on you, you have to be a high-ticket client yourself too.

Commanding premium prices for your products and services means that you must also be willing to pay premium prices to someone else. Dressing for success is very critical , especially if you still have a long way to go until you reach your income and lifestyle goal. You only have one chance to make a first impression. You have to be attentive to every detail in your life and personal development to have absolute confidence and certainty in negotiations. For you to have no hesitation asking for big money, you need to have invested the same amount of money on various high-ticket items.

You also need to have invested in your own education and training to stay up-to-date, be knowledgeable and be in the cutting edge of your industry. A great way to expand your comfort zone is to constantly immerse yourself in an environment where luxury is common. Start subscribing to and reading more magazines that are meant for an affluent audience, such as the Robb Report or Fortune Magazine.

This changes your concept of wealth and money. When you look at these things and realize that there are people — affluent clients — that are spending that kind of money, it changes your mindset. In the magazines, pay attention to the language they use and the way they run the ads. Remember that there is always another higher mountain you can climb. One way to expand your horizons is to be around other entrepreneurs who are more successful than you. Instead of talking to people at the same level or at a lower level to feel good about yourself, have meaningful conversations with people who are a hundred times more successful because they will pull you up and help you see a different world.

It is one of the best ways for you to evolve as a high-ticket closer and entrepreneur. If you want to build a successful high-ticket business, you have to design it to attract the best and repel the rest. The worst clients in the world are cheap clients, because they are often the most demanding, difficult, unprepared and unreasonable. When you sell to the sophisticated and affluent, or to serious entrepreneurs, your life gets easier, less stressful and your clients will get better results.

Selling to players with money means working with clients who are ambitious and already successful and want to move to the next level of success in their lives. Clients like this understand the value of what you provide and have the work ethic to cooperate with you until you get results. Knowing this key piece of information allows you to create a very profitable high-ticket business. The key to good client selection is understanding that you are in the business of helping winners win more. When you filter this way, you get more clients that will appreciate and value your time.

Most people are skeptical and worried after being disappointed way too many times in their lives. This is why they would pay premium for your certainty. Otherwise you would be doing a disservice to the marketplace. What you can guarantee is your methodology and their commitment to actually doing it. Sell your prospects on the results they want. What they really care about is the guaranteed outcome. Doing cold calls to get clients will usually result in people hanging up on you.

So the first step is to construct a business life so that high-end clients keep finding you. Business is about who you know, and how many people know you. Farming is a better strategy than hunting if you want to widen the network of people that know about you on the Internet.

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This is the conventional strategy that a lot of entrepreneurs do, especially those who are new. They do a lot of the manual work of attending networking events, offering free consultations, prospecting, cold calling , cold emailing, doing proposals or passively hoping for referrals to come their way. This is what a lot of business owners think they have to do. When you approach a customer first, they have more of the power. Hunting will be constantly giving off the stench of desperation. Farming is the modern strategy of making this happen.

Get twice as Many Introductions & Referrals in Sales

It means having brand omnipresence through the use of your Personal Media Platform. If you have positioned yourself well, prospects who are seeking a trusted advisor will approach you themselves because they have come to trust you at their own pace over time and through multiple exposures and experiences. When farming, you never have to hunt again. To attract high-end clients that you want, you have to strategically craft and publish your message, story and persona out there so that people can find out who you are and what you do.

In order to build a long term sustainable business, you need to market a personal brand around your skill, performance, and excellence. Then have the conversion mechanisms in place to turn the attention you get into serious revenue. For high-ticket sales, the most powerful strategy is to have omnipresence, which means being everywhere on the Internet. They will bounce across different channels and platforms for some time before they can trust you.

1. Consistency Counts: Prospect Daily!

They have to research and consume a lot of your content at their own pace before they finally decide to do business with you. Social media is now replacing traditional media. Twitter has replaced the gossip or entertainment news tabloids. Instagram has replaced photo albums. Snapchat has replaced reality TV. YouTube has replaced regular cable TV. Podcasts have replaced radio. Blogs have replaced newspapers. LinkedIn has replaced resumes and business cards. And Facebook has replaced letters, birthday cards and diaries. How many of these social media platforms are you on?

This is a great strategy if you want to stack your success. Your personal media platform is your own sales department. Having omnipresence is important because it allows your prospects to eliminate all of the doubts they could have in their minds to choose you as the expert to help them. Do you prefer to use Instagram for your business? Click here to learn the legitimate ways to build an audience and promote your business. Those still add up to several minutes of your content being consumed.

And most of them would have bought something cheaper before they went and bought another product or service. This is the gradual process of making one small commitment to a bigger commitment. The consumption theory is about directing your prospects to consume your content, and then for example, lead them towards your Facebook page which could then lead them to more of your YouTube content. This process builds trust overtime as they get to know you.

Out of all the platforms right now, what do you focus on the most? This will depend on your purpose, your content, and what you want to achieve. YouTube is less search engine based now, but your videos can still come up in recommended videos. You can spend money to get a lot of followers, however there is less fan engagement. One advantage on Facebook is that you can target your audience, so one strategy is to target people who have watched an hour of your video. Other ways to expand your omnipresence is by hosting or attending events, running a podcast, having endorsements from other industry leaders, publishing books, public speaking engagements, and doing close up interviews.

A customer journey can go in this order as they bounce back and forth between your media platforms until they finally have enough information to decide on you. A YouTube subscriber is worth more than a Facebook fan or Instagram follower. If you have a big following in all platforms, you must be good. A YouTube customer is more valuable because they spend more time with you. They make better customers because a more intimate relationship has been built from them investing more time consuming your content.

They know all of your stories. People are also more likely to recognize and remember you from your videos over your other media platforms. You should have a lot of videos for your audience. Your first 10, subscribers or first videos are the most difficult. People liking and engaging with your videos will eventually have a snowball effect.

Products and services are all commodities. Unless you have something proprietary, chances are that somebody else out there is selling something similar. You communicate the standard on how you operate. Subconsciously your viewers will think that your fulfillment and delivery will be good. A consumer that is choosing between experts will more likely buy from a guy who has a YouTube channel with videos over someone who only has 5, even if they have the same amount of subscribers. Keep in mind too that algorithms change all the time.

Strategies definitely change — what works this year might not work next year when it comes to social media. But principles still hold. A main principle is to always give high quality value on social media. You have to build content with the end goal in mind, which is building your business, so create content that your customer will want. Your content should solve problems for people and help them.

Some of the people who consume your content will want more, and eventually go through your funnels. There are many ways to create content that captures attention. If you want to get the right kind of attention, and be taken seriously, you have to create content that is both entertaining and educational.

This is called edutainment. Always be thinking of ways to make your content better, come up with new ideas, experiment and test them. The usual way of asking for referrals involves asking existing clients, or giving business cards to people in the hopes that they will know someone that needs your products or services.

Entrepreneurs still get most of their business from referrals, but they pay the least attention to them. But to dive deeper into the topic, think about why your referrals are not working for you. Are you not following up enough? Do you simply not have a good network? Do you feel like you deserve referrals? And why is that? There are four common mental barriers that stop most entrepreneurs from asking for referrals.

You keep waiting for a good time to ask until your relationship with your client has developed a bit more. So you wait several months or years to feel comfortable enough to ask. You assume that by asking you would come off as pushy or desperate. This almost always involves obtaining a commitment for an appointment. Effectiveness in prospecting is improved by simply focusing on the outcome. It means you maintain a laser-like focus on scheduling the appointment.

Some salespeople struggle with focusing on the outcome of an appointment and often slip into the sales mode is because they feel that they have to prove that they can create value for the prospect during their prospecting activity. But this is getting away from the point of prospecting. Always remember that the goal of prospecting is to open a relationship. It is just the introduction of the possibility that you might be able to create value and do something together. Selling, at this point, is premature. There is no list to make, no plan to write here. Just know that a successful outcome in prospecting is almost always an appointment.

There is too much to write here about how to get good at cold calling. But it is important that you have this method in your repertoire, and that you build your competency in picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment. Cold calling is still one of the fastest ways to open relationships and schedule appointments , and the very best salespeople are the very best at cold calling. Of course, they are also great at other forms of prospecting, but they never let cold calling fall to the wayside. And the more you do it, the better you will get at it. But all relationships, including business relationships, are built over time.

Consistency here means that these prospects hear from you more than sporadically. It means they hear from you frequently and with the predictability of the sun rising each morning. Your calls, your thank you cards, your letters, your white papers, your surveys, your studies, your newspaper and web clipping — all of your constant attempts to find a way to create some value will add up over time.

Some of the best relationships and the biggest deals will take the longest time to win, and your consistent nurturing of these relationships will open opportunities for you over time. This approach proves that you are not going to disappear like so many of your peers; that you are truly interested in and committed to working with them; that you are a professional who executes well, and that you are determined.

These are the winning attributes that people look for in salespeople and partners. Write a nurturing plan. What will you do to create value for your dream clients even before they decide to set an appointment with you? How often will you call? How often will they receive something from you?

What will they receive? What will it say about you? How will it create trust? Knowing your plan ahead of time will help give you the confidence you need to achieve results. Prospecting is not a science. But you can save time and maximize your numbers by investing in the right processes, activities, and skills. Filed under: Prospecting. Tagged with: better prospecting smarter prospecting. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful.

Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Consistency Counts: Prospect Daily! Turn Off the Distractions Turn off the Internet. Write Scripts Poor prospecting results are usually caused by two things. Focus on the Outcome The ideal outcome of prospecting is to open the relationship. Get Good at Cold Calling There is too much to write here about how to get good at cold calling.

Start cold calling. Conclusion Prospecting is not a science. Essential Reading! Tweet Pin 3. Share Buffer Filed under: Prospecting Tagged with: better prospecting smarter prospecting. This site uses cookies to give you the best experience on our website.

Here are some sales prospecting tips I know you will find useful today:

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